Red Borneo Kratom and Its Different Formations


When talking about Kratom, the term Kratom strains such as Red Borneo Kratom pop up in mind. There are almost three types of Kratom strains: Red, White and Green Strains. The most popular of them are Red and White because both of them have major customer attraction.

Nature has gifted us this plant called Mitragyna Speciosa.  This has been used for years to treat different health conditions. Now, as time has progressed towards this era, variations have been noticed in many things. This herb, Kratom, has also been used in different innovative ways. Different Kratom products are being formed, including Kratom capsules, gummies, tinctures,  Kratom powder, extracts, strains and surprisingly, the cosmetics have also made it a part of their range. Strains have their market and are one of the leading Kratom forms.

You might be wondering why these strains are so famous, especially the Red strain. What are Red Borneo Kratom and its different formations? Let’s dig into some really interesting information about Red Strain and fetch out the answer all by ourselves!

What is Red Borneo Kratom?

Before talking about any other thing, it is really important to know what Red Borneo Kratom is. We will discuss some important and basic facts related to Red Borneo Kratom. The first and foremost question that comes into anyone’s mind is why this strain is called Red Borneo Kratom? So, here we are to answer this question that this strain is called Red Borneo Kratom because it grows in the region of Borneo islands and the colour– red is due to the vein colour of Red Borneo leaves.

This strain is also famous as the ‘Pleasurable Agent”. This famous strain is processed in the tropical lower land of the island of Borneo.

Red Borneo Strain is pretty much famous in the west and is sold and purchased online and at the retail stores. It is also a pocket-friendly product that most people in the United States prefer.

What is The Composition of Red Borneo Kratom?

When we talk about the composition of this strain, the facts tell us that this Red Borneo Kratom has an immense amount of alkaloid, which results in the potent consistency of this strain. It contains more than 25 alkaloids which include 7-hydroxy mitragynine, mitraphylline, speciogynine and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine. These components altogether help in the regulation of many functions related to the body and mind.

In Which Forms The Red Borneo Kratom Strain is Available?

The question may be raised in your mind in which form this particular strain should be consumed. Well, here are some of the most common forms in which Red Borneo Kratom is available. In these four methods, this strain can be consumed by the customer depending on his own choice. Capsules

o Toss and Wash Method

o Adding in Food/ Drinks

o Tea / Coffee

Now let us put some light on these methods and discuss in detail how these methods are used to consume this strain.


Many customers prefer to take the strain in capsules, and it is also easily available at many vendors. People prefer to take the Red Borneo Kratom in a capsule as they do not have to chew the strain but only have to swallow it with water. Like this, they do not have to go through the bitter taste of Kratom as the Kratom is inside the capsule tube. The outer coating is usually made up of vegetables. Also, capsules can be easily stored.


The taste of Kratom is bitter, and many people do not like to experience this bitter taste. You know almost all of us don’t want to torture our taste buds! That’s why this Method known as toss and wash is not very much famous among the customers/ users. In this method, the consumer of Red Borneo Kratom has to put the Kratom powder or some crushed leaves of Kratom on his tongue and drink water to wash it down his throat.


We have already discussed that the taste of Kratom is not very pleasant. So, there is a method to cope up with this thing. Kratom powder can be added to food that is sweet, like cakes and brownies. Consequently, the taste of Kratom can be easily hidden in the taste of that very food. This method is good and helpful for those people who want to use Red Borneo Kratom for recreational purposes.


Most of the consumers do not take very high doses of Red Borneo Kratom. So, for these people, this method is the best. They can put their lower amount of Kratom powder into the tea or coffee and drink it away like any other drink.

What Are The Characteristics Of Red Borneo Kratom?

We discussed so many facts about Red Borneo Kratom, and now it is time to talk about some major characteristics of this famous strain. Kratom has been used for many purposes for ages and has a really good impact on its user’s body. People going through some restlessness, melancholy, muscle aches, and recession often rely on natural herbs and remedies. Red Borneo Kratom helps with relaxation of mind and body, acts as a tranquillizer, and enhances a person’s focus.

What Are Similar Strains To Red Borneo Kratom?

A very important question to grab an answer to is: are there any similar strains to Red Borneo Kratom? You can encounter its shortage at any time of your life. The answer to this question is, Yes! There are some similar strains to Red Borneo Kratom. One of such similar strains is known as Red Vein Bali Kratom. This is also one of the famous strains among them all. There is a reason behind this name of the strain: the leaves and stem of the Red Bali plant have given this name to the strain. It is also made from the dried leaves of Kratom. But these leaves are dried with the help of UV lamps. This Kratom strain has many benefits; for instance, it gives its users a soothing and euphoric effect. It also helps in ultimate relaxation, uplifting of the mood and relief from discomfort.


We hope you have found the information on Red Borneo Kratom and its different formations and other information regarding the Red Borneo Strain. Red Borneo Kratom and Red Vein Bali are not the same products as Kratom. Both of them have slightly different compositions and are used for different purposes. Red Borneo has almost all the properties of Kratom and has various ways of intake. One thing recommended for all Kratom-based products is that the consumer of any Kratom product must start with the lowest possible dose of the product and increase it with time as per suitability.

We hope you found this information useful, don’t forget to spread this knowledge to others!


Our Red Vein Bali And Red Borneo Strain The Same?

Although both these strains have the same properties and composition, they are NOT the same products. They have their specific functions and properties.

Is Red Borneo Kratom Strain Legal In The United States?

The answer to this question is not very clear. It is legal in some states of the United States and illegal in others.

Does Red Borneo Kratom Have a Separate Tree?

NO! Not at all. All three strains Red Borneo Kratom, White Borneo Kratom and Green Borneo Kratom, are taken from the same tree. However, the placement of these leaves differs.

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