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I was looking for both powder and capsules and I came across PurKratom company. Right away I could tell it was good prices and I liked the clean packaging too on the products. The one thing I gravitated to was the variety pack and you can get powder for it and capsules too. I went with both the variety pack for capsules and the kratom powder too. I was looking forward to my PurKratom package to arrive after I ordered from them.

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Choosing The Variety Pack From Purkratom

When you go to choose the variety pack you get to choose what strain you want, you can choose multiple kratom items for your pack. I liked that you can customize it like this. If you want a good variety from a quality kratom company then I say order from PurKratom company because they are doing a good job right now. I selected three kinds for my first box for the variety pack of kratom.


  • Red kapuas kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Premium bali kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Green maeng da kratom capsules-50 capsules

Each bottle was one that I wanted to try and if you want something different there are other ways that you can mix and match whatever you want.

There are also a number of other choices.

  • Green kapuas kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Red maeng da kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Red bali kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Yellow vein kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Green thai kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Red sumatra kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • White bali kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • White indo capsules-50 capsules
  • White borneo capsules-50 capsules
  • Super green indo kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Red vein borneo kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Premium green malay kratom capsules-50 capsules
  • Green horn kratom capsules-50 capsules

There are a few others on the menu as well. But can you believe that you get to pick and choose what you want from these and get your own sort of variety pack of kratom? That is the best deal that I have seen for kratom and that is why I would go with this company and order from PurKratom whenever you are looking for kratom. This is in my mind hands down the best kratom company to buy with.

I love the packaging on the kratom too, very clean and detailed. I like the look of it because it looks high quality. The kratom is top of the line I would say, some other kratom samples literally come in something looking more like a sandwich bag. This is much different, these almost look like some sort of official medicine bottle. I like the clean white bottles that they went with here, the ones in my variety pack that I got.

Purkratom products

After I added the 3 into my cart that I wanted then I proceeded to the checkout. The first few that I added were the Green Horn, Green Malay, and White Borneo. This is the first variety pack that I got and tried. I put it all in my bag and went to checkout on the site. Overall it was less than $60 for me for those items. I was going to be getting 150 capsules by ordering these 3 in the kit.

Purkratom Shipping Options:

  • First Class Mail 3 to 5 business days
  • Priority 2-day mail
  • priority mail express 2-day
  •  Ground
  • next day air

These are the shipping options but they are not the only ones that you can find with PurKratom and they are better than many others. I counted at least 9 different shipping options. That is the most shipping options that I have ever seen when you are looking to place an order for kratom online.

9 Different Shipping Options

You cannot find another kratom company that is giving away this sort of shipping variety, some of them only have one or two options. When you want variety in shipping and product then trust PurKratom to get what you want. I have ordered the variety pack and I liked trying those 3 at first. I have been taking kratom every day and it is giving me good benefit so far from what I can tell. I will be looking to keep taking it and whenever I need to order I already know where I can go and that is with PurKratom. I trust what they are going to be selling me.

Purkratom – Number One For Kratom

This is a top spot to look at when you want to place an order for kratom. You are going to be able to choose whatever you want and get fast shipping too. If you want to save more money on the shipping though you have lower-cost options, for those who cannot wait it is great to see the faster shipping options that there are because you can pay to get it a lot quicker if you need it then.

What I Loved About PurKratom

I really liked that there were a lot of options available here for kratom. I like both the powder and the capsules and think the variety pack design that they have is a great idea because it gives me the power to choose and customize what I want out of the pack. Some other variety packs might choose for you and I like that this one gave so many options to pick and choose what I wanted to be included in it.


I would go with this variety pack again and for my friends who love kratom, I think it is a great gift idea. I am lucky to have friends who have been using kratom for years now and they have been able to talk to me a little bit about it. I was very foreign to kratom and glad to have learned about it.

I went looking for a reputable source and someone that I could buy from and trust, when I came across PurKratom and found the products that they are selling. I placed my order and well you know what has happened since then, I love the products and this company.

For capsules, you can find a wide variety of capsules for red, green, white, yellow, and gold kratom. This means options that are very different and you can pick and choose whatever you want. This is the biggest buffet-style menu for kratom that I have ever seen and that likely exists right now online to buy kratom from. Although I have not been through every kratom supplier, I do not need to look any further though after buying from PurKratom.

For Green Kratom Capsules Purkratom Have

  • Green vein borneo kratom capsules
  • Premium green malay kratom capsules
  • Green horn kratom capsules
  • Green thai kratom capsules
  • Super green maeng da capsules
  • Super green indo kratom capsules
  • Green maeng da kratom capsules

For Gold Kratom Capsules They Have

  • Gold vein kratom capsules

For White Kratom Capsules They Have

  • White sumatra kratom capsules
  • White maeng da kratom capsules
  • White borneo capsules
  • White indo capsules
  • White bali kratom capsules

For Yellow Kratom Capsules, They Have

  • Yellow vein kratom capsules

For Red Kratom Capsules Purkratom Have:

  • Red malay kratom capsules
  • Red vein borneo kratom capsules
  • Red thai kratom capsules
  • Red sumatra kratom capsules
  • Red sumatra kratom capsules
  • Red bali kratom capsules
  • Red maeng da kratom capsules
  • Premium bali kratom capsules
  • Red kapuas kratom capsules

Purkratom Effects

You can find a wide variety of both the kratom powder and the kratom capsules. If you want to find a wide selection then PurKratom is going to have you covered. There is no reason to shop anywhere else for your kratom. This is one company that offers a wide selection of high-quality kratom products for when you are looking to buy. This is the best place that you can get kratom if you are in need of some. The next time that you are wanting kratom then you should think about shopping from PurKratom and getting a quick delivery.

Do not forget that you can choose whatever sort of delivery you want. If you do not want to wait for your kratom then you do not have to. You can place the order for kratom and quickly see it delivered right to your door in just a day or two. If you want to pay extra then the choice is there for you to pay for a better shipping arrangement.

The next time you run out of kratom or you are wanting to buy then I would say place an order with PurKratom company and see what you think about these products. I am very happy with what they have given me and I will continue to keep them as my top kratom vendor right now. I am enjoying the benefits that kratom brings me and I do not think I would be having such a good experience if it wasn’t for having found PurKratom and having such a good experience with buying the supply that I need. If you want a fast and easy purchasing experience with kratom then they are the answer for you. PurKratom is a top kratom shop option.

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