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Kwik Kratom or Kwik botanicals is a great source for kratom that I was able to easily order from. For the shipment, it was not the fastest one that I have ever gotten and it took several days.

Took More Than One Day For Kratom

That is a long time when you are waiting for the package that you need to arrive at. Waiting for more than 2 days can feel like forever. I would much rather buy it from a store near me but that is not an option for me. I need something like Kwik Kratom to order from and it was not that easy for me. I was not pleased that it took so long to get here but that is what the average was cited when I looked for how long it might take. I am in the United States and I got my package within 3 days. That is quicker than some packages I have gotten in the past but it for sure is not the fastest I have ever gotten. When I want to buy kratom online it is important to me to have good shipping options and I do not feel like Kwik Kratom does but for some they might feel different. For me, though I would pass on this one and choose someone else for that reason alone.

Some Variety Here From Kwik Kratom  Company

I liked the different options I saw for ordering. I picked up some

Kwik Kratom powder

  • Green Malay kratom,
  • Green Vein Dragon,
  • and Green Vein Indo, these have been great for me so far.

I have been switching on and off not sure which one I like more. I take about 10 mg every day of kratom and have been taking that for a few weeks now. I might try some more different kinds of kratom when I run out of these. There were others available from Kwik Kratom but I just have not given them a go yet.

I got the powder for myself and I do not think that the powder is the best option to go with. I would much rather have something like a capsule so that it is easier for me to take. I ordered the powder to start with though just so that I could see what it was going to be like.

So I could experiment with ordering from this company and it was a pretty good experience in that the stuff seemed fresh. It did seem like it was clean and good quality. I have been taking it for weeks but the shipping was not my favorite on how long it took to get here because I do not like to wait for products like that, not 3 days. Other fast shipping gets here same-day sometimes or next day and so 3 days is crazy to me.

I Am Enjoying Kratom From Kwik Kratom But Could Be Better

I think kratom is giving me a better chance at sleeping at night and more wellness in general, I feel less like crap during the day. Sometimes I have been feeling very low energy and now I feel like after I am taking the kratom that it has been much better for me. I am much happier anyways during the time that I have been taking it and even have some energy now at night to go on walks when I get home from work. That has been a nice change and usually, I am too tired. I think the walks might be what is also helping me to get more sleep but I cannot be sure. In general, I just like what I have seen from taking kratom so far. I would keep taking it and have been for weeks now.

Working My Way Up In Dose

Kratom Dose

Not afraid of increasing my dose either, but I will be mindful of that and only do it slowly. I do not want to jack it up to some unreasonable limit and then have some sort of problems because I took too much. Better to just be safe and move slowly, slowly moving my dose up by 5 every week or so. That way I can buy bulk kratom too and it lasts longer, I can find a better deal.

Kwik Kratom – Not My Fave Spot For Kratom

There are much better kratom suppliers out there. Go check them out before going here that is what I would say.

  1. There are better options for price
  2. There are better options for delivery
  3. There are better options for kratom strain variety
  4. There are better options for product variety

Choose something that is going to be top of the line for you when you want kratom and that for me is not this company. I would go somewhere else when I want kratom may be and not go back here. Although I have been using this kratom for weeks now I think I am keeping my options open and might like to go to another place to find a good supply. You might end up paying a lot more money by going here for your kratom.

My Thoughts On My Experience with Kwik Kratom

Not only was the shipping probably one of the worse experiences I have had because it took so long but it was not the best option for the price either. This is one of my number one things to look for because I want to be sure that I have enough money to cover all my bills and I need to find good deals on my supplements. When I go looking for kratom I want to find something that is not going to be too expensive and is something that is going to be good for me, save me money but also bring me value. I do not have much money to go around and waste and so when I find a good deal online that is where I am going to go.

I tried them out and ordered a few different kratom types but after I am done with these I am not sure that I would go back and order from Kwik Kratom company. There are just so many options out there that you do not have to stick with one when there is anything that you do not like about it. There is no time to stick with a company that is not fulfilling your needs how you want, why pay more when I simply do not have to? There are kratom companies right now that I can go to and get the same kratom supply for about $15-20 less and even get better and faster shipping too. That is the sort of deal that I am looking for and I pay attention when I am spending my money.

Overall With Kwik Kratom Company

I want to know that I am buying some good kratom! This is important because there is such bad kratom out there and it can be filled with all sorts of nasty stuff. Imagine getting expired or moldy kratom? That can make you so sick and that is not what I want to be buying online. I need to find someone trustworthy and giving out high-quality stuff and there are companies

  • offering lab testing,
  • money-back guarantees,
  • fast shipping,
  • good prices, and good variety all in one convenient package.

kwik kratom

These are the sort of kratom companies that are going to be around still for years to come. Because they are listening to the customers and they can work hard and give the customers what we want. If you are only offering a few simple strains and you jack up the price and make it too expensive then I do not see that kratom company sticking around long. It is easy to get a reputation for being good or bad and the good ones are going to be going above and beyond to deliver quality. I have had some great experiences with kratom vendors and have had no trouble in ordering this stuff.

Getting my hands on good kratom isn’t difficult. But when I tried to order some from Kwik Kratom company then it was not as fast or good of an experience as I have had in the past. That is why I cannot fairly rate this company as my favorite that I have tried or that I would try again in the future. Why go somewhere that is 2nd best to another? That is how I feel anyway. I would rather put my money to companies that are doing a much better job in multiple ways. Kwik Kratom needs more strain options, most of all though you need better shipping options for me and a way better price. I want to save money not waste it when I buy kratom so I will keep looking around for good bulk deals. I want good prices for capsules and powder, and the lower price point offered here just is not working for me. There are many kratom companies so I will keep shopping around and trying to find another one next time that I run out of what I have been working on right now.

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