Texas Herbs and Botanicals: Is There Anything To Complain About This Brand?

There are hundreds of choices to shop from, but only a few are known to offer quality products. The same is the case for a popular herb– Kratom. To meet the increasing demand for Kratom, numerous vendors are emerging. Out of these, only a few can provide premium Mitragyna Speciosa.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals can be seen winning the race during all this hassle, but how can you trust a vendor without knowing enough about it? We have you covered. We have played our part in protecting all the useful information for you under this article. So, buckle up!

About Texas Herbs and Botanicals

Texas Herbs and Botanicals has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. It feels proud to say that it follows all the updated rules and regulations set for Kratom. Consequently, it only delivers its products to the states where Kratom is legal.

This vendor has a vast array of Kratom products. The available products include resins, powders, capsules, seeds, and even the live Kratom plant.

As this vendor is a premier Kratom supplier in Dallas, it reached the pinnacle of success as soon as Kratom was declared legal by Texas state legislators.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Website

The brand has a user-friendly website with all the useful information available. It is not only well designed but also has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. This helps users to find answers to their queries.

Another unique part about this vendor is tracking the shipped order by directly visiting their site. Moreover, you can find the link to their Instagram account by visiting their home page.

When people visit their website, they come across the option for a free sample. They do give you free samples and don’t even ask for shipping charges. However, this works the best for those who request the free sample along with their purchase.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Products

At Texas Herbs and Botanicals, you can only find powders and not capsules. However, the extensive range of powders is enough to impress you even if you were previously using capsules. Furthermore, you can also put this powder in capsules at home. They also have specialty blends to offer. They have a large variety of Kratom powders, out of which some are mentioned below:

White Vein

Vietnam, Super White, Maeng Da, Horn, White Gold, Sumatra, Elephant, Borneo, Hulu, and Thai.

Yellow Vein

Maeng Da, Super Yellow, Vietnam, Thai, Borneo, Sumatra, Vietnam and Yellow Gold.

Red Vein

Bali, Maeng Da, Borneo, Super Red, Chocolate Bentuangie, Thai, Sumatra, Elephant, Cambodian, Sulawesi, Malay, Red Gold, Hulu, Thai, Jong Kong, Horn and Dragon.

Green Vein

Sumatra, Hulu, Kali, Cambodian, Thai, Borneo, Asia, Dark Green Indo, Elephant, Dark Green Malay, Super Green, Malay, Maeng Da, and Jong Kong.

Specialty Blends

Houston, Rose Gold, Austin, Abbey Road, Hometown, Sunshine, Texas Red, Dallas, Texas Two-Step, and Highway 19.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Prices

It is seen that they have the same prices everywhere. The prices drop as you order more, and this comes in handy to encourage bulk purchases. Below are the prices for their different sizes of Kratom powders.

Kratom Powder:

Strain Size      Price

½ Ounce            $4

1 Ounce              $7

2 Ounces           $14

3 Ounces           $20

4 Ounces           $25

9 Ounces           $35

½ Kilo               $50

1 Kilo                 $90

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Coupon Codes

To make your purchase a memorable one, this vendor has promo codes mentioned on its site and its Instagram page. As per the promo code given during May 2020, users could avail up to 20 percent off on their purchase.

They offer you other codes that let you have about 10 percent off on your total checkout. Furthermore, you can also get a promo code upon request. Through their reward program, you also get to have a chance to earn free Kratom. All you need to do is, create an account to receive reward points. If your order value is over $125, you can get your order shipped free through USPS Priority Mail Shipping.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Payment Options

This vendor accepts several payment methods. However, personal checks and money orders need to be mailed to the seller. Also, you have the facility to contact the seller directly if you need to seek guidance related to checking out. The available payment options include:

  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Apple Pay
  • Facebook Pay
  • Zelle

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Return Policy

For your smooth shopping experience, you can return their products within 7 business days. You can contact the company through phone or email options and tell them that you are not satisfied with their product.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Product Safety

Although the brand is selling premium Kratom products, they don’t mention their products’ lab testing details. So, you can’t say with surety if their products undergo lab testing. Moreover, it also seems like they are not approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Shipping

They don’t ship the orders on holidays and weekends, just like all other vendors. So, if you have placed your order before 12 pm on Monday to Friday, it will be shipped the same day. Any order which is placed after 12 pm will be shipped in the next business days.

It takes about 1 to 3 business days for orders to be shipped. On the other hand, it uses USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Mail to ship the orders. If your order is worth more than $125, then it will be sent for free. You also have the facility to track your order by visiting their website and searching the progress of your order through the tracking number.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Reviews

Just as any other vendor, there are also both good and bad reviews available about this vendor. However, there are more positive reviews about this brand. For instance, people are falling over its user-friendly website, quality of its Kratom range, and quick shipping.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Customer Service

Texas Herbs and Botanicals offers several options to you to contact them to have your queries answered on time. It is widely praised for its customer service, shipping, and the quality of its products. As the company is open on the weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, you can reach out to them through telephone number, email, and a contact form. However, they don’t respond over the weekends or on major holidays.

Finally, by reading this review, you can now decide if this brand is the right choice for you or not. Despite not being approved by AKA, multiple reviews speak in favor of this brand. Not only do they have a great range for Kratom but also, they have maintained the quality. Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with their products, then you can return them within seven days.

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