Types Of Kratom Strain-Everything You Need To Know

Introduction To Kratom Strain

The “m,speciosa” tree, Mitragyna speciosa, is associated with the coffee bean and is endemic to Southeast Asia’s tropics.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is divided into strains, each characteristic. There are even more than 45 distinct strains of kratom in all.

Origin And Types Of Kratom Strains

  • Each one is distinguished by its geographic region (Thailand, Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra, and so on)
  • Each one is characterized by its geographic area (Thailand, Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra, and so on)
  • A few strains are named for the location in which they are cultivated (Hulu, JongKong, Kali).
  • Some strains are called by the shape of their leaves (elephant and horn kratom).

The chemical makeup of the leaves truly distinguishes one strain from another. Mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG) are the main active components in kratom. However, more than a dozen more active compounds influence how another strain feels.

Kratom Strains

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Types Of Kratom Strains

The research project has poured their life and soul into discovering the numerous sorts of Ketum strains currently on the market and how they operate to benefit you and provide you with an in-depth understanding regarding Ketum strains with their varieties. Keep reading this article to know more.

Ketum with white veins

It’s made by picking fresh Ketum leaves and preserving them indoors from UV radiation. This stops the plant from processing its ingredients, resulting in high mitragynine levels.

Because of its stimulating properties, White Vein Ketum is used normally in the daytime. Ketum users should start with some other strain before moving to the white vein.Green vein ketum

Green Vein Ketum is somewhere between red and white in terms of potency. It’s also a popular option from different Kratom Strain. Green vein Ketum types are most favoured for achieving pleasure because of their uplifting properties without overstimulating or sedating.

Ketum from the Red Vein

The most common kratom strain is probably Red Vein. It’s made by harvesting the ketum leaf when it’s fully grown. As the plant becomes older, it generates more 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Malay green

Green Malay is a well-known kratom strain causing pleasure. This strain makes individuals feel stimulated, concentrated, and relaxed simultaneously. It generates the ideal mix of properties that induce bliss. It’s soft enough already to take throughout the day but not so delicate that you’ll become overstimulated.

Borneo White

White Borneo belongs to long-lasting types of kratom, so you won’t have to re-dose as frequently. It induces feelings of pleasure and cheerfulness, making it great for individuals who feel low or flat and need a pick-me-up.

Thai Red Vein

The soothing characteristics of this strain and its potential to induce behavioral well-being impact on the body have made it popular among consumers.

Red Vein Horn

This strain is more difficult to nurture and develop than most traditional red vein Ketum varieties, making it uncommon in the red vein ketum market. If you can get your eyes on the Red Horn strain, it has a lot of advantages.

We recommend taking Red Horn with caution due to its tremendous strength. Effects can be felt in as little as 1-3 grams, with many users saying that 1 gram of Red Horn is sufficient.

Sumatra Ketum

Sumatra is home to all three vein colours of kratom, although the white Sumatra strain seems most prevalent.

Here are the kinds of Sumatra Kratom Strains: White Sumatra Kratom, Green Sumatra Kratom, and Red Sumatra Kratom.

Red Borneo ketum

Red Borneo Ketum is a famous kratom strain. It originates on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. It is renowned for its strength and alkaloid composition.

It’s crucial to understand the foundations of red Borneo before understanding how to use it. It is cultivated in the Borneo Islands area. Red Borneo leaves have a red vein hue.

The Red Borneo ketum strain is a well-known kratom strain. Many of you have inquired about the red Borneo dose guidance. But why is it so famous?

But here’s the deal:

One of the most powerful kratom strains out of all is Red Borneo. It has a high alkaloid content, making it robust. As a result, people preferred it over alternative strains.

Green Vietnam Ketum

Green vein strain is potent in mitragynine and other Ketum plant alkaloids.

It’s comparable to White Ketum but a lot milder. Therefore it’s the best option to select from different Kratom Strains. It is pretty popular due to its numerous health advantages. Because of the rich soil and ideal climate,

Trees of green Vietnam Ketum variants can only be cultivated in a few areas of Vietnam since the soil contains sufficient nutrients for growth. It was very recently introduced to the modern western world, although Malaysian and Thai inhabitants have used it for generations.

Kratom Strains

Ketum from Indonesia

Because Indonesia comprises hundreds of distinct islands, the region’s flora and wildlife are incredibly diverse. The climate is ideal for Ketum cultivation in this region.

Due to optimal growth circumstances and separated growing habitats, Indonesia boasts the most significant kratom strains worldwide.

Indonesia produces over 95 percent of the world’s kratom. In some form or another, almost all strains are farmed in Indonesia.

Kali Ketum

Kali Ketum is named after the Indonesian state of Kalimantan, where it is grown.

Kali Kratom Strains have Red Kali Ketum and Green Kali Kratom.

Elephant Ketum

Elephant Ketum gets its name from the elephant-ear-like appearance of its leaves.

These leaves are more prominent, which means they generate more bioactive alkaloids per plant, although they’re harder to manage.

Elephant Ketum requires a unique combination of environmental conditions to thrive. To thrive, they need a lot of annual rainfall, normal humidity conditions, and deep rainforest cover.

Hulu Ketum

Hulu kratom strains belong to strains cultivated in a specific location of Indonesia, the Kapuas Hulu region inside the central region’s southwest.

The majority of Hulu Ketum is cultivated around Kapuas River, the nation’s longest river.

The land around this river is holy because it contains some of the world’s most rich ground.

Hulu Ketum comes in only two colours: white and red.

JongKong Ketum

Jongkong ketum is cultivated in the same area as Hulu kratom. The Kapuas River is the source of water for the JongKong area.

JongKong Ketum is sourced only from evergreens. This Ketum is made without the usage of any immature plants

JongKong Kratom Strains are further divided into two kinds: Red Jongkong Ketum and White Jongkong Ketum.

Bali’s gold

The site of origin is straightforward, and it applies to gold Bali Ketum in the same way it does to certain other Kratom strains.

As its name tells, This ketum is a strain that originated in the region of Bali in Southeast Asia. Because of the region’s specific temperature, soil acidity, and farming techniques, a kratom strain with a different alkaloid profile — and a corresponding set of effects — has emerged.

Furthermore, not all Bali kratom is cultivated on the island of Bali. Ketum producers throughout Southeast Asia may generate kratom strains comparable to those grown naturally on Bali farms by replicating the growth conditions found there.

Dragon Ketum

Dragon ketum is a very uncommon kind of kratom. The notorious red dragon kratom is only grown on one plantation globally.

This helps make this strain incredibly dependable because the growth circumstances are always the same — but it also restricts supply and might make it pricey when the blooming season is done at certain times of the year.

Dragon Kratom Strains come in three categories: Red Dragon Kratom, Green Dragon Kratom, and White Dragon Kratom.


Every ketum strain is derived from the very same ketum plant. Furthermore, the plant’s impacts on the body are influenced by its growth circumstances, harvesting conditions, curing conditions, and fermentation process.

Several kratom strains have indeed been developed, each with its own set of actions in the system dependent on the concentration of components in the leaves. We discovered that all these three ketum strains, white vein ketum, red vein ketum, and green vein ketum, are by far the most powerful on the market after doing a thorough study.


What Is the Importance of the Appropriate Dosage?

The trouble with the proper dose is that the incorrect amount might have many adverse effects. It is important to take the right dose, particularly in the case of red Borneo. This is because red Borneo is a potent strain.

What are the Factors Affecting the Right Dosage of Kratom strains?

  1. Your Level of Experience
  2. Expected Consequences
  3. Kratom Consumption Methods

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