Ultimate Guide For Planting Kratom Seeds


If you are a Kratom fanatic, you might want to plant Kratom seeds on your own to save a bit of money. You can buy these Kratom Seeds from various buyers online. But, you still need to ensure some things you need to be aware of before you buy and plant Kratom Seeds. This article will be a guide that will include everything you need to be aware of before you plant Kratom Seeds, so let’s move forward.

Can A Kratom Tree be grown from Kratom Seeds?

You must be anxious to grow your tree if you are new to Kratom, as you don’t have enough information about Kratom seeds and their growth process. Yet, Mitragyna speciosa is precisely like other plants that you grow from its seed. It will require dedication and time to grow your seedling into a growing tree.

Also, Mitragyna speciosa is a native of South Asia and will be impossible to grow in any other world area. So you need to begin carefully and with enough knowledge. Seeds will soon start losing their workable nature just as they get separated from the tree. So many seeds will be dead when you are transporting them to an exporter.

Kratom Seeds

Accordingly, if you are passionate about growing Mitragyna speciosa, all you need to have is patience. Your mind should be ready to wait for the time it requires to develop correctly.

The soil needs to be rich in nitrogen, and Mitragyna speciosa grows in warm climates. Additionally, you will want adequate fertilizers, water, and enough time to care for your plant. Because no one can guarantee the growth of the Mitragyna speciosa plant outside South Asia, many people are hesitant to try growing this herb.

How To Buy Kratom From A Natural Source?

The best Mitragyna speciosa can be purchased from the country where Mitragyna speciosa was first found, even though not everyone in this world uses this option nowadays. Also, it would require you to know more about shipping a live tree safely from the source country to the country you are in.

While it seems incredible to think that you can ship a south Asian plant to America, In reality, there are so many legal conditions bordering this kind of export. It will help if you remember that Mitragyna speciosa is not legal everywhere throughout the US, which might be a blockage if you try to safely get the live tree to your required area.

Where do Kratom seeds grow?

Kratom seeds are commonly grown on a long beautiful tree. Mitragyna speciosa is in southeast Asia, produced in profusion there.

This healing herb is prevalent because of its hallucinogenic properties. Also, it helps to relax, uplifts the mood, and whoever uses Mitragyna speciosa will be relaxed and at peace.

Ketum plant grows ideally in marshy and sloppy areas of the tropical regions of SouthEast Asia. Also, it can even grow as tall as 30 meters.

Appearance And Texture

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree will produce grain-sized seeds. These seeds are very, very delicate and soft in appearance. Mitragyna speciosa seed grows in a pothead, unlike other types of sources. Each pothead contains 50 seeds of ketum.

Our precious Mitragyna Speciosa seeds have a disadvantage, and the burden is that their germination rate is slow.

As mentioned already, ketum seeds are a bit exquisite. Ketum seeds need to be planted within 2-3 days after being shed off from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree as it is hard for them to survive for long after the shedding process.

The Planting Process Of Kratom Seeds

The working rate is around 20% of Kratom Seeds, and the unfresh seeds have around a 10% active rate. You would want to sow at least 6-10 seeds in one pot. The seeds will be light, fresh, and more likely to pollinate within the district.

The Process Of Planting Kratom Seeds Includes 

  • The plant will need to be watered every day.
  • Around 5-10 seeds need to be sowed in each pot.
  • The plant will need to be covered with a thin layer of soil.

The best time for germination of seeds will be after a few days when they are separated from the parent tree. This is why the dry seeds you buy online are often not successful. Additionally, as the germination rate of the kratom seeds will be really low, only some seeds will grow into a tree with fresh leaves.

Things to know before you plant Kratom Seeds at home

Here are a few things that you will have to be aware of before you plant Kratom seeds at home

  • You can flourish your desirable strains. However, do not forget that planting fresh seeds will always be more successful. It might require you to sow hundreds of seeds before the first seed starts growing into a plant.
  • It will help if you choose an area that is fertile, moist, and has a sound drain system.
  • Try to supply lighting conditions that imitate the rainforest. The area where you are planting your seeds needs to have proper Sunlight, so the seeds stay warm, but the sun should not directly affect the seeds as the soil might start drying.
  • A slight breeze will help intensify the alkaloid production within the plant. So be sure that the area where you are planting the Kratom seeds is getting a good amount of wind. But still, if your plant lacks wind, you can offer wind to your plant with a fan.
  • The plant will need an adequate amount of plant food and fertilizer. This is especially vital when your plant is in its early stage of life.
  • You will need patience, as the ketum plant takes a bit longer to grow into a tree producing leaves ready to be harvested.

The conditions involved while sowing kratom seeds 

The Atmosphere

The best kind of ketum will grow in Southeast Asia. So, you will have to give your Mitragyna speciosa plant a similar atmosphere. A humid environment with warm air will be the best for a similar feeling.

