Liquid Kratom – A Potent Addition To The Kratom Family

Kratom – a naturally obtained herbal substance known for its surprising effects has a centuries-long usage. This natural herb was originally consumed in the form of raw herbs and leaves, but its modes of consumption drastically changed as its popularity grew. Since the rise of Kratom in the US and South American markets, various forms have been introduced based on people’s preferences.

One such form of Mitragyna, and probably the most recent one, is Liquid Kratom. This particular form of the herb is potentially the most potent and effective out of all. To understand what Liquid Kratom has in store for you, let’s dive deep into what it is.

What Is Liquid Kratom?

Liquid Kratom is a liquified extract obtained from crushed kratom leaves in powdered form. Being a natural herbal extract from many Mitragyna leaves makes it more potent than the standard powdered form. Due to its high potency, it is mainly intended for experienced individuals seeking a rapid and long-lasting effect of the herb. It isn’t easy to procure the liquid extract from a single source of leaves or powder, so certain additives are often mixed in.

This diminishes the extreme effects of the liquid, making it recommendable for moderate users as well. Although it might be hard, you can find the liquified version of your favorite Mitragyna strain. The liquid’s appearance and potency vary according to the vein color and the alkaloid presence in the strain.

Liquid Kratom

How Is Liquid Kratom Manufactured?

Powdered Kakuam is manufactured by grinding the dried-up leaves of the Speciosa tree; however, procuring the liquid extract from the leaves or powder is relatively complex. Although it is a time-staking process, it does not require a full-fledged laboratory and can be produced at home.

Kratom is composed of alkaloids in its leaves. Mitragynine, which is most of all the alkaloids present in Kratom, is highly soluble in alcohol. This makes the extraction of this Kratom extract easy while they are intact. The leaves are dipped in alcohol which enables the soluble alkaloids to mix easily in the solution producing a liquified form.

Ways Of Consuming Liquid Kratom

The liquid Kratom is a 100% pure substance to create a stronger effect than regular Korth extract. However, this fluid extract is preferred in different forms when it comes to individual consumption. Generally, there are four major ways of consuming the Liquid form of Kratom, each having its level of effectiveness and potency.

Kratom Shots

Ever heard of an energy drink that has ketum content in its composition? If yes, then this is exactly what Kratom shots are all about. In simpler terms, kratom shots combine pure ketum substances often taken with water or energy drinks. Since they are water-based Liquid Kratom shots are a lot more effective in producing a potent punch.

Kratom shots other than Mitragyna in the extracted form consist of other ingredients, including L-theanine, passionflower, and Boswellia. In case you are reluctant to try out the raw taste of Speciosa, choose the flavored versions. These are created by fusing concentrated Korth extract with naturally procured flavorings like orange cream and chocolate mint.

Liquid Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is a refined form of Kratom made by extracting the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine from kratom tree leaves. Extracting the liquid extract is a rather labor and time-intensive process. If you know your way around making Kakuam tea, the process might not feel alien to you. Kratom leaves are boiled in water or sometimes ethanol to create a solution, which is then strained for the expulsion of the solid particles present in the solution.

After being left alone, the answer is distilled down, causing the water to evaporate. Once the solution is a paste, it is dried, and then the substance formed as a result is ground into a fine powder. This powder can be converted into liquid form by mixing it with water. Sometimes, citric acid or glycerin are used as preservatives to lessen the raw taste of the molten substance.

Liquid Kratom Tincture

Moving on, the next form that we have is a Liquid Kratom tincture. Ketum tinctures are produced with a similar process to water-based extraction, except it uses concentrated alcohol or ethyl alcohol in place of water. In this method, the Mitragyna leaves are dipped into alcohol and then placed into an airtight jar. The recommended amount is declining 4 ounces of ketum leaves or powder in 1 liter of alcohol. The freshness of the Speciosa leaves specify the amount of alcohol. Fresh leaves would require 1:1 with liquor, while old and dried up leaves would need 1:4 to alcohol.

You can also add citric acid into the mixture while stirring and make sure the pH of the solution doesn’t go above 4. After adding the alcohol, pack the jar, so no air enters or leaves the container. This is then allowed to sit for six or more weeks, which gives the alcohol enough time to elucidate the active components present in the Kratom. Once enough time has passed, the solution is distilled, and the remaining liquid can be extracted to get the Kratom tincture.

Kratom Tea

Despite being considered among the least potent forms of liquified Kratom, Ketum tea is the easiest to prepare. The tea particles aren’t in liquified form, to begin with, but taking into account its manner of consumption, Kratom tea holds a key place in the list. This special tea is prepared just like how a normal tea would be prepared. The Speciosa leaves are brewed along with water. The brewing time of the tea determines its potency and efficacy.

Another way to increase the tea’s potential is by simmering the mixture long enough to let the excess water escape. This leaves out a slightly thicker liquid with a little higher potency level. One important thing to remember is not to let the tea simmer for too long as the extra heat might start to decompose the alkaloids present in the herb.

Liquid Kratom Or Powdered Kratom – Which One Is Better?

There is not much difference between liquid and powdered kakuam apart from the fact that the former is a more concentrated form of the substance. A small portion of liquid extract of ketum takes significantly more raw meaning compared to the powdered extract.  In liquified speciosa, only the alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are extracted from raw leaves.

This accounts for the higher concentration of alkaloids and other active ingredients in liquified substances than it does in an equal amount of Korth powder. It is always important to note that liquid Kratom is not intended for beginner users. Someone, who is already familiar with and is a regular consumer of powdered form, can shift to the liquified version.

If you are starting, it is better to let the body get used to the minute quantities of the herb until you move towards the more potent extract. However, unlike powdered speciosa strains, finding an entirely pure and unadulterated liquified Mitragyna extract isn’t easy. So, make sure the vendor you are purchasing from sells high-quality liquid quotes free from any impurity. Also, be ready to spend some extra bucks as the purity doesn’t come cheap.

Determining The Correct Dosage

Be it powdered or liquid when consuming Speciosa, keeping the dosage in check should be your main priority regardless of how regularly you consume. In the case of liquid Kratom or kratom extract, the amount of caution and care should be doubled. Just like your normal tea or coffee, Kakuam doesn’t come in a predetermined dosage, leaving it up to the consumer to decide for himself. There is no set universal dosage of kakuam like other drugs and depends on several factors. The type of strain, level of potency, and the personal tolerance of an individual decide the amount of dosage.

Normally, the product packages come with potency indicators in terms of 10x, 15x, or 25x. The ‘x’s describes the number of times the potency of 1 gram of speciosa powder. For instance, if you take 2 grams of the standard Korth powder, reduce it by half or even 1/4th of the original quantity while taking Korth extract. Moreover, if you take homemade speciosa extract, make sure you start with a minute quantity and move up the dose until you feel the desired effects.

Liquid Kratom

The Right Way To Store Liquid Kratom

Storing your precious powder may require some extra care, especially when you have prepared it at home. To keep your favorite supplement fresh for a long period, place it in an airtight jar and keep it away from heat and sunlight as much as possible. It is best to keep it in a place that does not have high-temperature fluctuations, so your kitchen is a no-go. For homemade liquid Korth, it is beneficial to label the jar with the type of strain and the potency it holds.

Final Verdict

Liquid Kratom can be a valuable upgrade if you have been consuming the powdered form. There is a chance you have to hustle to find the purest form of liquified ketum as there are plenty of vendors that sell impure conditions of the substance. The higher potency does offer immediate and long-lasting effects, but it also comes with risks of its own. So make sure you keep the dosage in check before consuming your favorite herbal extract.

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