Stan David Botanicals Kratom With Kratom Tea’s You Will Never Forget!

Stan David Botanicals Kratom started operating back in 2016, and in these years, they worked hard to impress the customers. They have always provided the customers with the best, which is why they were able to get a huge fan base. Though the website isn’t very helpful, the website could have been nicer.

The landing page of Stan David Botanicals Kratom contains the “Lorem ipsum” placeholder text. When it comes to how they are on social media, then they are very active. They are always showcasing their products on social media, which then turns into sales. On their Fb page, they have more than 3000 members, and they dearly love the company.

Presence On Social Media

They are quite active on social media, you can see their post every day, and from the posts, it can be assumed that they love their customers. The owner responds personally to the fans, which makes it a win-win situation for his business. The customers are always welcome to ask for details about the products. Though, there are still people who have had a bad experience with them. Also, on their social media, people often get confused because they refer to their Kratom as tea.

Stan David Botanicals Kratom

Is Stan David Giving A Tough Competition To Other Vendors

At present, the demand for Kratom products is quite high. So every vendor tries its best to stand out from the crowd. But the fact is, Stan David Botanicals Kratom have found their way. They have figured out their key to success, and as a result, they have a huge fan following on their FB page. Have you ever thought about how it could be done? Obviously by providing the customers with outstanding services and outstanding products.

Stan David Botanicals Kratom offers a wide range of quality Kratom products, and besides this, they also have other plant-based products. The bit annoying thing is that each strain has its landing page, while it would be better if you could click on the strain you want and choose the quantity. The website is good and user-friendly, but the images they use are stock photos with no descriptive text. They have different payment options available.

How Are The Prices of Stan David Botanicals Kratom?

When it comes to their price range, then they have amazing prices. This is one of those things which makes them stand out of the crowd; they have really low prices on single ounces of Ketum. The single ounce of any strain costs only $5; you can add as many ounces as you want and enjoy a low-priced but quality Mitragyna Speciosa.

Do They Accept Coupon Codes?

When we talk about the coupon codes of Stan David Botanicals Kratom, it is not easy to find one. Maybe signing up for the newsletter can work like this; you might get a coupon code in your inbox. The website isn’t very classy or active, so getting an inbox from them is just luck. But one thing that is awesome for sure is that they offer returns. But they do it upon request; their shipping is also not free.

Do They Have Deals for The Loyal Customers?

Yes, if you follow them on Facebook, it will advantage a lot as they keep updating their incredible deals on Fb for loyal customers.

How Are the Services of Stan David Botanicals Kratom?

Different individuals are of different opinions about them; some people reviewed that they are not approachable. According to some customers, they do not answer queries. But apart from that, many customers say that they have tried the products and are just classy. Some people are impressed by the services, rates and quality.

What Strains They Have at Stan David Botanicals Kratom?

If you are looking up for what strains they offer, then they have:

  • Elephant tea
  • Green crushed leaf
  • Green Horn
  • Red chocolate
  • Red Sumatra
  • White Kali
  • White Kapuas
  • White magic
  • White Riau
  • Yellow Gold
  • Yellow Sunda
  • Yellow Vietnam

They Have Blends Too

As we know that Stan David is offering countless Kratom strains, and every strain is loved and appreciated by the customers. Besides the typical Mitragyna Speciosa strains, they also have Akuamma seeds, Kava, and Hirsuta. The other thing which is very appreciable is that they have sample packs available for these too. When we talk about the blends, then they are also amazing. Stan David Botanical offers highly potent and effective blends to beloved customers. The blends they have are:

  • Enhanced pulse blend
  • Enhanced fibro blend
  • Enhanced golden gate bridge blend

Stan David Botanicals Kratom 

Well Known For Their Quality Teas

Yes, Stan David Botanicals Kratom indeed offers unique and breathtaking Kratom teas for Kratom lovers. They have high-quality and tasty herbal teas; once tried, one can never forget the taste. Apart from everything else, they are well-known for their teas.


The website of Stan David Botanicals Kratom appears shady at first glance, but this isn’t a fact. The thing is that the owner of the website might not care about transparency being a Kratom vendor. The products they have are nice, but it might take a while to receive them, so if you are in a hurry to grab then not making an order from them would be a wise choice. What makes this brand stand out from the crowd is the fact that it let the individuals test their strains and then choose if they want to make an order or not.

However, people get a shady impression from the website as Stan David Botanicals Kratom has not provided complete product information. Also, there are no certifications uploaded on the website, saying that the products are lab tested. The lack of data on the website is a major turn-off for beginners. But besides this, their service is great according to the customer’s review and that being said overall it is a great choice.

Looking For Recommendations?

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