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The OPMS kratom shots Extract a multi-award-winning combination of amazing alkaloids derived from the Maeng Da kratom plant. USING A SPECIFIC PROCEDURE, the OPMS team extracted more active alkaloids from plant materials, resulting in a finished product with a higher alkaloid content.


Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa (OPMS) was created in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2009. They give various ketum strains and sell their items to other online sellers and those who sell them in complicated areas. Of course, if you’re familiar with the ketum world, you’re aware that the plant mitragyna speciosa is the source of the ketum leaves.

Is OPMS Brand Kratom Or Kratom A Genuine Product?

OPMS Kratom shots or other products of this type are genuine products. The American m.speciosa Association, one of the few bodies that oversee the manufacture and sales of ketum, has approved this firm. Any seller member of the AKA must have their Kratom tested at least once a year to ensure that it fulfils the AKA’s criteria.

The website claims that each batch undergoes extensive testing. However, it does not provide lab findings. The AKA mark isn’t even on OPMS Kratom’s website, which is weird given that this certification and test findings are the only ways buyers can tell if a seller is trustworthy.

OPMS Kratom Shot

Despite this, it has a large following and has been working in the industry for a long time.

What Makes OPMS Kratom Shot Different-Cold Water Extraction?

To begin with, the primary distinction in OPMS’ ketum and other ketum items in the trading market is the process of extracting the alkaloids from their leaves.

The majority of ketum firms use hot water and otherwise solvent extraction procedures. The ketum alkaloids are extracted from the organic leaf material using this method.

OPMS researchers devised Coldwater with high-pressure diffusion as a more successful extraction process. This process preserves many alkaloids, resulting in a higher-quality, more concentrated final product.

To ensure the best products, manufacturers do the quality control test on them.

Alkaloid content assays determine the presence of alkaloids in the powder. This establishes if the beneficial chemicals are present and sufficient concentration to provide the intended effects. This test is performed by all of the leading ketum providers, including OPMS Kratom shots – however, there is a twist!

Marketed OPMS Kratom Shot Forms.


  • Only capsules of Gold are available. The company’s most extensive product is OPMS Gold.
  • It is the best strain out of all three and can be used for different uses.
  • Powerful of the three and may be utilized for various purposes.
  • According to the producer, OPMS gold undergoes a particular extraction procedure that safeguards the essential alkaloids found in ketum leaves.
  • This creates a high alkaloid profile in the finished powder, ensuring the optimum effects.

OPMS kratom shots of Gold come in packs of 2, 3, and 5 capsules to suit customers’ tastes, and it’s purple to make it easy to see.

OPMS ketum is available from several well-known ketum dealers at local stores, petrol stations, and sometimes even online. Capsules are available at a variety of prices, including:

  • 2 capsules = $15.89
  • 3 capsules = $22.89
  • With $37.89, you get (5) capsules.


  • Based on the most recent evaluation of OPMS, this is their most popular and longest-selling product.
  • OPMS Silver has been in the industry for quite some time, and there is a huge amount of data and knowledge available about it.
  • To begin with, we know that it is found in three distinct blends: Maeng da, Thai, and Malay Special Reserve.
  • They don’t specify the vein color, which is frustrating but preferable to left purchasers guessing.

OPMS kratom shots- Silver can be consumed in powder or capsule form.

Although capsuled ketum is more costly, it provides a handy and straightforward way to consume ketum.

It also protects consumers from the powder’s disagreeable flavor.

The cost of a product varies depending on its nature, number, and weight. Here seem to be a few examples:

Silver Maeng Da OPMS in the form of Capsules

  • 16 capsules at $14.89 in 8 grams
  • 32 pills at $24.89 in 16 grams
  • 64 pills for $39.99 (32 grams)
  • $8.99 per 28.35 gram of OPMS Ketum Silver Maeng Da (Powder)


  • The Liquid is packaged in little 8.8ml bottles. It states that the beverage is high in alkaloids and packs a powerful punch.
  • According to user reports, Liquid OPMS works as quickly as the vendor says.
  • Unlike ketum pills, the Liquid is generally taken straight into circulation without going through the lengthy digestive process.
  • So, if you’re looking for a product that works quickly, Liquid is a terrific choice.
  • Unfortunately, because OPMS kratom shot liquid has such a high concentration of ketum alkaloids, it is not suitable for everyone.
  • Considering the quantities you’re getting. Liquid OPMS is exceptionally pricey.


