White Maeng Da Kratom Is One Of The Versatile Kratom Strains.

We all hate mornings (or at least the sane among us do). Monday mornings really steal the show. You seem to expend a day’s worth of energy merely rolling out of bed. Coffee may get you through the day, but you need something more to truly succeed.

Energy drinks don’t help. They may give a temporary energy boost, but the jitters that come with it knock you off your game. The crash when they run out makes you wish you never left your warm, comfortable bed. You want something to help your coffee carry you through the day.

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Allow us to introduce you to White Maeng Da kratom. People all over the world rave about its stimulating effects. They claim it not only boosts energy, but it also contains nootropic effects. Nootropics improve cognitive function, including memory and motivation. The nootropic effects reported for White Maeng Da included enhanced focus and improved mood.

That’s right, more energy and a happier you! Sounds wonderful. Combined with your morning coffee, you will walk into the day relaxed, motivated, and ready to take on the world.

What Is White Maeng Da?

The Maeng Da Kratom tree resulted from grafting a Thai Kratom tree and an Indo Kratom tree. The farmers believed that a more potent strain of Kratom with higher alkaloids would result. Most of the supply now grows in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia.

Therefore, rather than indicating that the product resulted from a particular region, Maeng Da indicates the special grafting process used to create the tree.

What Does Maeng Da Mean?

Maeng Da means “pimp grade” or “giant water bug” in Thai. To someone in Thailand, calling something “pimp grade” indicates superior quality. An equivalent phrase in the United States would be “the cat’s meow” or “lit.”

Calling something “pimp grade” indicates a product of superior quality. With White Maeng Da, it means that it offers a more potent product than average Kratom strains. Therefore, you need to be sure that the product you buy resulted from genuine Maeng Da trees. Some merchants label Kratom Maeng Da if it originated in Thailand, without regard to the type of tree that produced it.

Maeng Da comes in three veins, red, white, and green. But the stimulating effects you seek as your feet hit the floor in the morning reportedly result from enjoying White Maeng Da Kratom.

What Does White Maeng Da Kratom Do For Me? Is This Just Coffee On Steroids?

White Maeng Da, like all Kratom, contains alkaloids that presumably produce the stimulating and nootropic effects. If alkaloids sound foreign to you, they’re not. You’ve probably used the world’s best-known alkaloid, caffeine, for years without realizing its classification. Kratom trees and coffee plants belong to the same family of flowering plants.

white maeng da kratom

Producing higher levels of alkaloids inspired the attempt to graft the Indo and Thai Kratom trees. Higher levels of alkaloids theoretically mean enhanced effects from White Maeng DaKratom.

White Maeng Da reportedly produces the following effects:

  1. Increased Energy. Users report that White Maeng Da provides an energy boost. This helps them push through the day with fewer dips and lulls. The subreddit r/kratom contains several informative threads on users’ experiences with White Maeng Da.
  1. Nootropic effects. Users report that White Maeng Da helped them focus and increased levels of motivation. Studies find that Kratom possesses psychostimulant effects. Given that Maeng Da resulted from an attempt to increase the alkaloid levels in Kratom, the increased nootropic effects from users may result from the process that created the tree.
  1. Mood Enhancement. Many users report that White Maeng Da elevates their mood, leaving them happy but not giggly. People with depression and anxiety claim a decrease in symptoms while on White Maeng Da. Reports from individuals suffering from social anxiety rave about their ability to interact with others more comfortably.
  1. As with most Kratom strains, pain relief ranks highly on the list of reported impacts. Studies find that one of the alkaloids in Kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, produces pain-relieving effects on par with morphine. The other main alkaloid, Mitragynine, may bind with opioid receptors to assist in reducing pain.

Kratom is not FDA regulated, and further studies are needed on the effects of Kratom. While we discuss benefits reported by users, this information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. As Kratom impacts all individuals differently, your experience with Kratom could differ from other users.

I Really Need The Energy. How Much White Maeng Da Should I Take?

White Maeng Da dosage depends on many factors, including previous experience with Kratom, height, and weight, and body chemistry. Therefore, we cannot recommend a specific dosage.


Most users recommend that newcomers start with smaller doses. You can supplement a dose if you fail to receive your desired effects. If you take too much and do not feel right, you have to allow the dose to wear off. Starting small makes it easier to find the right dose for you. By finding the right dose, and not starting off with a dose that may be too high, you save product and money.

White Maeng Da Kratom Forms

The white Maeng Da strain is in the form of powder and capsules. The powder has benefits because it is easily absorbed in the body and benefits the one using it. The issue about the powder is that one cannot be assured of its quality after some time.

Capsules are the rising star in the current generation. The capsules have an advantage because they can be stored for an extended period without worrying about the quality. The capsules also can be used without worrying about the dosage measurements. A single capsule contains 500 mg of kratom powder. It means that two capsules will have 1 g of the substance.

Where Do I Buy White Maeng Da?

Do not buy White Maeng Da from your local smoke shops. You will not know if the product labeled White Maeng Da actually came from the proper tree. Most likely, the store employee will lack sufficient training to answer your questions.

Look for reputable vendors online selling products from American Kratom Association affiliated vendors. Make sure that any White Maeng Da you buy underwent lab testing for heavy metals, microbial substances, and alkaloids. Your purchase should come with a batch number to allow you to obtain the lab results run on the product you bought.

Final Thoughts

White Maeng Da may help you move through your day with more energy, higher motivation, and a smile on your face. Its reported energy-boosting and nootropic effects, similar to those people seek in coffee, come without jitters or crashes. Adding White Maeng Da to your morning routine will make those first steps out of bed easier, quicker, and lighter. Try some White Maeng Da today!

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