Lone Wolf Kratom- A Relaunched Brand Of Medicine Man

Looking at Kratom’s popularity in the US, it is not surprising that new brands keep popping up every other day. With every seller claiming that their herbal products are the best ones in the market, it might confuse you to decide who is worthy of your trust or who is not. Though, this is where we step in! We will share our unbiased opinion about Kratom vendors and help you buy only the most authentic, all-natural, and safe Kratom products.

Here, in this review, we will be delving deep into the details of a vendor known by the name of Lone Wolf Ketum.

About Lone Wolf Kratom

Once known by the name of Medicine Man, Lone Wolf Kratom is located in Littleton, Colorado. They are considered a headshop brand that many Ketum users seem to appreciate. They have been in business for the past four years, but it has surely been a bumpy ride for them. In 2017, Medicine Man supplied Kratom capsules with the help of RGR Canada Inc to several regions in Canada. However, Health Canada started advising the citizens against this herbal usage.

This led to RGR initiating a voluntary recall of their Mitragyna products from all over Canada. After this, Medicine Man was badly affected, and most head shops started clearing out their stocks, as recalling products can create a bad name for the vendor. Regardless, it is important to keep in mind that it was not their quality of the Ketum that led to this recall, but the restrictions put by the Canadian Government on Kratom consumption.

Nonetheless, they rolled back as they had a strong fanbase in the US and relaunched themselves with a new name of Lone Wolf Ketum. After rebranding, they are committed to providing only authentic and high-quality Kratom products. They have been looking for farmers who deliver pure Ketum while keeping all the ethical aspects of this botanical.

Lone Wolf Kratom

Do They Have A Website?

We couldn’t find any working website that seemed to belong to Lone Wolf Kratom. Although we did see their Facebook page that had a link to their website online, it does not seem to work. This shows that they must have had a website in the past. Their facebook came off as pretty active earlier this year. Facebook used to be present on all major social media sites to reconnect with their old clientele and reach out to new ones. The good thing is that they have given a contact number and email address for their loyal customers to connect with them easily.

What Products Do They Offer?

As they don’t have a website available at the moment, the only option to purchase Lone Wolf Kratom’s products is through other wholesale dealers. We are not sure if they do the business through their Facebook account or not. In the past, when they did their business under the name of Medicine Man, they had a very limited product lineup.

They offered:

  • Lone Wolf- White Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Black Jaguar- Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom
  • Phoenix- Red Bali Kratom

On the Facebook page of Lone Wolf Kratom, the owner states that they now only deal in Green vein strains. According to them, the Green color shows the actual pure high quality, and other vendors mix up other parts of the Kratom tree to give it a different color. They now have the following Kratom products:

  • Green Sumatra Capsules
  • Green Thai Capsules
  • Green Maeng Da Ketum Capsules
  • Green Bali Capsules
  • Green JongKong Capsules
  • Green Sumatra Powder
  • Green JongKong Powder
  • Green Thai Powder
  • Green Maeng Da Powder
  • Green Bali Powder

Do They Lab Test Their Kratom Products?

Yes. After the voluntary recall of the Kratom products fiasco in 2017, they incorporated this important factor to authenticate their merchandise even further. As you must already know, the American Kratom Association supports safe and pure botanical usage that can only be achieved by testing the herbs for any harmful microbes or heavy metal contamination. This is a good sign that they are now testing their Ketum with a new image. Although they don’t show the reports publicly, the vendors provide the reports on request to anyone interested.

What Are The Payment Options?

Lone Wolf Kratom’s Facebook page accepts payments through Venmo, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. They also mention that they are planning to include Cash App and Zelle in their payment options also. However, payment through credit cards is not accepted as most banks have put restrictions on card usage for Kratom sales. However, if you plan to buy their products from other dealers like Dyanna Dreams or Buy Kratom Extracts, who have their products stocked up, you must follow through with their payment options.

What Are The Shipping And Return Policies?

The shipping and return policy depends on the vendor you are buying from. However, when they had a website, they used to ship within the same or maximum in the next 2-3 days. They provided a tracking number to ensure that you can easily track your parcel in case of late deliveries. Their customer service was available via email for any queries also. Return Policy of Lone Wolf Kratom was never clear as it can differ from case to case. It is always best to contact them as soon as possible after receiving the parcel if you intend to return or exchange it.

Is Lone Wolf Kratom AKA GMP Certified Vendor?

American Kratom Association is a non-profit organization run by Kratom users. It advocates the safe consumption of Ketum all over the US. They formulated a program known as AKA GMP Standards Program that makes sure that the vendor is following through with all the ethical and secure measures to ensure the high quality of Kratom. If a vendor is GMP certified, users become satisfied that they are using authentic and safe products.

However, it seems that Lone Wolf Kratom is not accredited by AKA yet. Although they are trying their best to restore people’s trust by rebranding, this association still does not approve. We hope that they apply for the GMP standard program sooner than later. So, customers can be relieved that they are getting the best quality natural Mitragyna products.

Lone Wolf Kratom

What Do The Users Say?

Lone Wolf Kratom does not have much internet presence at the moment. Their website is down, and Facebook also does not seem active. Also, they don’t have any customer reviews on their Facebook page. However, some of the review articles that are present online show that people like their products a lot. There are also a lot of talks about Medicine Man Lone Wolf Kratom on Reddit and other online forums. Users love this strain even on the first try and are usually pumped up for trying it again.


Lone Wolf Kratom is swiftly gaining popularity in the community. People are fond of their new vision that promotes safe and ethical Kratom products. Although they had major setbacks previously, the vendor is now back with a renewed energy to win back the customers. We are sure that they will regain the title of one of the best online Ketum sellers sooner than later.

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