Matrix Kratom: Should You Take A Chance With This Brand

If you’ve heard of Kratom and are thinking about trying it, there’s a good chance that you’re aware of the low-quality stuff floating around on the internet. It’s important to know what authentic Kratom is like so that you can avoid buying dangerous products disguised as something they’re not.

The first thing to be considered while searching for Kratom brands is the product names and information on their website or social media forums. Secondly, you should go through the review articles and customer reviews about that particular brand you want to try -to see whether they have legit products or not. Here we are going to review for you a Kratom vendor named Matrix Kratom.

About Matrix Kratom

If you ask for advice from seasoned Kratom users, you will be strongly advised never to purchase from head shop brands. Buying from a head shop brand is a gamble in itself, and it becomes even hard to decide when you can not find almost any information about the products they offer. 

Similarly, Matrix Kratom is a relatively dubious Kratom brand produced somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. This writing does not have sufficient published information regarding their brand, kratom sources, and products. Even forums like Reddit, Quora, and others are silent about this brand. 

Matrix Kratom

Do They Have An Online Store?

In today’s world, where internet purchasing has become a part of our daily life, people try to shop online from the comfort of their homes without going through the hassle of going out to buy necessities. However, Matrix Kratom doesn’t have a website where you can buy their products or leave reviews. Interestingly their products have little to no presence online.

At best, you can find their products at small and lesser-known online vendors, local head shops, and gas stations. This raises the question about their authenticity as to why they did not opt for internet marketing that is much more convenient for buyers and sellers.

Where Can You Find Their Products

Like most head shop Kratom brands, Matrix Kratom’s products are available in local head shops, gas stations, and some online vendors. After a lot of searching, we found that records itself as the primary distributor of Matrix Kratom’s products in the United States of America. They also offer both retail and wholesale options of purchasing for all the merchandise of Matrix Kratom.

Products Offered By Matrix Kratom

Contrary to the other head shop brands that carry several products on their shelves, Matrix Kratom keeps it simple and does not vary in product types and strains. They only deal in powders and capsules of 5 strains, including

● Matrix Maeng Da Kratom ( do not provide information about the strain colour)

● Matrix Green vein Thai Kratom

● Matrix White vein Thai Kratom

● Matrix Red vein Thai Kratom

● Matrix Gold Bali Kratom

● Matrix Kava

As far as liquid Kratom is concerned, they also provide Red vein liquid kratom tinctures.

Quantities In Which Packages Are Available

They offer smaller packets of Kratom powders. A size range consisting of 20 grams to 50 grams pouches is available at Matrix Kratom. They have discontinued producing 200 grams packets as of now. They also deal in Kratom capsules and offer 20 and 50 count parcels.

Moreover, their Red vein kratom tincture is available in only one option of quantity that consists of a 7 ml bottle.

It is a brighter side of their products that they also offer smaller serving sizes. So if you want to try their products, you would not have to spend a hefty amount to get to know about Matrix Kratom’s products.

What Is It Going To Cost Me

The most significant part of any review is the tariffs offered by the brand that is being discussed. Undoubtedly, the consumer always prefers to know about the prices of the products they will buy. There is no fixed retail price for Matrix Kratom’s products like many other head shop brands and wholesalers, which implies that their prices vary from vendor to vendor. We tried to assemble the rates offered by the vendors to a calculated average, concluding that a 20 grams sachet is priced around 7$ each, whereas 50 grams pouch retails for 14$. Matrix Kratom has discontinued its 200 grams packets.

Those who prefer kratom capsules over powders and want to learn about the price range of their kratom capsules must know that a 20 count packet retails for around 7$ whereas a pack of 50 count capsules retails for 14$. They also have a Matrix Kava product that retails for 10$ for a packet of 50 count capsules. Finally, the Red vein kratom tincture; the only liquid kratom extract present in their product lineup.

It costs around 18$ for a 7 ml bottle. However, you must not expect a lot from their tincture because of its low price. Tinctures are very concentrated kratom extracts and take lots of effort to be prepared, making them more costly than other forms of Kratom.

Do They Offer Discounts On Their Products

Discounts and offers are dependent on the vendors from whom you purchase the products of Matrix Kratom. Right now, Net shops in the USA are offering a 50% clearance discount on 200 grams of Matrix Gold Bali Kratom because of its discontinuation.

Shipping And Refund Policy

Net shops in the USA do not provide free shipping and charge 9.95$ for shipping our products. Also, you will have to pay additional postal costs for cash on delivery products. They do not offer any refunds or exchanges for any Kratom product.

Customer Support

It would be best if you did not have high expectations regarding the customer support of this brand, as it all depends on where you bought the product. While you can get some responses from online vendors, it is almost impossible to get one from smoke shops and gas station vendors. This is one of the significant flaws of head shop brands that you can not get in touch with them unless you have a substantial claim against them and file a lawsuit.

Customer Reviews About Matrix Kratom

There are mixed reviews about Matrix Kratom on online forums like Reddit. On the one hand, some people liked the product for it being a gas station brand. They say that their stuff is suitable for a smoke shop brand and has average effects. Matrix Kratom claims that their products have no additives or enhancers to amplify the impact of Kratom, which could be the reason for its medium effects. Whereas, low concentrations of Kratom in Matrix’s products can also be the reason for lesser effects. 

On the other hand, some consumers have terrible reviews regarding Matrix Kratom. They say that their stuff is nasty and shows almost no impact at all. One thing that all consumers agreed upon, though, is that they have consistently seen Matrix Kratom’s products over the years in their local head shops and that too with no change in the quality. 


● Offers pure Kratom without additives or enhancers.

● Have subtle effects that would be perfect for first-time users.

● Smaller serving sizes.

● Not too expensive.


● Provides no information regarding the sources and quality assurance of their products.

● Do not provide Lab test reports.

● Significantly less to no consumer reviews.

Matrix Kratom

Bottom Line

The risks of purchasing head shop Kratom brands make buyers think twice before trying their luck with it. Matrix Kratom is one such brand that has a 50-50 chance of success with consumers. For me, the main attraction of this brand is that their products have subtle effects that could be good for first-time kratom users.

Their smaller serving size could be a bonus for those who want to try out their products. If you do not like the effects after the first use, you will be left with many unused products. However, I would not recommend the seasoned Kratom enthusiasts to spend their money on Matrix Kratom because they would not get the outcomes they expect by consuming this botanical.

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