Philly Kratom: Leading Kratom Seller From The City Of Brotherly Love

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, has become quite popular worldwide due to its many benefits to its consumers. If you are looking for Kratom strains, it is always good to go to Kratom online retailers. However, it seems every other day, and a new Kratom vendor is out there in the market trying to sell their products as the best ones.

It gets really difficult to gauge whether the botanicals they have in stock are the quality stuff or not. That’s why it is best to do extensive research before spending your hard-earned money on any vendor. Here in this review, we’ll be trying to help you out in this regard by taking a closer look at the authenticity and services provided by a Kratom brand called Philly Kratom.  Let us dig deeper!


About Philly Kratom

A well-known name in the Kratom industry, Philly Kratom has received much attention over the past few years. It is a Kratom selling company based in Philadelphia that has been around since 2018. This vendor has been gaining swift popularity for its natural and authentic Kratom products since then. The brand also has another name of “Your Leaf Your Life”. The hard work and quality thinking behind the whole operation belong to Sean Zamorano and Megan Ann Friel.

It has another office located in Northern Ireland. Zamorano was pretty much inspired by this botanical as he got rid of his substance dependence problem with the help of Kratom. This is why the company committed itself to provide value-added supplements and giving a sense of security to customers.  Since their goal has always been to preserve the alkaloid content of the final product, it has made them one of the best-selling retailers out there.

Philly Kratom

Products At Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom directly sources their Kratom from Indonesia and claims to provide fresh batches with every order. They have an excellent product lineup, consisting of all types of strains and blends.

Kratom Powder

They sell their Kratom powder in 3 sizes of 2 oz /56 grams, 4 oz/ 112 grams, and 8 oz /224 grams. They also offer a four-way split that consists of four Kratom strains for users who like variety in their daily Kratom consumption. You can customize it according to your preferred strains. It is available in two sizes of a half kilo /500 grams and a kilo/1000 grams.

The good thing is that they also provide sampler packs for new customers who are sceptical about buying their Kratom products in bulk. They have sampler packs in two sizes. 10 oz Sampler offers you five different strains of your choice in the quantity of 2 oz each. At the same time, the Baby sampler consists of 5 different strains of your choice but in only 1 oz each.

They have a total of 20 different strains, and blends stocked up on their website. You can easily find the common ones like Green Malay, Red Thai, Red Maeng Da or the special unique combinations like Becky’s Blend, Break Time Blend, Green Cobain Blend, and White Riau.


Enhanced Products

Philly Kratom also has enhanced products stocked up that mostly consist of Kratom extracts that are made in-house. They make their extracts by using citrus fruit instead of alcohol, which increases its effectiveness.

Furthermore, the vendor mixes its extracts with different substances to make them super unique Kratom combos.

Here are some of the top picks:

● One such combination is Koffee. White vein extract is mixed with 3 coffee blends to give you the best morning rise and shine.

● Green Apple Full Spectrum Tincture is also a good pick as it contains alkaloids of all the vein colors with an amazing taste of green apple.

● Philly Special is a combo of blends of Red strains mixed with 10% Red extract.


Collectible Spoons

One best things about Philly Kratom is that they have the best quality Kratom and other things essential for the herb’s use.

They have a digital scale of only $11 available on their website that is the best way to measure the doses accurately.

Furthermore, they have an amazing collection of collectible Kratom spoons. From leaf spoons to music note spoons, they have one for everyone -and that too for only $1.


Pricing Guide

Philly Kratom is pretty affordable for most users. They offer high-quality authentic Kratom at a cost-effective rate.

Kratom strains and blends are sold in three sizes at Philly Kratom. Here is how they are priced:

● 2 oz/ 56 grams of Kratom is priced at $12.

● 4 oz /122 grams of Kratom is priced at $20.

● Eight ox/224 grams of Kratom is sold for $36.

● A four-way split of half a kilo/ 500 grams is $50.

● A kilo /1000 grams pack of Four-way split is priced at $90.

● A 10 oz sampler pack costs $42, while Baby sampler packs are priced for $22.

● Enhanced products range from $10 to $15.

● Digital scale spoon is charged at $11.

● Collectable spoons prices differ from $1 to $4.


User-Friendly Website

The website of Philly Kratom is by the name of Your Leaf Your Life. It contains all kinds of information for the convenience of its customers. They have different pages for shopping products, terms and return policy, disclaimer, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and the most important contact us page. Moreover, they have a separate page for labs and discounts for veterans and disabled people.

