Red Horn Kratom – The Rare and Elusive Strain From Borneo

Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia that has been in use for centuries by native people. Today it is found around the world sold for its use as a therapeutic tool for pain management and drug abuse. It is also savored for the enjoyable recreational effects users who imbibe in the plant.

Where Does This Strain Of Kratom Come From?

Red Horn Kratom is a specific variety, better known as a strain, of Kratom, found only in one region of our planet. That region is the Borneo region of Thailand.

Main Uses of the Red Horn Kratom Strain

  •  It Makes Exercise Less Painful and More Enjoyable
  •  It Is Fun Take with Friends Socially
  • There Are Several Therapeutic Benefits

 Best Benefits From Red Horn Kratom

Red Horned Kratom

The unpredictable nature of this strain could be described as a benefit in and of itself. If you are the type of person who loves being surprised, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this strain.

 Most Notable Effects of Red Horn Kratom

Most people take away from their experience with this strain because it is a multi-faceted beast. Most red vein Kratom leaves are fairly sedating. Sometimes this strain is too, but others may notice a strong and distinct stimulant action occurring after you take your dose.

 How to Take Red Horn Kratom

Taking Kratom is not a hard process, but you should exercise caution. The most difficult aspect of taking Kratom is deciding what level of experience you want to have.

How much you take will change the character of the trip. To complicate things further, the different formats can find Kratom in is all in varying concentrations. This means there’s not a universal measurement between all types of Kratom available for purchase.

Doses For General Use

Most guides will divide the Kratom experience into three levels wringing from small to large doses. The exact amount of Kratom referred to by these doses is variable.

  • Small: Small doses of raw leaf powder generally weight between half a gram and one and a half grams. These are the most stimulating dose levels.
  • Medium: Medium dosages of raw Kratom leaf powder generally range from one and a half to two and a half grams. They are normally simultaneously activating and sedating.
  • Large: Large Doses of Kratom are generally considered to be anything over around 3 grams and go up to substantial doses. These are very sedating and can make you feel sick if you’re not careful.

Formats Of Red Horn Kratom

There are three common forms you will find Kratom available in for purchase.

Raw Kratom Dry Leaf Powder

Raw Kratom leaf is exactly what it sounds like. The leaves of the plant are taken together and left out to dry. Once they are fully dry, they are put in a machine and ground into a fine dust.

Kratom Extract

The active ingredient of Kratom is a small alkaloid. Many users find the leaf of the plant to taste unpleasant. Extracts exist that take the alkaloid from the plant and concentrate on in a small solution you can orally administer.

Kratom Tincture

Kratom tincture is an infusion of Kratom extract with some solvent. It lets you add Kratom to your favorite recipes, or you can just eat it plain.

 The Difference Between Kratom Vein Types

kratom strains

There is more than one type of Kratom leaf, and the different types are normally classified by the color of their leaf veins. Each type is supposed to exhibit different properties when people use them.


Green-veined Kratom leaves are the longest lasting of all the Kratom leave types. It is a solid combination of speedy and slow effects.


White veined leaves of the Kratom plant last a shorter time than green ones, but they give more energy. These are great for active days. Power through the day with white vein leaves.


Red-veined plants are the best for fast-acting analgesia. If you are in pain and need relief now and you need it to be powerful, these are for you. Slow effects are the most dominant in the red-veined leaves.

 How To Find Quality Kratom Near You?

The best time you will have with Kratom is when you get high-quality products harvested at the peak of perfection. You will only get tho this when you work with the best vendors around.

There are a couple of things you can look out for when selecting your vendors to see if they are a good pick or not. First is the selection of products they have available. The Golden Monk store has a wide selection, and its products will all be sustainably farmed. The second is the user reviews of other people. These will let you know how other people felt about their experience with the company and are the best metric to judge companies.

Brief User Experience Reviews

Types OF Kratom

Here are two different reviews from users who have tried this variety of Kratom.

Kratom Reviewer 1:

The first time I placed an order, I was nervous. I had never tried Kratom before but decided to go with the red horn Kratom after reading other positive reviews. I can certainly say that I have not been disappointed. Pain relief has never been so readily available.

Kratom Reviewer 2:

After trying nearly every type of Kratom under the sun, I did not expect anything special when I first placed an order for this product. Wow, I can say I was definitely a little too enthusiastic with my first dose. This stuff is compelling even for experienced users.

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