Smoking kratom – Things You Should Know

While everyone who tries Kratom usually uses the powder, in its powder form, or in capsule form, there are some people that want to smoke it. There are many ways to use Kratom, and in general, smoking it usually isn’t on the table. However, we’ll go over everything you need to know about smoking Kratom.

How Do People Take Kratom?

Many people take Kratom in the form of powder alone. They either put it in their drinks, and mix it, or they all something to it. They can take it without anything but a drink to chase it too. Another way they take Kratom is through shots, tinctures, extracts, among others. They can also make their own capsules and take capsules or tablets as well to control their intake of the Kratom. There is also a way to put it into your tea, so you can drink it in a tea form for bedtime rituals.

Can You Smoke Kratom?

It can be smoked, however, it’s frowned upon to do so. Like any other drug in existence, it can be snorted or smoked, and many people choose to do this. Kratom is no exception, and an inclination of smoking Kratom is on the rise, and people are starting to think of it as the thing to do. However, it’s not always the smart move to go with what everyone else is doing.

Why Would Someone Smoke Kratom?

People like to smoke the drugs because it increases the speed of the high, as well as it is becoming more potent. They smoke it because like snorting which goes straight to the brain, it goes to the lungs, and since the brain needs oxygen, it comes from the lungs, and the Kratom is then inserted faster to the brain by smoking it rather than snorting, ingesting, or any other method.

How Does One Smoke Kratom?

The processes involved in smoking Kratom can get complex, but we will break it down for you. While the practice is rare across the world, and even in the United States, it is still done. People take dry leaves and roll it up into an empty cigar, or a rolling paper, and light and smoke it. There are other ways of doing this, too, though, and people will put the powder into a pipe, and light it and smoke the Kratom that way. These are the ways that it’s been done, and there are more, but these are the most common ways.

Why Is This A Bad Idea?

Smoking Kratom is a bad idea because it is a fast-acting stimulant already. You add smoking into the equation, and you are looking at instant high. This can be a bad thing. Not only that, but there are capsules, tablets, and other products of Kratom that are made to show that it’s meant for oral ingestion. However, on the rare occasions that people do smoke it, it can lead to lung damage, and sometimes brain damage depending on how much a person consumes.

What are the Long Term Effects Of Smoking Kratom?

The long terms effects of smoking Kratom are numerous. The first effect is your wallet, as it will become more expensive with the time. Another issue is that it will become less effective the more you smoke of it. So you’ll need more of it to get the same high you get on a lower dosage the more you use it.

Then there are the dangers of the tar from the plant that isn’t there if you don’t smoke it. The tar on it only effects you when you use Kratom if you smoke it. There are other things that could hurt you in the long run, it can cause respiratory issues, and many other health risks get amplified when smoking Kratom.

What Are Some Better Ways To Use Kratom?

There are many ways to use Kratom in a better way, and they all involve ingestion. We will talk about them in detail in the coming sections, but there are many ways like tea, capsules, powder, and more.


People love to put their Kratom in their tea, and it’s a healthier alternative to smoking Kratom as well. You simply do one of three things. One, boil it with your tea, sort of like a broth. Two, place the Kratom powder in the teacup, and pour the boiling water over it, and stir. Three, use a strainer to place the Kratom powder into, and hold it over the cup, and gently pour it in, this is just like coffee.


Capsules are not only easy to take but easy to monitor. It is a healthy alternative than smoking it, and you can buy them by the bottle. These are easily used and easily hidable. You can even make your own capsules by buying the empty capsules and weighing out the Kratom and put the Kratom that you weighted into a capsule.


There are so many things that you can do with the powder, and one of those things is that you can do with it is to take a spoonful of it, and wash it down with water or Gatorade. You can make capsules with it as well. There are other ways that you can use the powder, and non of the healthier ways involve smoking or snorting.

What Do Users Think About Smoking Kratom?

A lot of the users that are chatting about it on all the forums are saying that they don’t want to try it because they think that it doesn’t work. Other people who have used it have said that it doesn’t work, it’s a waste of the good Kratom, and that they wished that they didn’t waste all of their Kratom smoking it. They also say that smoking it takes more to get the same effects as ingesting it.

We don’t know what the right answer is, but we are clear that smoking Kratom isn’t a viable option for any serious Kratom user.

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