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Treasure House Botanicals Kratom is an online Kratom retailer with a website that is fairly straightforward. The products they offer are organized into batches and they only are available on the website until the stock ran out. The company offers great discounts at checkout when you make orders from them. The vendor sells out Ketum quite quickly and if they have nothing in stock, the website seems plain.

What Treasure House Botanicals Kratom Offer

The website is continuously updating its stock, if you visit the website’s home page, you will see what they are offering. They have different strains available in both capsules and powder form, here is what strains are available:

  • Maeng Da:

Maeng Da is developed by grafting and breeding selective strains, it has an amazing effect that no other strain has. Maeng Da is not a regular strain, this Kratom type has a special place in the market and it is offered by them. It is one of the most awesome strains that they are offering.

  • Modern Maeng Da

Modern Maeng Da is available at many other websites too but the effect of the strain sold by them has a major difference as compared to what others are providing by the name of it. When the leaves are picked, then they are first sorted by the colors, then dried, ground and provided the specific form. The aroma of modern Maeng Da is quite different and more focused and concentrated.

  • The Elephant Strain

The strain is named because of its size, the leaf of this strain resembles the ear of an elephant. It is a bit similar to Maeng Da and because of its classy full spectrum aroma, it is now gaining popularity. It deals with aches and provides relief from different sorts of aches.

  • Piaman

Piaman is a type of elephant strain offered by Treasure House Botanicals Kratom, leaves of Ketum are picked from the Hulu Kapuas region. The leaves aren’t as same as the regular elephant strain which makes it a must-try.

Treasure House Botanicals Kratom

Do They Accept Coupon Codes?

Yes, Yes & Yes, Treasure House is fond of running amazing sales all around the year. On their website, they run automatically applied promo codes and they also post coupons. One should always look for discounts before ordering because they have sales almost all the time.

Treasure House Botanicals Kratom provides individuals with the best opportunities to save money while grabbing the best that customers desire. Their coupon codes are already applied at checkout for 10kilos and 500grams. Do you know? They also have reward programs for the customers. In other words, they provide loyal customers with the chance to save as much as they can while buying the best from them.

Payment Options:

Here are ways through which you can pay for buying a product from Treasure House Botanicals Kratom:

  • Pay Through Debit/Credit Cards

When you have finally put all the items that you need in the cart, then an invoice is sent to your email address. This email has a link, click on it and you will be redirected to the secure server for your card. Enter the required information here, when done then your orders will be packed considering the selection which you have made on the website.

  • Payments Through Cryptocurrency

Yes, Treasure House Botanicals Kratom also accept bitcoin. Buying from them, individuals can easily pay through cryptocurrency and enjoy their quality products.

  •      Pay Through E-Check

Yes, when you are buying from Treasure House Botanicals Kratom, then you can also make the payments through an e-check. But also keep in mind that when you are paying through this then it takes a longer time to process your payment. The process of e-check is as same as a traditional cheque.

Are The Products Lab Tested?

At the present time, it is not mentioned on the website that their products are lab tested or not. But one thing that they make sure is, their products are original and authentic. If you are making a purchase from them then you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.

Impression On the Customers

Treasure House Botanicals Kratom has a great impression and a very good reputation, they are well-known for their excellent quality packaging and great products. It is one of those websites that run out of stock quite quickly when restocked. The vendor provides the Mitragyna Speciosa lovers with freshly sourced Ketum at very reasonable rates.

What About the Customer Service?

When it comes to the comparison with other Kratom selling brands, then Treasure House Botanicals Kratom have the best return policy that we have ever seen. Individuals not only appreciate their services and products but also their return policy is quite much loved. They welcome returns up to 20 days and they even welcome you if you are not satisfied and have used the product too. Because of this, they have received the best compliments for their customers.

 Shipping Policy at Treasure House Botanicals Kratom:

Treasure House Botanicals Kratom is a great place to make an order from, all the orders are shipped by them through USPS. The time they take to deliver an order is around 2 to 3 days, they do not charge an arm and a leg as the delivery charges from the customers. Shipping charges are not applicable if you order the Kratom in larger quantities.

Treasure House Botanicals Kratom


Treasure Hunt Botanicals Kratom is a great service providing an online store that accepts payments in many ways so the customers can transfer the money as it seems easy to them. Among the Kratom users, they have quite a great reputation and they assure the customers that buying from them, the customer won’t regret it. They have fair prices, so if you are new to the world of Ketum then you can easily give this vendor product a chance.

 Other Outstanding Kratom Vendors:

In case, if Treasure Hunt Botanicals Kratom is out of stock right now and you are looking for some other best options to make a purchase then you can rely on Golden Monk, SA Kratom or Kratom Basket. These online sellers also provide amazing quality Kratom at reasonable rates. If you are worried about how the product would turn out to be, then don’t worry as they provide Kratom lovers with the guaranteed best.

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