A Detailed Review On Mojo Kratom

Nowadays, a new thing or phenomenon is rising and taking the lead to be people’s favorite. And just like that, we have Kratom, which has been widely used around since 2015 and has won many hearts.

But as this business grew, the number of vendors dealing with it started increasing. While many of them are transparent and provide impeccable quality, we couldn’t control not being bothered by the unreliable or, to be precise, scam vendors sitting in the market nowadays.

Like many vendors, we have one named Mojo Kratom, who made their appearance in this business a few years back. Are they worthy of your money? What is the good and bad? Are they a preferred choice?.

There might be a lot of questions wandering in your mind right now.

But don’t worry and sit tight because, in this article, we will take you through a detailed mojo kratom review reflecting on their services and products. So stay with us till the end to know it all.

About Mojo Kratom

Mojo Kratom is a ketum retailer associated with Syncheco, a Louisiana-based organization with workplaces in New Orleans. This product delivers a wide scope of items, like CBG Hemp Gummies and Gold Reserve Ketum Extract. The organization appears light-hearted and easy-going concerning their mascot, a smiling jackass in formal attire, his head beat by a unicorn’s horn.

This picture implies that Syncheco is focusing on a youthful and, maybe, guileless client base. By involving such a peculiarly entertaining and at last senseless picture for its About Us page, the brand has all the earmarks of being motioning to recent college grads that it is hip to the Adult Swim-style humor they experienced childhood with. Also, it means that it is a business run by individuals who are keener on having a great experience than bringing in cash.

In all actuality, nothing could be farther from reality. Synchro’s Mojo Kratom is intended to command shopper notice and hold it. Each cluster of Mojo Pimp Kratom arrives in a brilliant bundle embellished with a trippy text style and an animation outline of a voodoo doll grasping a pimp stick.

There isn’t anything innately missing with garish bundling or savvy showcasing visuals. Notwithstanding, you ought to be careful about any item that is about style without respect for substance. Mojo Kratom has the appearance of a reputable brand, yet it comes up short on certifications to make it genuine. Synchro doesn’t participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, nor has it been supported as a merchant on customer forums like I Love Mitragyna speciosa.

To improve comprehension of who and what we’re referring to here, you can visit Syncheco online. There you’ll find out about how this restricted responsibility organization started and find different items it brings to the table. Synchro is a stuff shop merchant whose stock is dominatingly designed for head shop clients.

Mojo Kratom

Reviews Of Mojo Kratom Products

Synchro’s Mojo Kratom line comprises crude kratom powder and Ketum capsules, with little variation from one strain to another. The brand is most notable for its Maeng Da Kratom. The deviation between strains is irrelevant, with Green Veined Malay Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom sharing what we feel are indistinguishable fragrances and terms.

Kratom Powders: This merchant offers Mojo Pimp Ketum, AKA Maeng Da Kratom, just as Bali Kratom and Green Malay. These kratom powders are shockingly smooth; however, each is dubiously scentless. As such, each kratom powder misses the mark on the sharp aroma and bitter taste of most all-regular Kratom. This might involve an off bunch.

However, our experience proposes Mojo Kratom might be excessively filtered or, in any case, tainted. The latest addition to Syncheco’s inventory incorporates Alert Red Maeng Da and Serene Green Malaysian ketum. As we referenced before, Syncheco Green Malaysian Kratom brings very little to the table. It is a gentle tea that is neither feeble nor supporting.

Kratom Strains: The main strain that struck us especially for being fragrant was Bali Kratom. This red vein kratom powder comes from the island of Borneo in the Central Kalimantan territory. Bali Kratom is filled in a biodiverse rainforest that gives mineral-thick soil and a lot of heat and humidity conditions. Much of the time, the locale’s breezes yield Ketum leaves of unrivaled development.

In others, the rough idea of the environment can obliterate a whole harvest. In light of our involvement in this seller, one can securely envision that it doesn’t assess its Kratom for quality control guidelines. Even though it was liberated from any bothersome plant matter, it is coming short on strength ordinarily connected with Bali’s veins.

Ketum Capsules: This seller offers every one of its strains in container structure; however, it doesn’t clarify whether these cases are 00 or 000 sizes on its site. No data is given regarding the milligram measure of kratom powder in each cap. You can get a 32-count of Mojo Kratom Pimp Kratom container for $12.00.

