Maeng Da Kratom Powder Review, Types, Effects & Dosage Guide

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Maeng Da Kratom is famous due to its energizing effects rather than mild sedating effects. When the user consumes in high amounts, they suffer from the adverse side effects. However, maeng da Kratom has numerous benefits to its users and has a variety of options depending on the user needs. The article will provide you will the types of maeng da, the right dosage as well as the impact that it has on the users.

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Types Of Maeng Da Kratom

It is crucial to comprehend the different types of maeng da Kratom to be able to know which best meets your needs. maeng da Kratom has proven to be pure, unpredictable and full of excitement. However, the type of maeng da that you consume will determine the effects that you will have, but the side effects are almost similar. Something else to note is that the types of maeng da kratom can be classified according to the originality or color.

Additionally, the many types of strains and the subcategories can end up confusing you when you want to choose the type of kratom you want to use. It is not possible to try them all at once especially as a newbie. Hence to be able to choose, you should first know the type of experience you want to acquire after using the kratom. For instance, do you want to relieve pain or to get stimulated or get motivated? After knowing the kind of effect, you want it will be easier for you to start searching the appropriate type that can be of help to you. For instance use white maeng da kratom to get motivated, use red maeng da for psychical pain and green to relax.

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Strains of Maeng Da Kratom According to Originality

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Thailand’s Maeng Da

Foremost it is the original maeng da that originated from the native islands of Thailand. Notably, this wild Thai Maeng Da is very costly as it is one of the rarest species of kratom found online. The leaves of the Thai Maeng Da are the best since they grow naturally having in mind that the farmed kratom leaves are first grafted into another plant. Later the grafted leaves are grown into an adult tree making them different from the wild leaves. The wild leaves are commonly known as red, green or white maeng da.

Malaysian Maeng Da

The Malaysian kratom is organic, and hence it is available to users as fine ground powder. It is ambient green in color, and its unique feature is that it tastes a bit sourer than the rest. It is mostly known as the mixed Maeng Da, or the white horned Maeng Da kratom One of the effects of the Malaysian Maeng Da is its calming effect to both the brain and the muscles. However one of its side effects is the noticeable feeling the user has to itch after using it.

Indonesian Maeng Da

Notably, this type of kratom is also naturally derived. The main difference between it and the regular kratom is that it acts quicker hence giving results faster. It is a cross of white Sumatra and super Green Malay. The Indonesian Maeng has a unique taste and is found in high quality. Something to note is that it acts as a perfect mood boost. Also, it provides the user with a relaxed mood and stimulates their body.

Types of Maeng Da Based on Color

When maeng da is classified according to color, we have three types of kratom, i.e., the red, white and green. Something to note is that the leaves of maeng da Kratom are defined by the kind of vein that is in the leaf. Notably, this veins in the leaves impart a different color in the kratom plant hence making it possible to divide the kratom according to color.

White Maeng Da Kratom

The locals in Thailand know this type of kratom as the working men. Notably, this is because it helps the user to do their work for more than 12 hours and still be in a good mood. White Maeng Da enables the user to work hard and talk a lot. Hence you will end being more social than usual days. For people wanting to dare and try something new, this kratom will work in their favor. Often, it is considered as an alternative for alcohol as it keeps someone talking all day. However, the users need to be keen with dose as it can cause irritating effects.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Thai green maeng da kratom is the most useful kratom. It does not leave the user with a hyperactive feeling, but it acts as a magic charm. In that, it gives your personality a nice touch, whereby everyone wants to be around you. However, you should consume it in low doses as it may make you extremely active not knowing when and where to stop. Often, people with low esteem prefer this type of maeng da as it leaves one feeling confident. It is a social booster and heightens one’s sense of well-being. Also, people who have paralysis can enjoy the benefits as the kratom will energize them and feeling stronger.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Most users of kratom have decided to stick to this type of kratom. Mostly this is because it is the strongest and has long-lasting effects. Its effects are recurrent as just as they are about to fade they hit you again. Red maeng da made you be attentive attention and focused on what you are doing. The red kratom acts as a painkiller and is best-suitable for people with chronic pain. Also, it serves as a source of motivation as after consuming it you feel energized to perform different tasks.

Additionally, the thigh kratom contains many numbers of alkaloids making it act as a stimulant. However, when taken in high doses you will end up feeling its analgesic effect, and even it keeps you awake in your bed for hours. Also, people with panic attract should try and avoid this type of kratom as it has the effects of a panic attack.

