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There are many kratom strains that I have found that are the same in many places. The prices can differ a lot but the strains not that much. I know that there are many out there so I want to find them. I came to find mmm Speciosa and see that there are certain strains here that I have not heard of before. This makes me think that this is a very special place to try and find some kratom options that you might not be able to easily find in other places for kratom supply.

Mmm Speciosa Several Strain Options:

  • Green Vein Maeng Da
  •  Red Vein Maeng Da
  •  Golden Bali
  •  Midnight Maeng Da
  •  Green Malaysian
  •  Baik Bali
  •  Plantation Maeng Da
  • White Vein Maeng Da
  •  Emerald Thai
  •  White Java
  • White Tiger Thai

MMM Speciosa

These are some great kratom strains offered that I have not come across before. The ones like White Tiger Thai, Plantation Maeng Da, Baik Bali, and Midnight Maeng Da, are unique ones that I myself did not hear about until I found this supplier for kratom. I decided to go with the Red Vein Maeng Da as I heard that this was a very popular option to start with when you are starting to take kratom. Many reviews said it was good so I bought that one.

Mmm Speciosa Coupon & Discount Codes

  • There are no active mmm speciosa coupons, but you can get some deals, direct from their website.
  • Current offer: Get 25g sample with order of $125
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Mmm Speciosa Sizes For Kratom Offered

The great thing is you can get very small amounts but it goes up to bigger amounts too. The best option I think is the 250g for the $79 deal for Red Vein Maeng Da. It depends on what you are going to get and that impacts how much you pay. On average though you are going to be paying less than $100 for 250g no matter what option you choose. And these are very rare kratom options so it is great to find a really good deal with this one.

Order Less Than 250g

If you want to order less for yourself then you can get just the 25 grams order and this is what I had started with to try it out. It arrived quickly and there was no problem with it. I had every peace of mind thinking that it would come because my mail usually never has issues here.

It came only in 2 days from when I ordered and that was really great. I was looking forward to trying it. I have been taking the kratom powder now only for 8 days and I have only seen a tiny bit of a difference. That might be my mind doing it though I cannot be sure. But I think I feel better now a little bit after putting it into my diet on the regular. But I am not sure how much better I could feel so I will keep going and taking more. I started with only 3 grams every day and worked my way up now over time. Every 4th day I move up another gram.

I am glad that I can order from this site the different size options. This is good for me because sometimes I do not have as much money to spend and on those weeks I will order less. I have ordered twice now from the site and never had a problem with them.


The package got here both times. I would keep taking this kratom for now unless I do not see much more improvement, I might go on to try another one. I do not really want to mix strains here because I want to see what benefit I can get from just the one and see what strain might be better than others. I cannot know this if I switch around so I stick just with the Red Vein Maeng Da for the 25 grams I think, maybe later who knows. This is a good price for me.

Mmm Speciosa Ordering In Bulk

If the kratom keeps working for me then I would order in bulk and I think I would order from this site. I like that the prices are clearly listed, fair prices and it was easy to make my order. I could add it to the cart and be able to use a discount code that I found too and save a little bit of money on it. Every dollar to me really counts so I was glad to have the discount.

My Decision On Mmm Speciosa Kratom

On this kratom company, I would give a B+, I would order from them again for sure. I really like the website layout and everything that is given about the product. The information and the ability to contact if I have any problem. I can also check up on my order status too which I like.

This lets me know how the order is going and if there is a problem I need to fix with it. Great site to check out for herbal kratom products that are high quality and decent price. Multiple options too and rare kratom strains are the best part.

Go with this one and you can get access to strains that you might never find anywhere else that sells kratom. That is the number one reason to check back often with this one and order kratom from here before you think about going anywhere else for some.

This place has a good reputation and I would feel comfortable sending my money to them and trying to make a purchase of kratom whenever I needed it. I have no concerns about this site and think they are one of the best herbal supplement options out there as far as getting some good kratom goes.

This site is clean and easy to use and almost anyone would be able to easily make a purchase for themselves and buy some kratom if they needed to. I am not very tech-savvy and do not know how to do a lot of online shopping, but I couldn’t find kratom near me anywhere. I checked in with 5 local shops and so I thought why not look into the search engine to see what I might find and sure enough, I found MMM Speciosa Kratom shortly after.

Mmm Speciosa – They Are In My Top 5

If you are looking for a cool place to try and order kratom from then check out mmm Speciosa and place an order here. All you need to do once you get to the site is look through the kratom options the different strains and see what you might like.

There are different sizes and so at first, I would just go with a smaller size. You are not sure what you might get so do not spend a lot on that gamble if it were me, but it is up to you. I had a good experience in that small batch of kratom so I will move up now and sometimes buy more when I have the money. I think ordering more like that I am going to save money with the bulk option so I prefer that as well.

MMM Speciosa Product


I do not think I will be able to find many other discount codes for ordering so that was a one-time thing but maybe I will again and that would be nice. It would help save some money. I had a good experience with this one and no problem in getting a little stash of kratom to try. I think this is one of my best options to go with for getting kratom because of the unique strains that I learned about which I never heard about anywhere else. I have seen other kratom options online and they never had these sorts of strains available.

Although I do not know the difference really between the strains, I just like the names of them and that is what I am going by. Then once I get it I can judge more on that strain based on taste and how it works for me but for now, I am just going with the name. It has been a good approach I think, working out for now anyway. I like how kratom is working for me and next time I might go with the same strain, but maybe try some other small samples too down the road.

It would be great if I could find something to work even better and give me more energy, less pain, help me get in a better mood because sometimes I just feel so tired and like doing nothing. I know kratom isn’t a miracle worker but I am still waiting to see what effect it might have with me. Getting top quality kratom is important to me, being sure I can trust the company selling the goods to me. With this one, I do feel like I can trust them and that is why they have my money. I would go back too and I would tell friends or anyone looking for kratom to maybe turn to them and try them out first. You might find them to be the best ones.

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