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A friend bought from phytoextractum and so I decided to also place my order and get some kratom the next time that I ran out of my supply. I went with kratom powder that they had for sale. They also had kratom capsules too and other things. I went with kratom powder though and a big selection came up from phytoextractum for what they had available online to buy. I could see more than 5 or 6 options and I took some time to read through what was available on the list that they were offering. It seemed like they had every type of kratom because of how many options there were.

Kratom From Phytoextractum

  • Mitragyna speciosa – Bali Kratom Powder
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Maeng Da Thai Kratom Leaf (OG Red Vein)
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (OG Red Vein)
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (White Vein)
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Green Malaysian Kratom Powder
  • Mitragyna speciosa – White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Green Vein Thai Kratom Powder
  • Mitragyna speciosa – Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Super Indo Kratom Powder
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Red Dragon Kratom Powder
  • Mitragyna speciosa – White Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder
  •  Mitragyna speciosa – Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom Powder


For the powder section, I could see 18 different options and these are some of the ones that they have available mentioned above. You might have seen some of these kratom options before. They are very popular selections for kratom and I have seen some of these names previously. I went with the Red Dragon because I liked the name and wanted to try this one. I have tried other kratom options but this was a first for me to switch to a new strain and that was going to be Red Dragon for me.

112 Grams Purchase From Phytoextractum

The purchase that I went with was 112 grams and I got that for $35.99 and to me that was a pretty good deal. In my mind, this was a good buy for kratom and not too overpriced. If anything I think it was a little bit on the cheaper side of things. If you spend more than $75 you also get a chance at better shipping too and that means free shipping from phytoextractum.

I would much rather have free shipping so I would try to spend that almost $80 to get it. That is not hard because there are so many great products here that I want to try. The Red Dragon also comes in a higher amount too, 225 grams is a little over $70 so I am almost at that minimum needed to take advantage of the good shipping. When you are looking for good shipping then I would say check out for that deal and try to spend a little bit more to get it for yourself. Do not spend less if you are going to spend a lot on shipping, try and get the free shipping deal because it is much better when ordering kratom.

Phytoextractum benefits

What To Expect Next

After you have what you want then you put it in the cart as usual and pay for it and go. Your order will be on its way to you and depending on where you live it will take a day or two, maybe more. My packages have never taken more than 2 days to get to me no matter what I was ordering. I do a lot of online shopping and I like fast shipping. I do not want to wait around for weeks for something otherwise I will just buy it from inside the store.

Tea Accessories From Phytoextractum

  •  Measuring Spoon – Stainless Steel (4 Piece Set)
  • Muslin Herb Bag (4×6)
  • Press ‘N Brew Tea Bags (Large)
  • Tea Ball Infuser 2″
  • Tea Infuser Bottle (22 oz) with Nylon Sleeve
  •  Tea Strainer (Bamboo)
  •  Teapot (16 oz) with Lid and Infuser

When you need to find a good supply for kratom then phytoextractum is going to have everything that you need for that kratom experience. You can buy a variety of tea tools here to get your kratom experience. This is something that some suppliers might not offer and it makes this company unique above others out there. This is a perfect idea to get if you have not thought about how you might use your kratom just yet.

Most people can make a kratom tea and when you have these tools then you too will be able to make your own kratom tea. I have been drinking kratom tea and it is a great way to get my kratom although it isn’t the only way. I also will put my kratom powder into a shake and I do not mind mixing it and drinking it like that. Some other people might even bake with their kratom, it is up to you however you want to get yours.

Phytoextractum products

But for me, I like to have it like tea and drink it that way. You can turn the powder into a liquid and mix that with almost anything that you want. Kratom is very versatile and can be turned into many things with food and makes it easier for you to consume it. I was worried at first about how I would start taking it but there is more than just one option. My favorite is the tea option for kratom and these kratom tea tools are helpful and cheap too.

Phytoextractum Capsules For Sale

Aside from powder, there are also capsules being sold by phytoextractum with the best kratom options. There are 10 different products for kratom capsules for the people who want their kratom to come in capsule form. You will find a very big selection here and this includes some selections like Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules, Gold Elite Tea Capsules, Red Kali Kratom Capsules, and others. These are some of the best options around for kratom right now on the market and you should try them out if you have not yet tried kratom but are looking for top choices to go with.

This is a company that makes it easy to place an order and gives you many choices for what you might want to get. I have been very pleased with the overall experience of ordering from here. I have been looking to find something that would help me get a little energy that I need, something like a boost of more energy I need most days. I get tired easily and there is nothing for me.

But not only that I have trouble sleeping as well. And I thought what if there was a thing that did both when I read about kratom I heard stories like this. I heard about people using it for many things. Included in those things were stories about sleep and stories about energy too.

It is interesting what people have been using kratom for and the history of kratom. This is not really something new because there are cultures that have been using it for many years now. So to some people, it is not new at all. But for many others, it seems like a trend almost, something that will come and go. I do not think that because I have seen what kratom is doing for me in my life. I will not stop taking kratom because I want those benefits.

Phytoextractum Effects

I cannot believe there is something natural like this that I might be able to take that would give me any sort of a benefit like this even for a moment. But who knows how much of it is really real. I will see how it works for me long term and I have this company now to order from when I run out of my kratom that I have to take.

The next time that I order from this place I will spend some time looking around and see if things have changed at all. For now, it seems like they are still offering the same sort of options that they had the first time that I ordered. I know many people order from them and they are very trusted with those who use kratom.

I would put them in my trustworthy folder of vendors to buy kratom from around the world. This one is a company that is looking to deal with quality kratom and I appreciate that. I would continue to vote for this company with my dollars and choose their kratom over others.

I really like what they are doing and like the quality. If you want to know more about phytoextractum and what they have for sale as far as kratom goes then look at their website. I would have no problem ordering from them and you should not either. It is easy to choose what you want from a big list and after that, you are good to go, the order should come in no time. Best place to shop for some kratom right now.

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