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I cannot begin to tell you what kratom has done for my life and how good I have been feeling after taking my kratom every single day now for at least 8 weeks. I have been looking forward to getting some good benefits from kratom and I heard it might be able to help me with getting more energy. I have been drinking coffee for years and eat well, workout, and still, I have a feeling that I am tired most often when I get home. I was not sure what I wanted to do to try and find some extra energy. Some people will go with energy drinks or whatever but I wanted to find maybe a supplement that could do something for me. That is when I heard about kratom and thought that maybe kratom was the answer for me. I started with some kratom powder and now have been taking it for weeks and it is a little more than 2 months now and I will not slow down. I like the taste of it and I like the rewards I think I am getting so far with it. I love my kratom supply.

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Li Herbals (AKA LIH Tea Company) – The First Place I Tried

This was li herbals and it was a gift that someone gave to me. They gave me a little bit of the Green MD and I tried only a small batch of it. The sample seemed very fresh and the color was what I have seen in general with other kratom samples too. I know that you can find different shades for the color but this one seemed fine. The powder was very soft and fine and I was able to easily mix it up and make a good drink with it. This is how I take my kratom I usually make a tea with the powder.

Li Herbal

Make Tea With Kratom

It is easy to make your tea with kratom and all you need is just water. It might not taste the best for some people but that is okay, for me it is just fine. It is the benefits that I want more than the taste too. I am not drinking this because I think it is the best tasting drink on the planet. No, it is far from that. I just wanted to see if there would be something that might be beneficial in getting a little bit of a kick and getting some more energy that I needed. I was very happy with the sample that my friend gave me but I have had better and that is the truth.

Many Kratom Companies

I look for good prices when I am shopping for kratom now. This is because I need more and will keep buying and so I want the very best deal that I can find. I am not going to be paying too much to someone who overcharges me. I have been looking around and browsing menus with different kratom suppliers. It is amazing to see how many options there are. One thing that matters to me when I am going to choose a kratom company though is the price and the shipping, the website, and how it looks is important too.

Li Herbals – How It All Looks

If the website looks ghetto in my mind then I am sorry but I will not shop with them. There are just so many other places out there today that there is no reason to go with someone that does not seem legit for a second. If they have a website that seems like it was made by someone who cannot make websites. Or if they have a website that looks like it was made 10 or 15 years ago then I am sorry but I am going somewhere else.

Blown Away by Kratom Companies

Some kratom companies have blown me away with the items they sell and what they are doing with their kratom supply. I am looking to find the very best when I buy and that means getting a top-quality source. I pay attention to what it tastes like too and I also want good shipping. The packaging is also something that I never forget to pay attention to. But really at the end of the day, I just need powerful kratom and I just want a really good supply.

Most Important is Quality

  1. Needs to be something that is going to work for me
  2. Needs to be no fillers or harmful additives
  3. Needs to be organic if possible

Kratom Powder

I want to know where my kratom is coming from and I want a really good deal on it. There are many kratom companies out there and these companies need to work for us and give us good deals. That is how I feel anyway and so I go looking for those deals. I do want to find a good price and when I do then I will buy it. This is how I can afford to keep getting the kratom when I run out. I like that you can buy big amounts too, like 1000 grams of it. This would easily last me for months. If you want good kratom then I would check out li herbals no problem but it might not be the best that you have found. It is satisfactory though if you just want some basic kratom. It might not be the easiest to order from them though.

Some of the kratom websites out there just make it so easy to order. As soon as you go to their websites you are going to find many different strains and kratom products. This allows you to start adding the products that you want into your cart. I love adding a bunch of things into my cart and then going to the checkout and paying, to be done with it all in like 5 minutes or less. I do not have a lot of time to spend online shopping and I need it to be done fast. Sometimes I will even be shopping when I am waiting in line somewhere or when I am out for a walk. I like that I can do things like that on my phone or my tablet. It makes it so easy for me to get my kratom when I am running low on supply. I have ordered and had no problem in the past and when I find a company like that then I am going to for sure go back to them.

I like it when a company makes me want to come back and they can do that in several ways:

  • Offer me a good deal and that makes me want to come back.
  • Give me good quality
  • Be easy to contact
  • Have a great website
  • Have the best kratom out there
  • Have top branding
  • Have good social media for your kratom products

Many things can go into the overall feeling that I have for a kratom company. I pay attention to everything and not just quality. But if you said what is the most important facto then yes I would say quality for kratom is. Why? Because people are taking kratom for a variety of reasons and some of them are very important. Say someone is taking it for sleep or something, and you take kratom every single day. If you get a kratom supply that is not pure, not strong, not even kratom, then how can you know if it is working for you?



How can you know how effective that kratom is? You cannot know unless you are getting a good and solid supply of it and that is why you need someone you can trust. There are good kratom companies out there and as far as who I buy from first the answer is not li herbals. So if you are wondering should you buy from li herbals I would vote for a pass. There are better kratom supply options that are out there and you should go looking for them.

Just click kratom into any search engine and you will find an unlimited source for where to buy. You do not need to settle with any sort of company that makes it difficult in any way or who just simply is not the best option that there is on the market. Go somewhere to buy your kratom where you truly are going to get everything that you want and need. Because those kratom companies are out there you just need to find them. Spend time getting the best quality and finding the right kratom source for you. Once you have found them then you do not need to look any further. After trying kratom from li herbals I still had to keep looking. It was not the worst kratom though, it seemed fresh and like good quality, but I would not order specifically from them when given an option of where to go.

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