Each shot is packaged in an hourglass-shaped container containing 8.8ml of the liquid extractor. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated to swallow, especially if you would like to avoid the bitter as well as the astringent flavour of ketum liquid preparations or tinctures. Users believe it works since it goes straight into the circulation without going through the lengthy digestive process that capsules go through.

Rumours Against OPMS Kratom Shots

Many companies, without a doubt, employ synthetic substances. Many myths have circulated that OPMS ketum contains synthetic components; however, this is not the case because the brand only uses organic, unprocessed m.speciosa. It contains many Mitragynine alkaloids and 7-OH-Mitragynine alkaloids derived from ketum leaves.

OPMS Kratom Shots Availability

Smoke shops, gas stations, and headshops all carry OPMS products. This alone is enough to make ketum veterans doubt their goods’ dependability. OPMS products are also available online via NuWave Botanicals, Buy OPMS ketum, and Buy ketum Extracts.

If you’re considering using OPMS ketum Gold, there are a few things to think about. You must evaluate the effectiveness and security of their goods and ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable seller, that the price point is appropriate, and that you are not acquiring counterfeit OPMS items.

OPMS KRATOM Shot’s Basic Facts

  • It is among the first in the ketum industry.
  • This ketum extract is in its purest form.
  • It is available nationwide at all local Stores, Stations of gas providers, and Online Stores.
  • This kind of ketum has been enhanced.
  • It has a Unique extraction method.
  • It contains a lot of alkaloids.

OPMS Kratom Shot

The lab tests do not satisfy industry standards; nonetheless, OPMS maintains its measuring standards.

In the context of OPMS Gold ketum, stock availability is restricted.

It’s pricey, especially if you’re using m.speciosa Gold liquid extracted shots.

Different Modes Of Payments Of OPMS Kratom Shots

OPMS accepts more payment options than the majority of merchants. Credit and debit cards, Zelle, and cryptocurrency are all accepted payment methods.

What People Have To Say About Any Of The Product

Customers appear to have conflicting feelings about the goods, but overall, the evaluations are positive, and many claims are compelling.

OPMS brand m.speciosa has been operating longer than many other sellers and still sells a lot of ketum, and therefore it must have been doing everything well.

Policy For Exchanging, Shipping, Or Returning OPMS Kratom Shots

On purchases of $25 or more, OPMS ketum offers free delivery. Your order will casually get shipped in a day or two after placing the order and are typically shipped that day if placed before 1 EST.

Returns are not accepted unless the box has not been opened. This might be a red flag, as most large retailers, including smaller ones, give a money-back guarantee.


As you might anticipate, a highly sought-after product like ketum draws a swarm of vultures looking to fill the void. Unfortunately, not all of these merchants have the will to please their customers. OPMS kratom shots offer a simple array of goods, and its ketum Gold and Silver capsules are very well.

Numerous m.speciosa users question whether it’s appropriate to give them a try, even though they have a small selection of m.speciosa items. Ineffective and tainted m.speciosa strains are relatively frequent. Therefore you should be especially cautious about where you acquire your m.speciosa. Silver OPMS are more environmentally friendly and less costly than gold and liquid OPMS.


What is the recommended dosage of OPMS kratom shots-Gold Extract?

A three-serving jar of OPMS Gold Liquid ketum Extract is included. Each shot contains 14 grams of ketum powder, containing 225 milligrams of active alkaloids. It is suggested that you start with 1/3 of the shot and add more as needed

Who should use OPMS Gold Kratom shot Liquid Extract?

Mitragynine, and other active alkaloids, are significantly concentrated in a ketum extract. As a result, if you have never used ketum before, it is recommended that you start with Ketum powder and Ketum capsules.

Which of the OPMS Kratom shots is the most powerful?

Because Gold is powerful, you should be cautious about how many pills you take. It’s best to start with one capsule and see how your body reacts before slowly increasing its intake.

Which OPMS kratom shot injection is the most inexpensive?

The powder form of ketum is the less expensive choice and is excellent for tight budgets. You’ll have to put up with the herb’s flavor, but that shouldn’t be too difficult if you get creative with how you consume it.

Is OPMS Kratom shot a company that sells its goods online?

Although OPMS’s goods were previously solely accessible in local retailers, the company did not begin selling them online following the Covid pandemic to ensure maximum safety through minimal interaction.

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