What Is Purple Sticky Kratom?

Purple sticky kratom, also known as purple sticky salvia, is a green and white veined leaf that is superior in quality and cropped throughout Indonesia. It is a lot more concentrated and effective than other variants. The extract of purple sticky kratom is prepared by excessive and long-lasting boils and straining of the leaves, which produces a sticky-like substance.

There is a very minimal amount of information provided for purple sticky kratom. Websites claim to have info on purple sticky kratom, but they have either extremely short or irrelevant.

How To Consume Purple Sticky Kratom?

There are tons of ways to take this ketum. First, it is consumed orally; for the most part, you can take a pill, capsule, or extract; some people even gnaw on its leaves or brew the dried powdered leaves and turn it into tea; however, very few people smoke it.

Kratom powder by far seems the most popular. It is made from dried-up leaves; while its extract is the most concentrated, it is produced through excessive boiling of the leaves, leaving only the extremely focused liquid extract. In addition, many people use quotes instead of other forms of ketum, and some may use it for smaller servings as it has a higher alkaloid. Thus it is easier to take and travel with.

Where Can You Buy Purple Sticky Kratom From?

Ketum is becoming the new big thing because it is a legal stimulant. But, in addition, it is available worldwide; there are so many sites online where you can easily get it from, and not only that, but it’s available in most organic shops.

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Online vendors are getting out of stock as their demand is very high.

We recommend five places you can easily get it from, with 100% organic ketum.

Golden monk, SA kratom, kratom basket, Kraken Kratom, and Kats Botanicals are the top five recommended places for you to get yourself purple sticky kratom.

They are recognized ketum retailers that sell various ketum products, and The American Kratom Association approves golden monk.

They have all the other ketum variants, such as red, white, maeng, and others.

Purple Sticky Brand

This brand is known for all the different kinds of purple kratom strains. One of its famous products is purple sticky salvia, which has entered the kratom market. Purple sticky is found in Nevada, and it has products like kratom tincture, crushed kratom leaves, kratom resin known as purple sticky kratom taffy kash, and kratom capsules.

The purple sticky salvia contains pure salvinorin-A, while other competitors use cheap B or Cones. Also, purple sticky salvia has been using Atomix to define the exact amount of grams of Salvinorin-A used in every extract.

They start with the most powerful organic leaves found from authentic sources to make their extracts even stronger. These leaves consist of around 4 mg of Salvinorin-A in each leaf. Unfortunately, most of the other vendors have cheap grade leaves, which they later use to make their kratom extracts which contain little to no amount of Salvinorin-A.

This brand has all the other varieties of Purple sticky Kratom. In addition, they have different-sized Purple sticky kratom at different prices to satisfy your purple sticky kratom craving without spending a lot.

You can also find Purple Sticky kratom at your local smoke shops and some head shops near you.

User reviews on purple sticky kratom

User Reviews On purple Sticky Kratom

If you’ve never tried purple sticky kratom before, you can check out the user reviews of purple sticky kratom below. If you have tried it before, you can leave your review to let people know if your experience of consuming purple sticky kratom was a great one or not.

A certain user, aged somewhere between 45-54 years old, who had been on the supplement for 2 to less than five years, claimed to suffer from chronic fatigue; according to the user, they consulted with a lot of doctors and went through different lab tests, but no cause was found for their chronic fatigue with no treatment provided to help them function better, eventually started using ketum and are very satisfied, “As a speech-language pathologist, I can work more in my profession because of ketum, I truly love ketum” according to the user.

This user responded positively to ketum, while another user hurt ketum.

The user, aged 25-34 years old, was calming withdrawal.

According to them, the drug shouldn’t be made illegal, but “before it’s generally accepted as safe, it needs to be much more researched, if you think it’s safer than prescription medication then you’re fooling yourself,” according to them, they were trying to withdraw from heroin which it worked quite well at first but, then they started using it as an alternative to heroin, “I found myself redosing it constantly.” Before they realized they were taking 20 to 30g per day, which is a lot, they said that they felt extremely unfocused, nauseous, irritable and had no desire for anything at all and eventually getting sick of ketum they got back to heroin because, according to them “I’d as well enjoy the drug I’m taking if the outcome is same.”

Ketum is most definitely not for everyone, and it may work incredibly well for some people, and for others, it might even make them feel worse; not everything works for everyone.


Ketum is a plant from the coffee family that gives you stimulating effects and reduces agony; it is mostly taken orally. Some people even smoke it, but the most popular ways to take it are pills, capsules, gum, people who are native to this plant even chew on its leaves, and others take it in the form of tea.

There are various types of ketum; usually, depending on when they are harvested, the leaves change color according to when they’re harvested. Also, some are strong and concentrated, while others are mild.

Purple sticky kratom is a green and white veined leaf, which is a lot more concentrated and effective than other variants of ketum.

Some people use ketum to feel better because it lessens unease and gives you energy. In contrast, others use it to withdraw from an even more powerful and dangerous calming drug like heroin and morphine. So Ketum ends up working for some people, while others may even start using this as an alternative to the medicine they were addicted to in the first place.

Excessive use of anything is bad for your health, so you most definitely shouldn’t use ketum as an alternative.


How much is purple sticky kratom excessive?

It depends on your age and tolerance; for some people, even 1g is too much, and for others, even 5g may do nothing. It is always best to start from smaller portions so that it doesn’t hurt your health.

When is the best time to take purple sticky kratom?

You can take it whenever you want, but morning would probably be the best time; you can combine it with your morning coffee for better effects and have a great start to your day full of motivation.

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