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Had a friend tell me about Taunton bay soap company so I thought I would order some kratom and give theirs a try. Surprised to find out that this is actually a tea store but they also offer kratom too. There are many different options and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample set. When I was getting some herbs and different teas I got a kratom sample. After that, I decided to purchase my own. I like the packaging on these products the details that you can read on the ingredients etc, there is a lot of information on the package that I had for my sample and other herbs and teas.

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Local Company To Support

I feel like this is a smaller company to support buying kratom. There are a lot of other companies that are much larger. This one has more of an artisan feel to it and you can feel that with the packaging I feel too on the kratom products and more.

I like the packaging because it is different and unique. You can tell as soon as you look at it. There seems to have been a lot of effort that went into the logo, the production of the product, there was a lot of care involved. I like to support smaller companies whenever I can and this one seems like a small, artisan sort of kratom company that I have found to purchase from.

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Several Package Sizes Of Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom Website

One great option is the package sizes here. I do not want to be forced to purchase only one big size or one small size. I like to have options. There are different package options with the kratom from Taunton Bay Soap Company for kratom. There are several kratom strains to look through at least 10 that I could find and there are good kratom options for using daily. There is also some customer care for questions that I had and ordering was easy to do.

  • 30 grams
  • 60 grams
  • 125 grams
  • 250 grams

There are different size options as far as kratom doses go whenever you need kratom. I myself tried only the 30 grams to start with. I think starting with a smaller amount is good because you never know what you will get. After the sample that I got, I ordered the 30 grams and I like the first product that arrived.

Ordering Was Easy With Taunton Bay Soap Company Website

Getting online and ordering the products was easy. Reading about what items there are for sale, the packaging that it looks like, and more about the company, etc, it was an easy decision to take a go with this one. I am glad that I tested out Taunton bay soap company because you would think that all you could get at first was tea or soap but that isn’t true. This is a great place for getting any sort of quality herbal supplement.

You can tell that Taunton bay soap company cares about natural health remedies and that is why there are so many unique products offered here along with the kratom that is for sale. If you have not tried kratom before and are not sure what to expect with it then I would not go ordering a large amount of it.

I took just the sample at first which was great and the moved on to more and will move up more now that I have built up a tolerance for it and see that it works well with my body. You could react negatively and then you would be stuck with a big batch of it and that is never convenient. Do not put yourself in that situation and start out slow as I did. I think this is best for kratom starters.

Would I Order Again From Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom?

I think because of how it is going so far I would order again but I would go for 60 grams or more next time. I do not like to order so frequently and if I can order just once a month sort of thing then that is what I would much prefer. So if I can order just one big order of kratom and have that last me all month then that is much better for me. I am happy that it is easy to order from the site and I feel like they care if something goes wrong. I think this because of the contact methods they have put into place for customers to get a hold of them whenever you have questions.

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For some companies, you might not find anything. That can be very shady and that is not what you get with this little company. It might seem little, I do not know how big they really are in terms of sales of course, but there is a small feel to the product because of the high quality and unique style to it. You do not get this with mass-produced sort of kratom options I do not think.

These guys excel at doing it a bit differently. You feel like it was picked out by someone who really cares and knows what they are doing with herbal teas and supplements. Sometimes someone might be selling kratom and they do not even know what it does. But with this company Taunton bay soap company you can tell they specialize in this sort of product. I would order again for sure. I was happy the first time and they have not let me down yet. Until they do I would take a chance and get more of the same kratom I have been taking.

Order The Box

If you are not sure what to get then try the monthly subscription box. This is going to give you at least 5 different items from Taunton bay soap company and you might get to try some really net products by doing it this way. The subscription box adds a bit of fun to the overall experience. The boxes come regularly and you get to try quality kratom from the Taunton bay soap company that they offer. This might be the easiest way to try out some things from the company.

There are not many options out there for a subscription box. I thought that this was a really neat addition from the Taunton bay soap company and I think it would make a good gift to my sister because she has been wanting to try kratom as well. I can tell that those with this company care about quality and finding good ingredients you can see by the effort that goes into everything.

taunton bay soap company

I think there is more quality in this product than some other ones that I have tried, not kratom but similar, and I think these guys do it best. I would order again because of how it went with the sample that I tried. I think that is a really nice way to get people to try something and embrace your company too is to give a sample so that they can see what you are selling. Once they see how good it is for themselves, like I did, then they are going to be coming back. Like I am going to.

Not My Favorite

I would say that for a smaller company that seems to be unique and artisanal, at least as much as you can be in the game of selling kratom, then this company is superior. But overall they are not my favorite company. I have had good experiences from other kratom suppliers too. There are others out there to find. It was good, there are lots to choose from on the menu here, but there are better places in my opinion.

I would try this out if you wanted to give the subscription box a go or maybe some good herbal teas and supplements, just to support the company in general. I think this is a good company doing something good by offering these quality kratom products and other natural herbal supplements to people who need it.

But aside from that, if you want kratom it might not be the best price or quality, or easiest way of ordering kratom online. But the subscription box does make it a lot more convenient to try out. If you want to give them a go then I would say try that route first, get a box with more than 1 item so that you can see different things that you might like.

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What Makes Kratom Great

  • Quality: It needs to be good quality and fresh, you do not want to take something that isn’t
  •  Guarantee: When the company offers this then I can feel better ordering and thinking it will be good quality

If I am going to take something regularly like kratom then those 2 points are what matter the most to me. I want good quality kratom, the highest when possible, and I want a guarantee on the product so that if I am not impressed or something goes wrong, etc I can get my money back. Good kratom vendors are going to be very upfront about this. In general, as far as the best kratom company that is out there, I wouldn’t say that Taunton bay soap company is that just yet. Maybe for their own area, they operate in, but for ordering online I would go elsewhere.

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