General Effects Of Maeng Da Kratom

Enhances Mood with maeng da

Notably consuming maeng da kratom especially the red kratom will leave you feeling thrilled and enthusiastic. You will end up feeling overjoyed as you will be in a more peaceful state.

Boosts your Energy with maeng da

It enables you to get through the day flawless. Often people use the white maeng da allows workers to work for extended hours. Most people use it to increase their strength so that they can work for long hours. Mainly the white maeng da increases the speed of your metabolism and makes you strong even after engaging in an energy consuming job. However, you should ensure only to consume a small dose to be able to acquire the full benefits.


Maeng Da kratom soothes the nerve of the users and therefore gets rid of laziness or fatigue. Also, it helps you to stop losing interest and increases your level of energy. After using maeng da, you will realize that the symptoms of depression will decrease and you will start enjoying the sense of well-being.


Maeng Da is stronger than coffee as it offers a more stimulating strain. Mostly this because of the alkaloid present in kratom. Something to note is that when the red maeng da is taken in small quantities, it directly affects your delta opioid receptors hence users a sense of calmness. On the contrary, when consumed in large amounts it affects your mu opioid receptor, thus leaving the user with a sedating effect. In the end, you will end up thinking clearly and working tirelessly with minimum effort.

Pain Killer

Maeng Da kratom acts as an intense pain relieving agent. However, the type of kratom that you consume will determine the speed at which the pain will be relieved. maeng da is very potent and hence considered as a painkiller drug especially to chronic diseases. Also, it is helpful for people suffering from arthritis and pain in the joints.


Mostly Maeng Da is used as a source of motivation as it boosts the user’s energy. In the end, the users feel a strong desire to get the work done.


It enables the mind to calm and remain focused. The maeng da kratom affects your nervous system and gives you a calming effect. Hence you will be able to sleep peacefully and have a productive day due to having enough rest.

Addiction Withdrawal

It is beneficial in opiate withdrawal symptoms. Maeng Da decreases the cravings as it interacts with the opiate receptors. It also helps you to cope with some effects caused by drug withdrawal like emotional trauma. It is helpful as it assists with the reduction of psychical withdrawal symptoms like nausea and cramping.


The type of dose you consume depends on whether the kratom you are taking is pure or has been cut with other herbs. Also, it depends on how you intake your kratom. You should even know that everyone is different and hence the effects may be different. We will provide you will the required dosages.

Foremost, if you are taking a pure dose, you should start with a dose of 2-3 grams. Notably, this will enable you to know your amount of tolerance. However, if you take too much, the effects may be adverse, and when you consume too little, you will not know your threshold. Also, 3-5 grams is a medium dose, and it’s a recommended dose for some strains like Bali.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

For users of only red maeng da, it is advisable to start consuming low doses. The main reason is that it is quite a useful strain; hence you do not need to intake high doses to get the effects. Notably, with red maeng da, you will start feeling the effects even as low as 1-g of dose. However, with time, you can gradually increase the dosage until you get to your optimum level and stop. You can also use a pre-calculated red maeng da capsule, but you should keep in mind that capsules have a description on the package of the content. Also, it depends on the quantity of kratom in the capsule to ensure to know the amount from the seller.

Dosage Based on Rotation

It is advisable for each user to work out their dosing strategy very well. Foremost you can begin by rotating the strains of the Kratom dose that you use. Often you should ensure that you do not overlap the same strain of kratom within every day. For instance, to know the correct amount of dose of kratom powder, you should begin by coming up with a strategy that ensures that you are consuming the right about of dose. Secondly, you should rotate your strains to ensure that you stay at this dose to prevent creating a tolerance for anyone strain of Kratom. That is why newbies are advised first to purchase 4-7 ounce of bags. In which the different ounce of bags should have a different strain and color of kratom. In other words, you should have 1 ounce of Red Bali, 1 ounce of Green Malay, an ounce of Yellow Vietnam, an ounce of White Bali and 1 ounce of wild premium green. In this case, the first dose could be the red Bali while the second dose could be a mixture of white Bali and wild green. The aim of mixing the kratom is to ensure that you get the desired amount of enjoyment from each dose.

Maeng Da is used worldwide for its analgesic and anti-depressant effects. However, it is essential to understand whether the maeng da kratom is consumed in powder or capsule form, it will still have the same effects. However, the capsule or powder should be of high quality, from the right place and stored in a cool place. You should consume the right amount of dose to avoid encountering adverse side effects. Something to note is that every dose of kratom can impart strong stimulatory impacts on the user.

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