Zen Kratom: A Successful Yet Ambiguous Head Shop Brand

You can find as many smoke shop kratom labels as reputed and premium ones. Well, if you think that I have something against smoke shop brands, you are thinking wrong. These brands also have their purpose in the Kratom community. For the most part, they serve as bridging gaps when you run low on your stash or need some quick relief or have to endure till the arrival of your long-awaited delivery.

However, some of these head shop brands can be very good regardless of where you found them. Zen Kratom is one of the most popular smoke shop Kratom brands that offer Kratom powder, extracts, capsules, and shots to their customers. Let’s see together what this brand has to offer for its customers and whether you should buy their products or not.

About Zen Kratom

The dictionary meaning of “Zen” is “a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort”. It is an excellent depiction of the brand “Zen Kratom”.  Their products offer a solid and robust Kratom experience -sometimes too strong for even long-term Mitragyne users.

This raised the question among various users if they add some enhancers to amplify their products’ effects. However, this issue has never been proved true. Zen Kratom owns the claim first ever to introduce Kratom shots made by any company. In addition to Kratom shots, they have a range of kratom products offered through renowned vendors, local head shops, and gas stations.

Zen Kratom

Do They Provide Lab Test Reports of Their Products?

The lab test report is an essential requirement by the FDA for herbal medication companies. It proves that their products are free from different impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, and exposure to other chemicals also that these botanicals are safer for humans to consume. As we know, Kratom does not have the stamp of approval by the FDA; however, many states of America have legalized Kratom.

That is why vendors have to publicize the reports to assure transparency regarding the quality of their products. For this reason, most of the vendors and manufacturers opt for third-party testing services, whereas some test their products in-house. Nevertheless, we could not find any publicly provided lab test reports of Zen Kratom’s products, nor do they mention that they lab test their products. This could raise suspicion for Kratom enthusiasts regarding their transparent policies.

Does the American Kratom Association Approve Of Them?

American Kratom Association (AKA) is a Katom regulatory authority that incurs checks and balances whether vendors are complying with their strict GMP guidelines or not. It looks like Zen Kratom was an AKA-affiliated brand in the past and was registered as one of their approved manufacturers. 

However, they do not seem to be affiliated with the American Kratom Association anymore. The reasons for this decision are still unknown to the public. Though, whatever the reason may be, it might cause an issue for the authentication of this manufacturer’s products.

Do They Have A Website?

A quick google search does not provide you with the required results when you search Zen Kratom’s name. Still, you can find the website’s link by visiting their Facebook page. However, when you click on the link www.kratomrack.com,  which seems to be the leading company behind Zen Kratom. There, you will find all the listings offered by Zen Kratom.

Range Of Products Available In The Market

They offer a variety of products ranging from powders to Kratom shots. These herbal shots are new and lesser-known to the consumers than the powdered version of Kratom. 

Some of the products they are offering include:

Zen Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom

These capsules contain powdered Kratom for those users that preferably enjoy pills as compared to powders.

Zen Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules

These capsules contain liquid Kratom extracts, which seem to be a form made to mask the strong and bitter taste of Kratom extracts. These are for the consumers who want to take the benefits of Mitragyne extracts without experiencing bitter taste.

Zen Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract 

Kratom extracts are available in various flavors, such as lemon-lime, orange dream, green apple, mango, tutti frutti, and peppermint.

XXX Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shots 

Liquid Kratom shots are also available in flavors like Cinnamon, Peach, Peppermint, and Green Apple. You can easily choose any of these flavors at the same prices.

Zen Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Powders

Zen Kratom’s newest addition to their collection is Maeng Da Kratom powder. You can find all three strains of Maeng Da Kratom on their website, including:

● Red Maeng Da Kratom powder.

● White Maeng Da Kratom powder.

● Green Maeng Da Kratom powder. 


Several other products are present on Horizonwholsale.com from other brands that come under the ownership of Horizonwholesale, including Indo Leaf Kratom Capsules, Viva Extreme Top Shelf Kratom Extract and more.

However, if you are precisely looking for Zen Kratom’s products, then you will only find these four products under their name.

Market Value Of Zen Kratom’s Products

Zen Kratom is a company that makes some seriously potent powders. You get what you pay for!  So, while their prices might seem high at first, the outcomes of the products are worth every penny. The intense feeling you get after using Zen Kratom’s products might make you spend open-heartedly on them. In contrast, you will also need a smaller dose than other Kratom brands to compensate for the higher prices. The rates of their products on horizon Wholesale are as follows:

Zen Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom

Powdered Kratom capsules are available in the following purchase options 

● $9.25 for a ten ct pouch.

● $14.40 for a 20 ct pouch.

● $24.50 for a 40 ct pouch.

Zen Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules

The capsules containing kratom extracts are:  

● $8.95 per capsule.

● $17.60 for two capsules.

● $26.30 for three capsules.

● $43.60 for five capsules.

● $204 for 24 capsules.

Zen Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract

A bottle of 15 ml kratom extract is available in 2 options:

● $14.95 per bottle

● $568 for a 40 bottle case.

XXX Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shots

8ml bottle size of kratom shots are priced for:

● $15.95 for one bottle.

● $183 for 12 such bottles.

● $363.60 for 24 bottles.

Zen Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom Powder

All three strains are available in the sealed pouches of 1kg available for 110$ that is almost the same as other famous brands.

Discounts And Coupon Codes

Like any other smoke shop brand, Zen Kratom, too, does not frequently provide you with discount offers and coupon codes. Nevertheless, if you are eager to get one, you might want to visit their social site from time to time to know about any offers. However, they rarely post these days, so the chances of them posting about discounts are minimal.

Shipping And Return Policies

As they do not have a website of their own, we are not sure whether they have any shipping and return policies or not.  However, Horizon Wholesale has a pretty strong reputation regarding refunds. In comparison, shipping policies could vary from vendor to vendor.

Zen Kratom

Where Do They Stand According To Customers

Zen Kratom’s products have their fan base because of their strong effects. So strong that these products can easily knock down experienced Kratom users.

Many users that have used Zen Kratom advised that new Kratom users should altogether avoid using their products or take tiny quantities at a time to escape the adversities. Even for old Kratom enthusiasts, it is recommended that they should only consume it when they know that they do not have to make crucial decisions.

Some consumers discourage Zen Kratom’s products altogether because some people have had adverse effects because of overdosing vivazen kratom shots that have been sold by Horizon Wholesale -of which Zen Kratom is a side company.

Customer Support

When Zen Kratom was new to the Kratom community, they were pretty active and responsive on their Facebook page. However, their Facebook page has been abandoned for quite some time now. There seem to be no updates or responses to queries. Now the only way to get in touch with them is through the website of Horizon Wholesale. All the contact details are present in their Contact us section.


● Provides solid and powerful effects.

● Smaller doses can do the deed.

● Deals in all primary Kratom forms.


● Chances of side effects in new Kratom users

● Lack of customer service.

● Does not disclose lab test results

● Not affiliated with the American Kratom Association.

Final Thoughts

Zen Kratom has been around for years, and its products still stand firm. If you’re looking to get the powerful effects of Kratom, this could be right up your alley. However, the absence of lab testing would give concerns to people before purchasing from them as it leaves too much uncertainty. However, you should move with caution because a sister company of Zen Kratom was under blaze because of the alleged mixing of enhancers in their Kratom products.

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