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I would like to tell you about my own story when I placed an order with Pa Botanicals. I started searching for kratom online and I went looking for some items that were premium quality. There were at least 10 or so websites that I looked at. A variety of companies came up when I searched for good kratom to buy online. Eventually, I found Pa Botanicals and they looked like a promising lead for some kratom so I decided to order. I clicked on the website and browsed through their products to see what I might like to order.

Pa Botanicals Kratom Powder

I clicked on kratom powder to see what sort of kratom powder they might be offering. They had one that looked interesting called the All American Kratom Blend and I added that to my basket right away. There were many items to find here. I could see a wide variety of kratom products listed for sale with Pa Botanicals. The powder looked like a really good color and quality. I loved the prices most of all and was eager to buy some of their stuff and see the kratom right in front of me.

Pa Botanicals – What They Offer:

Pa Botanicals blends

  • Cambodian Kratom Powder
  • Champagne Kratom Blend
  • Bali Kratom Powder
  • Green Borneo Kratom Powder
  • Create Your Blend
  • Green Machine Kratom Powder Blend
  • Green Malay Kratom Powder
  • Red Borneo Kratom Powder

There are other items aside from these listed above too. I liked that you could create your blend if you wanted too. The first two that I went with were the American Kratom Blend and the Champagne Kratom Blend both in powder form. I like to use kratom powder the most and make a nice tea at night before I go to bed. I sometimes take my kratom in the morning too when I wake up after I have had my shower.

I use the kratom tea with my breakfast and it helps me to remember to take it when I have a regular time that I always take it at. This is why my night and morning have become the routine times that I will try and take my kratom powder and enjoy my kratom tea. The company Pa Botanicals was really easy to order from and I liked the wide selection of kratom products that they are offering right now. I would buy from them whenever I needed kratom.

Pa Botanicals – Good Company To Use

The Pa Botanicals kratom company is a good company to use. I like the photos that they have listed for their products. So when you are looking at their website you can see everything that is listed and you can see pictures of what you might want to buy. This gives you an idea of what you are getting from Pa Botanicals when you order. Some kratom places will not do this and you have to guess what it is going to look like. But I like that Pa Botanicals gives me an idea with the photos online.


Great Website For Kratom

You can find a variety of kratom offers on this website and things to buy. Powder and more than that too for kratom users. You can even contact them specifically if you want to make a bigger bulk kratom order. They have top kratom products right now for sale and it is easy to buy from them.

The website loaded fast and was easy to use. The pictures are high quality of the products and they give you a good idea of what you can expect when you buy. The pictures made me want to buy it because they worked to help sell the product and show you what it looks like. The kratom strains had interesting names that I had not seen before and I could not wait to try. The ordering and delivery was no problem, everything got to me 2 days later and I had no issue.

Pa Botanicals Powder Sample

One great offer that they have is the kratom powder sample. I was not sure about what to go with at the beginning and so that is why I went with the two different options for kratom. I would like to try more too because I have heard that you can get different benefits perhaps with one strain that might work better for you. I enjoyed the champagne strain and honestly just because of the name would keep on ordering that one.

The price is great and it is top quality kratom in my eyes. But I wouldn’t mind branching out and that is where a good product like the powder sample can come in. This is a package solution that is going to give you a chance to get more than one option for kratom and you can get a good variety, multiple kratom samples in one because of the great price.

  • There are many different strains that you can choose from when you go with this package and order it to your basket. If you wanted to you could order one sample of every sort of strain and you would not have to buy a bigger batch of the stuff. It is only $2.99 for the sample of whatever kratom strain you might want. Order one, or several of them, and then decide based on what you like what you will order later.
  • The perfect way to sample kratom is by ordering these small strain samples. I have not seen any other websites doing this or kratom companies offering that small of a sample size. It is the perfect way to get some kratom when you are not sure where to even start. Some of the smallest packages that you might see could be 25 grams and the price would be around $15 or more.
  • But if you want to spend less than $3 you could try just a tiny bit of one sample for one strain. This is something that you could do several times for several strains and get a feel of the entire menu. If you are interested in really finding the best kratom that there is out there then I think that this would be an interesting approach to take. Try more than one sample and do not spend a lot of money doing it.

The kratom company Pa Botanicals gives the best chance at finding what it is that you need. Order from the sample pack for kratom and choose a variety of strains so that you can see what works best. Once you have selected what you want then you can order a much larger amount later on. This is how you can save money too by choosing to buy in bulk once you know what it is that you want to get for yourself when you buy kratom. This strain sample option is a great way to get into the kratom market and test some out.

Pa Botanicals Coupon & Discount Codes

Following coupons will save you at Pa Botanicals

  • GREEN15

Rewards Program With Pa Botanicals

I like the rewards program because it helps me earn more to get off future products. They do not need to offer the rewards program but it is a nice little extra perk for users. I would not go with a company that did not make me feel appreciated and with the rewards program, this has incentivized me to come back again. Not only that but the shipping and experience for me to order was very easy. I was able to do it all from my phone and I was sitting on the couch. It could not get any easier for me to order my kratom.

Best Kratom vendor

I do not want to spend a lot of time online or trying to figure out some new shop platform. This was very easy to understand and I loved the photos with the products. Most of all though this rewards program is an awesome solution too that gives me deals on coming back for more kratom. I want to keep using kratom all the time and so I need to get more products ordered all of the time. I run out of my kratom quickly because I enjoy taking my kratom tea. When I run out of the kratom I need to order fast and I can order from Pa Botanicals and they have been able to meet my needs for me.

Should you order from Pa Botanicals?

I would say yes because

  1. They are fast
  2. They are reliable
  3. They have good prices

When I go looking for a kratom company that I want to buy from this is what I look for. Pa Botanicals is just as good as any other, much better even. The selection here is going to offer you some strains that you likely cannot find anywhere else. When you want unique strains and great prices, trustworthy ordering, you can get all of that from Pa Botanicals kratom company. This is where I choose to buy kratom and I would give them two thumbs up.

Pa Botanicals Location & Phone Number (Sharon Pa)

Address: 1460 E State St, Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (878) 202-4144

Storefront Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11:00-6:00


Sun: 11-5

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