Red Elephant Kratom Strain Origin – Dosage & Effects Review

There are many tales linked to the Red Elephant kratom. Some fans say they feel euphoric after taking it. Other people say they feel sedated. The reality is the way a person reacts to any kratom strain is random. This feature makes kratom strains like the Red Elephant so fun.

Why on Earth Would it be Unpredictable?

Red Elephant is one of the most unpredictable kratom strains for a couple of reasons. For one, the strain is not as popular as other strains. This makes it easy for folks to make up stuff about it. No one is saying you can’t predict what you might end up feeling, but your prediction might still be a little off.

The other reason why the Red Elephant kratom can be random is linked to the nature of kratom. The ingredients in kratom might make the body feel all sorts of things depending on the body itself. You’re probably wondering what that means. Well, it means this strain depends on the following:

  • A person’s weight can make a difference here.
  • Your health could cause changes.
  • Things can be different for you if you’ve eaten or not.
  • Your own body’s metabolism could make a difference with this.
  • Your age could play a factor.
  • The amount and quality of the Red Elephant could also affect what a person feels.

How Strong is the Red Elephant Strain?

Okay, this is a good subject to touch on, especially for those who are starting their kratom journey. Most folks who use this strain say it is mild. Still, even with this, you should be careful and start with the smallest dosage you can. This is good advice not only with the Red Elephant kratom strain but all of them.

Users seem to say the feelings they’ve experienced with this strain reminds them of Red Bali or the Red Borneo. Of course, those are stronger strains. Still, users seem to think the Red Elephant echoes both of those stronger strains. Maybe the echo is not as strong, but at least first-timers can plan their kratom journey a little better.

Talking About Time

All users want to find out how long each strain will be active. This is a pretty good question that is hard to answer. This is because it depends on the list of factors mentioned earlier.

  • If you go on Reddit, you might find people talking about this strain. You might even see this on other platforms. You’ll see some folks think the Red Elephant strain lasts longer than others.
  • This sort of makes sense, especially if this is a milder strain. A lot of users have said that milder strains tend to last longer. This is a great thing for first-timers. It’s a great thing for your pocket since you won’t have to go through too much of the kratom. This will give you more money to try different strains to explore a bit.

Keep in mind this is what others have experienced. At the end of the day, what Red Elephant does is a personal experience, so keep that in mind at all times.

Touching on the Myth of the Red Elephant

A strain that isn’t as popular as others are bound to earn a few myths here and there. One fun myth linked to this strain is that it got the name because of the leaves. A few folks think the reason this strain got this name is because the leaves are bigger than other strains.

  • First of all, every strain comes from the same plant though they are grown in different places. This one is grown in the Ketapang Forest. This area is tucked away in a majestic part of Indonesia.
  • Some people might be wondering why this is important to remember. One way to tell if you are getting high-quality Red Elephant kratom is to get it from the source.
  • If not, you might not be getting good quality. Poor-quality kratom gives kratom a bad name. Most of the time, folks don’t feel what they are supposed to. You don’t want to be the person who doesn’t get what you paid for, right?
  • Part of the reason this region is perfect for the Red Elephant kratom is that the soil is rich in minerals. This gives the plant its interesting alkaloid content.
  • You can find alkaloids like Corynoxine and Mitraphylline along with others. Alkaloids are why many people like the strain. They thank this benefit for the sensations they feel.
  • If you want to find out about the experiences others had with this strain, then you need Reddit. All you have to do is take a deep dive into Reddit to find out more. Just keep in mind that each experience is unique to each person, so take other people’s words with a grain of salt.

You are probably wondering if there’s any truth to the leaves of the Red Elephant kratom being bigger.

  • The answer is they are actually a little bigger than other strains. The leaves are bright compared to some of the other strains out there. The locals thought about big floppy elephant ears when they saw these leaves. It seems like there was a little truth to this myth after all.

Another myth has some truth to it about the Red Elephant kratom. It is known as the best smelling kratom.

  • Each kratom strain has its own aroma. Some are more earthy while others have more of a grass-like scent. Well, a lot of folks say this kratom’s scent is pretty good compared to the others. Just like beauty, a beautiful scent is subjective, so you’ll probably have to judge this myth on your own.

Hopefully, some of this information helps you figure out if this strain is the right one for you. That’s the beauty of kratom. There’s a lot to choose from, so the possibilities are endless for you.

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