This makes their website very easy to use. The contact us page also has their real physical address with the contact number and timings shared. Another good feature of their website is that they have a disclaimer on the bottom of every page. It cautions people of less than 21 age, pregnant or nursing mothers against using this botanical. This shows their dedication to customer care.


Amazing Customer Service

To contact their customer care service for any query related to their products or buying process, you can choose from a contact us form, email address, or hotline. Although they are a bit unmanned in the customer service department, they reply to customer queries within one to two days. They are extremely friendly and casual in their interactions, which can be seen in the content of their website also.



They offer free shipping on orders above $50. Parcels are shipped via USPS priority mail. However, for purchases less than $50, you have to pay shipping charges of $8. Orders before noon are shipped the same day, while the delayed ones might be dispatched the next day.

Furthermore, to avoid USPS delays during holidays, they use UPS delivery services to prioritize the convenience of their customers.


Return Policy

Their return policy is unclear as it differs from case to case. It is best to contact the seller within a week of receiving the order. Nonetheless, to increase the prospects of successful returns, make sure that the products are not opened and in their original packaging. You should have a tracking number for returns, as they won’t process refunds or exchanges until the vendor receives the whole parcel.


Payment Methods

They have several options for payment. Their most popular one is GreenBean Pay that can process the price on the same day. Debit/Credit is another commonly used method. They accept cards from almost all the major US banks. Moreover, you can even send the money order to their address in Philadelphia.

Some of the other options are as follows:

● debit

● Venema

● Zelle

● Google Pay

● Cash App

● Bitcoin


Discounts Or Vouchers

Currently, the vendor has a discount code of “thankful” available for the next few days. It is a gift of 10% off on the entire collection except for Enhanced Products for the upcoming thanksgiving. They offer a free sample of 1 oz with every order of above $30 per customer. This way, customers can choose any strain they’ve wanted to try out. They have to avail this offer before checking out.


Philly Kratom also has a veteran/ disability program. One of the owners, Sean Zamorano, was in the navy. Hence, in appreciation to the people in service, they offer a lifetime discount of 15%. Additionally, they also give a lifetime discount of 10% to disabled persons. All you need to do is provide them with proof of you being a veteran or disabled person on the email.

Another discount offer available is on paying through bitcoins. You can take 10% off the entire order this way. Not only that, but they also have a loyalty reward program. You receive 30 points on your sign-up as a gift. There are 50 birthday points, 10 points for email subscribers, additional issues when referring to your family or friends, and 2 points on every dollar you spend on their website. Trust me, that’s a lot of points!You can cash these loyalty points in the form of discount vouchers when you collect enough.


Lab Testing

Lab testing is essential to reassure their customers that they are spending their money on completely safe and lab-certified products.

The good thing is that Philly Kratom has nothing to hide, and they are proud of their high-quality original Kratom. They have a whole page on their website dedicated to showing labs to their potential customers.

They send all of their batches for third-party lab testing to check for any heavy metal and microbes contamination. Their results are completely within the AHPA limits for heavy metals and microbes in raw herbal substances.

Philly Kratom

Accreditation By AKA  

American Kratom Association is the best advocate organization for Kratom users that is dedicated to keeping a check on the quality of this botanical and fighting the legal battle on various ends.

Being accredited by AKA is important for a vendor. It assures that the seller guarantees the high quality of the botanical by following the AKA GMP standards program.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Philly Kratom under the list of GMP qualified vendors on the AKA website.


● Huge variety of both common strains and exotic blends.

● Provides the best Kratom extract combo.

● Offers splits in large quantities.

● Displays lab testing on their website.

● Discount vouchers for veterans and disabled people.

● Accepts a lot of payment methods like Cash App, Venmo, and Bitcoin.

● Loyalty reward program for their faithful customers.


● Exchanges or refunds are not guaranteed.

● You have to calculate discounts yourself. This can lead to paying less or more money.



Philly Kratom is a leading vendor from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have been in business for a couple of years. Moreover, their customers have only good things to say about them. They source their Kratom directly from Indonesia. Additionally, they consistently provide the same quality as getting their botanical from the same farmer for three years.


From regular Mitragyna strains to exotic, unique finds, Philly Kratom has it all stocked up. Not only do they have a good variety, but it is also pretty cheap compared to other online vendors. Further, they offer free shipping on orders above $50 and have a lot of discounts available for their customers. All in all, we would recommend buying from this seller. They have our stamp of approval for sure.

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