The Soil

No ideal plant or tree can group without fertilizers full of nutrients. So, it is essential to give high-quality fertilizers to your soil. It will make the growing process of the strain smooth.

Water Reservoir 

According to research, if Mitragyna speciosa is in the water for a more extended period, it’s in danger of getting damaged by fungus. It would help if you always were cautious. It would help if you kept in check how much you are watering your plant.

Keep in check how much you are watering your mitragyna speciosa plant. It would be best not to think over-watering will help and not overwater your plant.

Please do not think you should water your plant less, watering your plant adequately and hopefully. You will start seeing the best results.

The Adequate Amount Of Sunlight

If you are planting mitragyna speciosa for the first time, then it’s essential to know that Sunlight plays a vital role in the growth of the ketum plant and its sprouting. But still, it needs shade. An excessive amount of Sunlight is very harmful to your ketum plant. It might start evaporation that is very harmful to the plant. An awning might be an excellent option for giving your ketum plant shade.

Importance Of Warm Air 

You need to give your mitragyna speciosa plant warm air as it will help increase the production of alkaloids in your ketum plant. You can take a little fan and keep it close to the ketum plant for that purpose.

The Requirements List 

Here is a list of things that you will require to grow your Mitragyna speciosa plants :

  •   Seeds: A sufficient amount of seeds. Keep in mind that you will have to plant many seeds, but only a few will sprout.
  •   Sunlight: The Mitragyna speciosa plant will require a proper amount of Sunlight. Not a lot, as the soil will start drying up.
  •   Temperatures: You will need warm temperatures as Kratom seedsare only used in warmer regions. The best temperature required for growing these plants is 75 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •   Soil: You will need soil rich in nitrogen, humus, and nitrogen. It needs to be moist with proper drainage. A fungus might grow and kill your plant if the area is damp. So it would help if you were careful that the soil is neither too damp nor dry. So, enough water is significant.
  •   Food: Mitragyna speciosa plants feed heavily. They will be consuming way more water and plant food than you realize. Once your plant begins sprouting, you will have overcome the most challenging part.

Kratom Seeds

The Best Time To Grow Kratom Seeds 

This depends on how long your plant takes to grow fully. Usually, Mitragyna speciosa plants take about 2 to 3 years to develop fully, and then you can start the harvesting process by plucking up crisp Ketum leaves. After that, you will need to dry them in the daylight. Those dry leaves will further produce ketum tea and ketum powder.

Can Kratom be grown from cuttings?

The most convenient way of growing a ketum plant is doing it with the help of cuttings. The germination process makes you confused and very interested. You won’t even be sure if the seed will come out of the soil or not.

Cuttings are the existing mitragyna speciosa, and when you receive them, you need to put them in low light as soon as they are out. These plants have already had enough humidity during the delivery process, and keep in mind to provide them with air and adequate amounts of water after treating them with soil rich in nutrients.

Cuttings don’t usually need extra care. You provide a humid enough temperature for the cuttings to grow successfully.


The growing mitragyna speciosa seeds are tricky, but it’s interesting and exciting. If you find the best kratom sellers online, you are already halfway done through the whole process. The vendor should provide you with the best quality ketum seeds and ketum cuttings, and remember this thing matters the most. 


From Where Can We Get Kratom Seedlings?

Generally, mitragyna speciosa seedlings are not easy to get anywhere, like a local store. You will eventually have to turn to an online service. But do make sure that the seeds you are getting are fresh and not dried out. Kratom seeds are usually newer when planted right away or a few days after leaving their parent tree. And it might be a bit tricky to find someone willing to offer express shipping to make sure that your seeds are fresh.

Where Does Kratom Come From?

Mitragyna speciosa can be found in fertile and rich soil in the forests of Thailand. The high humidity and frequent rainfalls keep the plant well and growing. The first two years of the Mitragyna speciosa plant might even be as tall as 20 feet.

What do Kratom Seeds Look like?

Mitragyna speciosa seeds are commonly stored in a seed pod. When you try to plant your ketum seeds, you need to extract the seeds carefully and then germinate.

The seeds of ketum are accommodated in a ketum seed pod. But even after you open the seed pod, it’s tough to know what you’re looking at.

Is It Possible For Kratom Seeds To Grow In North American Climates?

Mitragyna Speciosa trees are very particular in temperature and might strive for growth in various places in the United States (US).

Yet, the US provides various climates, and many places should be adequate for growing Ketum plants.

Some areas have a climate very like its origin in the South East Asia climate, and at those places, the ketum plant will grow with success.

Ketum plants will grow the best in tropical regions, so the area along the Gulf Coast might be adequate for the farms of ketum.

Even after all these things, the ketum plants might need special care to provide an adequate condition for the plant to thrive, and they might need to give special loving care that plants need.

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