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Ordered from Urban Ice Organics not that long ago and tried out some of the kratom capsules that were being offered on the site. I found more than 10 different options for kratom and some of them said they were for evening recovery or morning focus etc, I went with the one for the morning. I need a good boost in the morning and so the morning focus capsules were the best option to start with first from Urban Ice Organics for me. The price wasn’t bad, less than $50 for this one. I like that it has caffeine and theobromine in the mix. I wanted something to give me a little morning boost and this was perfect for me.

First Time Trying Urban Ice Organics Kratom AKA Natural Organix

I have ordered a few times from Urban Ice Organics and the overall experience was very easy to complete each time. I never had any problem with them. I could understand the products straightforward and added what I needed to my shopping cart. I bought it easily and then it arrived shortly after. There were no shipping problems with this one. After I tried the morning focus ones I wanted to test out something else so I looked up other kratom options from Urban Ice Organics kratom company. Luckily there are many to find here.


For capsules specifically, there are more than 10 different products including:

  • Evening Recovery Blend
  •  Morning Focus Blend
  • Green Malay capsules
  •  Maeng Da Kratom capsules
  •  Bali capsules
  • Bali Kratom capsules, and others.

What I spent, What It Costs

The prices vary from less than $40 to more than $70 depending on what you are looking for. The capsules that I wanted were less than $60 so that was good enough for me. There is a great price for shipping, it was only $10 for me but if you are going to spend more than $75 then you can take advantage of the free shipping offer that they give customers. I would try to order more than $75 every time so that I could take advantage of this free shipping and you get more product but save money because you do not have to pay for that shipping.

Urban Ice Organics Kratom Promo Code & Coupons

  • FIRE20

Satisfaction With Urban Ice Organics AKA Natural Organix

With Urban Ice Organics I like that they give you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This means that if I do not like the product or I have any issue with it that I can contact them. They are going to provide a way to get help with that issue. Some companies do not even make an effort to do that for you. That was very important to me when ordering and it is something that makes me feel comfortable coming back again with my money. I would not go with any kratom supplier that did not give this guarantee. You deserve to have some sort of promise of quality on the products you buy, at least I think so, and so that was very important to me and I found that here with this company.

There are a lot more than just the capsules that you can find which is good because I like variety. I have found some places where there are literally only 4 or 5 options and that didn’t work for me on other products. With kratom, I wanted good options and Urban Ice Organics gives that. Also, there are good prices on these kratom capsules as well so you can save money by going with them. Aside from the kratom capsules, you can also find the kratom powders, the liquids, a kratom box, and other products from Urban Ice Organics kratom company. Find almost anything that you need when you want to give kratom a go and start taking it on a daily basis. I was nervous at first but glad that I started to try it for myself to see what benefit I could get. I couldn’t find anything in my local stores so I had to go online looking for a supply. It did not take me long to find Herbal Ice Organics and start to browse through what they have got on site for sale.


The Best Kratom Box Ever From Urban Ice Organics

The kratom box is a truly great deal that I have recently decided to sign up with. This is a first of its kind sort of kratom subscription box. It gives you a chance to try many different kratom options in one go. The box offers multiple kratom products to try.

The box is going to contain some of the most popular kratom options and these might be items that you would never think to try for yourself. The box can help to introduce you to something great and I am looking forward to all of the new products I will get to try through it. Every month you can try new kratom strains. This is a great idea for anyone either a person who has been using kratom for a long time or someone completely new to kratom. Getting into it was overwhelming for me and I did not know where to start looking.

A box like this can really come in handy and give you a way to try out different things so that you can see what will work for you alone. You need to find the kratom option that gives you the best results and that can vary depending on what type of kratom you use, the quality, how you take it and so on. The box helps introduce the general kratom topic, and products related to it, to anyone interested. I highly recommend subscribing to this box service for kratom lovers out there.

Urban Ice Organics – The Value In The Box

What I like most about the box is the value that you are getting. It feels like you are getting more products than you are paying for the subscription box. It really feels worth it for the products but you also get the excitement of trying something new. Mail coming to the door is always a nice feeling and you can cancel the subscription at any time that you want. There is no fine print to hook you for life here. No fees, no hassle, etc, it is all very convenient.

The monthly box is just over $100 and again for what you get, I think it is a great deal. Just a one time box is about $140, so if you sign up for more then you are saving more money.

Here are my top reasons why I know I love the box:

  •  It’s a great deal for ordering kratom easily
  •  No-fuss, no rigid contracts
  •  Fun, High-quality
  • kratom products
  •  surprise with new products often

If you are going to buy multiple kratom products anyways, or buy it for several months at a time and stock up, then consider getting a box and getting multiple products at once. This can make shopping for kratom fun, easy, and convenient. You get to get products suggested to you that are new, good deals, and you do not have to put in the effort to find them. They are curated for you by kratom experts. The kratom box by Urban Ice Organics really sets this company apart and is a great gift to yourself or to give someone else you might know.

Looking To Save More With Urban Ice Organics

When I am looking to save some more money on kratom from Urban Ice Organics then I go looking for coupon codes or clearance items. I check back to see if they are having a sale on anything etc because it never hurts to try and save a buck. The products are fairly priced, to begin with, but sometimes you get lucky and you can save even more. It doesn’t hurt to look and take a few seconds to check out. But so far I have not found any coupon codes. The price is a good deal though so I feel like I am getting a good exchange for these kratom products.

The kratom box is designed to introduce new kratom options and I cannot wait to become familiar with different types. I like how kratom is working for me so far and I do not intend to stop taking it. I have seen it work for other people and I know that they are feeling great, they inspired me to try it and I am glad that I did. I was happy to come across Urban Ice Organics quickly so that I could place an order and hopefully get my hands on it right away.

Urban Ice Organics effects

The shipment was quick and I am looking forward to getting my kratom box more often now too. Getting involved with kratom can be daunting because there is a lot to learn and you might wonder what strain options should be the ones to start with or should you go with powders or herbal teas, capsules, etc, and with the kratom box you really get to dip your toes in the kratom pool. Swim around a bit and try different things. I cannot recommend the kratom box from Urban Ice Organics enough. This is a great deal and great entry product for anyone, no matter how much experience you have with kratom.

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