Kratom Extracts: While the Mojo Kratom brand doesn’t formally offer a kratom separate, Sync currently conveys Zion Herbals Gold Reserve Kratom Extract. This concentrate is accessible in container and color structure. Gold Reserve Ketum Extract contains 45% Mitragynine, making it one of the strong concentrate powders available. Every 15-milliliter fluid kratom shot has 30% Mitragynine. Unfortunately, in light of a legitimate concern for total honesty, we didn’t audit these Korth removals at the hour of this survey. Consequently, we can’t remark on the veracity of the maker’s marking or claims.

Online Store Of Mojo Kratom

The online store of Mojo Kratom was, in our opinion, quite mediocre and just like any other average-looking online e-commerce store. The products were listed along with their prices and controls to add them to your cart; however, there wasn’t any specific information about what quantity each packaging contains.

The layout was simple and accessible. The user could easily navigate the store while making up their mind about what to buy and what not to buy.

However, we would say about their online store that it could use some development and information related to their products and store.

Mojo Kratom (1)

Pros and Cons of Mojo Kratom


  • Nice packaging
  • satisfactory amount in a single packet


  • No security checks.

Which Payment Methods do they accept?

This seller acknowledges PayPal and Mastercard installments. Sadly, cryptographic forms of money are not accepted as of now. To make a credit or charge card installment, you should call the 1-800 number given at checkout.

Mojo Kratom discount codes are redeemable at checkout, with coupons employing web-based media and email. Therefore, you can pursue this present organization’s email pamphlet to accept your first markdown.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

You can purchase twenty grams of kratom powder for $12, a value that is recorded as a deal. Initially, Syncheco charged $16 for this deficient measure of Kratom. However, one should recollect that an ounce contains roughly 28 grams to place this in context. Consequently, Mojo Ketum is more costly than your normal 28 grams despite being more modest than a one-ounce pocket.

Most online Ketum sellers charge somewhere close to five and fifteen dollars for an ounce of kratom powder. For instance, Kats Botanicals charges $5.99, while BumbleBee Ketum charges $14.99. So at $12 for twenty grams, you pay an unpalatable high of 60 pennies for each gram. That is somewhere around a quarter more than you would pay for all things considered on other online kratom shops.

Some of the best products of mojo kratom

Unfortunately, mojo ketum offers relatively much fewer products than other ketum stores. However, if we conclude what we say and what the surveys on Reddit say, it came to us that pimp kratom capsules are favored by most of their customer base.

People loved how the capsules had no strong, bitter taste nor any strong scent that breaks through your nostrils. The capsules are infused with nothing else than gelatin and finely grounded kratom powder.

Mojo kratom Shipping Process

This merchant offers free transportation on all orders, with bundles delivered through USPS (United States Postal Service) Flat Rate Mail. Arrangements or orders ordinarily show up inside a few workdays. Sync doesn’t offer general discounts. Rather, it consequently discounts demands put on Ketum where Korth deals are precluded.


Mojo Kratom has a brand that can propose to its clients. Their product costs are quite high; however, they still stay more elevated than some other vendors. Interestingly, their packs can be starter packs for the individuals who need to attempt Kratom.

Assuming you are anticipating that the packs should be greater or have more strands, you are in an ideal situation searching for all the more somewhere else. This Kratom merchant has a ton to deal with; however, Mojo Kratom has a lot of potentials to grow effectively in the Korth market.

As our key takeaway, we would say that Mojo Kratom still has a long way to cover to stand out among the crowd. From a customer point of view, we would suggest that it’s better to not completely depend on this seller at once and never to try it if you have a sensitive body or some other ongoing disease since they do not comply with the guidelines of GMP or even if they does, we have no proof to say so.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mojo Kratom Review. 

Does this vendor provide free samples?

No, as far as we have researched and inquired about Mojo Kratom, they don’t provide free samples, which again is a drawback from being recognized as the pioneer Ketum brands.

How many days does this vendor take to deliver the parcel? 

As their website states, your order will be dispatched and delivered to your doorstep within a few hours.

How many kinds of kratoms does this vendor sell? 

They only sell two kinds of kratom strains which are pimp strain and gold extract Ketum strain.

What are customers saying about MoJo Kratom? 

Mojo Kratom is yet to be discovered, but during our research, we could only track down a couple of reviews related to it on customer forums such as Reddit. And for those we did, they referred to as any other Ketum vendor. Not too good, not too bad.

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