White Malay Kratom Strain – The Alkaloids – Effects & Usage

Kratom comes in various strains, various name strains. They are named a color based on their vein colors, and some are natural, and some aren’t. There are top Kratoms and a slower, more mild Kratom that helps lift moods, or so the users say, and this is one of those fine products for beginners.

What Is White Malay Kratom?

White Malay is a plant that is harvested from the mitragyna speciosa tree in the heart of the Malaysian jungle. It is grown near a river in the jungle, which makes it hard to get to. It is named white because of its vein color, which is white, instead of green, red, or yellow. It is then grounded into powder, and either sold or put into capsules to be sold.

How Is It Grown?

Some of the plants are grown from inside the jungles of the Malaysian islands and are then made into Kratom. People have been using the tree for the effects for hundreds of years, and the tree itself has been around for thousands of years.

All of the vein strains, including white, green, and red, are all grown all over the islands of Malaysia and are packaged in many different ways.

What Alkaloids Are In The White Malay Kratom Strain?

There are over 100 different known alkaloids, and the ones that are most potent are found in all of the Kratom plants. The most common are the mitragynine and the 7-hydroxy-mitragynine alkaloids. While most strains have a blend of these, not many are as diverse as the Malay strain, which incorporates all of the alkaloids. It has a perfect blend, but have low percentages of other alkaloids, with the main percentage of the alkaloids being the two stated above.

How Do You Use The White Malay Strain?

There are many ways to use the product, and you can do a lot with the powder. The main thing that you want to do with the strain is to ingest it, whether that be through tea, through capsules, or powder itself. There are many ways to use it, and it will get you the high you’re looking for in the long run.

How Much White Malay Should You Take?

Well, for experienced Kratom users, they tend to take some pretty high dosages that generally are above 5 grams of the strain. However, it is typically based on how much you weigh, how old you are, how tall you are, what your medical health is like, and various other things that factor into it. The easiest solution to figuring out how much is too much or too little, and you probably want to start with something around 2 grams or lower if you’re just starting.

What Are The Effects Of The White Malay Kratom?

While the effects aren’t all scientifically researched, there are a few things that we know that you’ll get out of this strain, and one of those is energy. Knowing that it was picked at juvenile status, you are getting a product that has all of the energy to give. It’s one of the main effects of the white vein strains. There are a host of other medicinal qualities about the strain, but they need to be studied further before any concrete analysis can be had.

Is White Malay Kratom Popular?

While the Malay strain has a lot of catching up to do with other great strains, it’s clear that it is a popular choice for beginners to try. Not only is it a mild and slow-acting strain, but the potency won’t overwhelm a new user. It’s counterparts, the Green and Red Malay, are vastly more popular, but the strain is still selling in all of the vendor’s markets, so it’s doing pretty well. Kind of like Styx in the 70s, everyone likes it, but won’t say they do.

How Much Does White Malay Kratom Cost?

We will give you a table of the vendors that sell them, the quantities and sizes, and finally the price. The list below will be to help you figure out how much it will cost you if you choose White Malay Kratom, and how inexpensive it can be.


  • 50g – $15
  • 100g – $24
  • 250g – $40
  • 500g – $77
  • 1 Kilo – $150

Amazing Botanicals

  • 30g – $6
  • 100g – $19
  • 250g – $30
  • 500g – 450
  • 1 kilo – $90

Ohio Botanicals

  • 1 oz – $4.75
  • 4 oz – $17.49
  • 250 g – $31.87
  • 500g – $60


What is the Difference Between White Malay Powder & Capsules?

The main difference is control over the amount of Kratom that you take. With Capsules, they are easy to control and come in nicely packaged, easy to read bottles that have the gram content per each capsule on them. Whereas the powder you have to scoop out, dump on a scale, weigh it, and then consume it.

White Malay Vs White Maeng Da Kratom

There is no difference in vein-type, and that being said, they both pack a punch in the energy department. However, they differ when comparing the length of the high, potency, and strain popularity. In these areas, White Maeng Da is the clear victor.

Where Can You Buy White Malay Kratom?

There are many places that you can buy Kratom from that is near you, and that could be at a head shop, smoke shop, vape shop, and just about everywhere CBD is sold. However, most people find the ease and convenience of shopping online helpful, and there are dozens if not more online vendors that are willing to sell you Kratom when you get to their site.

What Is Diamond Malay Kratom?

Diamond Malay Kratom is basically a souped-up version of White Malay Kratom. It is a refined and enhanced version of it. Other strains have the Ultra in front of it, but basically, all it means is that the Kratom strain is enhanced. This is just a cool product name to add the White Malay Kratom that vendors are selling with increased potency and effects.

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