Yellow Maeng Da – Key Alkaloids – Dosage And Effects

Yellow Maeng Da is one of the rare strains of Kratom. There is a lot of complexity behind its origin and the way its made. However, that’s what we’re here for, so let’s look over all of the information about the Yellow Maeng Da strain.

What Is Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

Yellow Maeng Da is one of the most unique strains, and gains an enhanced alkaloid profile, because of the way it is made. Through a complex and ancient technique of a leaf drying process, it is made with enhanced effects. This process isn’t natural, but it can be done through drying techniques to get the veins to turn yellow. The normal Kratom veins are red, green, and white, and yellow is done through an unnatural process. With its unnatural occurrence, it gains the enhanced effects that you have to try to believe.

What Is The Scientific Evidence Of Yellow Maeng Da?

There is  evidence that suggests that the plant is both good and bad.  Both sides argue on the topic, and there hasn’t really been enough research from either to have concrete evidence either way. However, well go over both sides below, to show you the sides of both scientific theories.


There are some studies that have concluded in Malaysia and the United States that the Kratom plant is not fatal when taken alone. There have been studies conducted with both humans and animals that suggest that the opioid-like plant has the ability to curb addiction withdrawal, but there’s not enough evidence to conclude this is the case. However, studies have pointed to this direction. There is also no scientific evidence that Kratom has any lethal or toxic compounds in it, and they plan to study this further.


The research that has been conducted points to Kratom having some potential to be used medicinally. However, there needs to be extensive research on the drug first. They have also done research on the fatalities of using Kratom, and while there have been few overdose deaths on Kratom alone, they have also had other drugs in their system other than Kratom. So the only fatalities that have been reported are those of which include poly-drug users. This includes heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and more. However, they like to state that the plant is toxic and fatal, with no claims that this is true.

Final Scientific Statement

While each side has some evidence, it’s clear that more research needs to be done about Kratom before there are any real conclusions about the product to be revealed. Kratom has been proven, though, to this point to not be fatal on its own, only when combined with other drugs.

What Are The Key Alkaloids In The Yellow Maeng Da Strain?

There is a mixture of various alkaloids that are in this strain, and while there are a number of alkaloids in every strain, this strain has more mitragynine than all of them. This alkaloid is the highest alkaloid in this particular strain and is the main reason for its strength. The other key alkaloid in this strain is the denseness of the alkaloid 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. This key alkaloid profile makes this strain a 20% higher yield than normal wild grown Kratom. There are many other alkaloids, but these are the key ones that make the plant strain so strong.

Key Features Of The Yellow Maeng Da Strain

The key features of not only yellow Maeng da, but the yellow strains of Kratom, in general, are great. The first one is the fact that it is rare. It is rare because it has to be made by drying the leaves and making a golden or yellow vein. It can only be done this way, and it is never naturally grown. This brings us to the next key feature, which is its potency. It is 20% more potent than any green, red, or white strain on the market because of the mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Another key feature is that in just the yellow Maeng da strain, the effects and high are long-lasting. There are more, but we’ll leave it as it has more key features than the other colored strains.

Yellow Maeng Da Vs Classic Maeng Da?

Yellow Maeng da and classic Maeng da are the same yet different. While the strains have some of the same effects, yellow Maeng da has more effects that come with the strain. Classic Maeng da is a more calming strain, while Yellow Maeng da is said to be a calming energetic strain. However, the main, and the really only difference between the strains is that the yellow strain is 20% more potent than its classic counterpart, and contains more alkaloids as well.

How Does Yellow Kratom Powder Differ From Other Powder Strains?

Yellow Kratom is stronger than any other strain in general and is usually in the moderate to a fast-acting classification of Kratom. There are three different types of acting Kratom, and they range from slow, moderate, and fast. The moderate to fast is a higher category, and in some cases, they can jump in the strain depending on how they’re made. Why yellow Kratom powder is different is because it’s almost never yellow. It can be gold, but it’s rarely the color you think it will be. The powder is actually super strong, too, and is one of the main differences between it and other strains. When yellow Kratom is in powder form, it is in the fast-acting category and is stronger and more potent than other powder strains.

Effects Of Maeng Da Yellow Kratom

There are many unclaimed effects of this strain, as well as others. However, this is one of the sweetest strains, and it has some potency. It is said to give energy and more, and that is one of the core reasons that it is popular amongst athletes and the working class. The best effect of the Yellow Maeng Da Kratom strain is its potency, and the ability to act fast.

How To Buy Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

There are many ways to buy Kratom in general. However, to find specific strains, there are some things that you have to do to find them. You can always look online, as there are many options to choose from. You can also qualify for and get coupons on the strain, or Kratom in general. You can also buy in bulk/wholesale. There are many strains with different prices on them, and the Yellow Maeng da strain is one of the priciest strains on the market. You can shop around and find a store that works for you. Make sure that their products are tested to ensure it’s safety.


You can also look for stores around you to get yellow Maeng da Kratom. There are places that individually sell Kratom, and you can find them in search engines when looking for “Kratom near me.” If these stores don’t show up or aren’t in your area, then you can look into the head shops, vape shops, smoke shops, and anywhere CBD and Marijuana can be found.

Final Thoughts

While Kratom is legal in over 40 states, it is still widely untested and needs further research on the topic to confirm all of the effects and medicinal properties. However, if you use Kratom without other drugs and opioids, and use it responsibly, then you should try it as you feel you want it. The Yellow Maeng Da strain is the most potent, and for that deserves at least a try.

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