Whole Herbs Kratom: One Of The Best And Authentic Brands Of Kratom

When we buy something, the last thing on our minds is being scammed. We’re all too aware that there are a lot of vendors and manufacturers out there who have different agendas to sell us things- sometimes they will be trying their hardest just so they can get your hard-earned money!

So how do you know what’s good? The best place to avoid getting taken advantage of by these tricky traders (or even worse) would start by reading honest reviews from other customers before making any purchases yourself. You must be a kratom enthusiast as you have landed here after reading the title. So, here comes an honest review of the famous Kratom brand Whole Herbs Kratom.

About Whole Herbs Kratom

Whole Herbs Kratom has long been a prominent name, particularly among those who shop at smoke shops and gas stations. Whole Herbs Kratom is basically a wholesale manufacturer that operates from Saint Charles, Missouri. However, it recently came under fire from reviewers who were not able to find their online store and had been purchasing it through third-party sellers.

A shopper said she had no option but to make purchases at gas stations and smoke shops because there was nowhere else you could buy Whole Herbs Kratom products. While another consumer felt compelled to use caution when ordering. The reason was her bad experience with other vendors in earlier months where he/she waited weeks before receiving any shipments whatsoever. Despite its prominence in the market for years, it still manages to maintain an interesting edge.

It leaves consumers wanting more with each purchase, despite being available through third-party vendors. Consumers wanted to buy directly from their website which allows them easier access than ever before. Whole Herbs Kratom consistently strives to evolve. That’s why they addressed the issue promptly and rolled out a new online store with an easy and user-friendly website design. Moreover, the ergonomic checkout process makes it much easier than before also.

Whole Herbs Kratom

Lab Test Reports

Whole Herbs Kratom beats out competitors in the state of Missouri and continues to be a top-selling vendor due to its transparency. They submit each batch for analysis at an external lab for heavy metals or bacteria at any time throughout the production process, set forth by FDA guidelines. The transparency assures that your purchase will match what you expect from them – whether it’s freshness or potency.


Whole Herbs is a more budget-friendly choice for those looking to get their hands on some rare, high-quality strains. Kratom has been getting major buzz as a natural herbal remedy in recent years with companies like Kratora and Fullbody handing out free samples at conferences across North America.

Although Whole Herbs Kratom does not have anything quite as forward-thinking, they still offer great value by offering both powder form and capsules. The simple product line is the best as you won’t have to be worried about pesky side effects associated with other forms of ingestion methods.

Kratom Powder Offered By Whole Herbs

Whole Herbs Kratom has been a favourite among all types of users for its variety in green, red and yellow vein powders. Recently they’ve rolled out some deals on bulk kratom powder that we’re surely excited about.

They offer around seven strains in powder form which includes:

  • Green vein Maeng Da
  • Green vein Indo
  • Green vein Borneo
  • Green vein Malay
  • Red vein Maeng Da
  • Red vein Bali
  • Yellow Vein Indo

Green-veined Maeng da

Green Maeng Da has rich flavours combined with perfectly balanced tension-reducing properties that make this leaf worth every penny spent. It is a type of strain that is different from other green veins. Unlike the others, it isn’t electrifying or calming and has a much more balanced overall impact. The natives of Southeast Asia believe Green Maeng Da to be what we call the “first horn” because their ancestors consumed this plant.

Green Vein Indo

Green vein Indo is one strain that has earned its elite namesake. This smooth, fresh Indonesian leaf packs a powerful punch. It left me feeling exhilarated for hours on end -more than any other piece in the Whole Herbs collection. An alkaloid, called 7 hydroxy mitragynine, is present in high levels among Indos cultivars making them potent as well as long-lasting. It can be attributed to these reasons why I have been hooked ever since testing this out during my morning routine.

Green Vein Malay

Green Malay is a mild, clean stimulant that has been my go-to for clarity and motivation. This invigorating cultivar’s light body makes it perfect to brew in the mornings or after work on those days you need extra energy but don’t want any side effects!

The scent of Green Malay Kratom is one I can get behind. Since its smell makes me feel like there are new opportunities around every corner with each breath–perfect if your job doesn’t always stimulate creativity at home. This might be the reason that Green Malay Kratom is primarily known as an energizing agent among many people who use them recreationally.

Red Vein Bali

Red Bali is a hybrid strain of the two most popular types of Kratom in Indonesia, with some unique traits. The closeness to its parent plants makes Red Bali high in motivating and invigorating properties but also marked by the tranquillity that can be helpful for relaxation purposes.

Kratom Capsules Offered By Whole Herbs

Kratom is a strong medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. The powder forms of kratom leaves and roots are not always well-tolerated by those who take them because they can cause  in some people when taken orally.

However, the capsules will help to mask its taste. This makes it more convenient than having loose powder on your hands.Another good thing about Whole Herbs is that they sell all the seven strains present in their collection in the form of capsules also.


Kratom powder prices start at $24.95 for 100 grams and go up from there -with 500 gm costing around $75. The capsules are available from the 120ct range to 1500 ct. The cost starts from 28$ for 120 ct to 216 $ for 1500 ct. There aren’t many vendors who sell kratom in bulk quantities online but Whole Herbs offers competitive deals on smaller quantities. Check them out if this sounds like something that might work well!

Shipping And Refunds

Free shipping is always a plus, but you want to make sure that your package arrives quickly and safely. They ship your items via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail for the best rates available on the market and offer additional bonuses as well if selected at checkout. They give a free 100-Count Bottle of Shaman Premium Capsules with USPS shipping and a 20 count bottle with Express Mail.

FedEx Ground Services (next day delivery) or UPS 2 Day Air service can also be chosen with both options costing less than $20 total cost including tax. Whereas, you can get free shipping over 100$ purchases. No return policy is listed on the website of Whole Herb Kratom. Though, it’s not clear whether they offer refunds or not, as we did not come across people asking for refunds, which makes their products credible.

Payment Options

You can pay with Zelle or a credit card if you use the Cash App. You may also purchase items using an E-check. Though, it doesn’t appear that this vendor accepts Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at the moment. However, they will likely do so in the future since cryptocurrency is becoming a more common payment option.

Promotions And Coupons

Get a free shipping deal when you sign up for the brand’s newsletter. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! All it takes is entering your email address and getting signed up, so make sure not to let those discounts slip away before they’re gone forever.

Whole Herbs Kratom

What People Have To Say About Whole Herbs Kratom

Whole Herbs Kratom is a brand that has been around for years, but only recently have they been available through an online store. The online Kratom forum community hasn’t had much to say about it. Any smoke shop proprietor can attest to how in-demand Whole Herbs Kratom is as a brand. The lack of exposure can explain why there aren’t many consumer reviews or discussions about them on forums.

As we are already aware that not much happens without social media these days. However, the little that has been posted on forums inclines towards positive feedback from customers who have tried out their products and found them effective. One user went so far as posting onto Double M Herbals sharing that he takes 10g per dose and it became love at first chew for him. This tells me there must be some masochists out there looking for something beyond strong coffee.


  • Strong and pure strains.
  • Use of sealed containers and pouches.
  • Accepts Cash App and E-checks.
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Careful packaging.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • Can be found in gas stations and smoke shops.


  • Does not accept cryptocurrency.
  • Does not offer free shipping.


The company is a leading retailer and wholesaler of organic and herbal products. They offer a wide range of medicinal herbs, teas, spices, essential oils, supplements, and more. Their goal is to provide you with the best quality product at an affordable price that will help improve your lifestyle in one way or another. If you are looking for kratom powder or capsules then this is the reasonable place to go!

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