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Kratom is a product is becoming more and more popular every day as more people discover the benefits of using it responsibly. Kratom is essentially a herbal medical solution that will cater to your everyday problems. The only difficult task is finding the best and licensed Kratom vendors who offer the best quality.

When it comes to the purchase of Kratom, most of the kratom vendors are online-based. It is, therefore, important to ask who is best kratom vendor. Finding the best vendor who can offer high-quality products at an affordable price should be the priority.

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Previously in earlier years, most people considered Kratom to be opiates like other drugs such as cannabis or cocaine. This made the purchase and marketing of Kratom illegal in most countries and states in the world. However, with the recent discovery that Kratom is more like the coffee tree and that it has many benefits to the body, it has become easier for vendors to market and sell their products online.

Since most of the vendors are online based, it can be hard to find the best Kratom for your personal use due to the lack of samples. However, most of the vendors claim that they use typically the same product, but only change the branding to meet their different objectives.

Kratom is a product that requires a lot of patience and proper work to come up with the right quality. The process of coming up with the end product is also delicate to protect the alkaloids present in the herb that help the body in many ways.

Since most of the vendors are marketing their products online, it can be difficult for the consumer to find the best product. Unless one has the patience to order and test Kratom from all the vending stores available, it can be a hectic decision. This is where reviews from other consumers come into play to help a potential client determine which is the best store to order. But before you can settle to one store, some general factors make a vendor stand out from the rest as discussed below.

Best Kratom Vendor

What Makes the Best Kratom Vendor?

When it comes to spending your money on Kratom, which is not cheap, you want to find the product that will give the desired effect. This simply means you need to purchase the highest quality of Kratom.

It is imperative to understand that the best Kratom vendors don’t come cheap. These are the vendors who import high-quality product and then sell it in its original and pure form. Looking for a cheaper vendor will only result to purchase of a sub-standard product that will not deliver the amount of the desired effect.

Kratom Vendor

The Best Kratom Vendor Have The Following General Characteristics:

  • They Offer Great Kratom

Purchasing a product online can be very risky. This is because you only view the product in pictures with no physical sample. The only way to learn what kind of Kratom a vendor offers is by sampling the customer base.

Sampling the customer base involves reading the reviews and comments on the vendor page, talking with other customers, as well as joining other online platforms where customers speak freely about Kratom and its benefits.

  • They Provide Education

Today, there is an overwhelming number of vendors for Kratom online. So how do you place some above the rest? It is important to align yourself with the vendors who will, not only provide the best quality Kratom but those who provide additional information.

This information relates to the different Kratom plants, any government and legal issues surrounding Kratom and other tips that help the consumers. This information will help customers stay up to date with any problems related to the marketing of Kratom to avoid any legal issues.

  • They Offer Uncontaminated Kratom

The processes involved in the planting, nurturing, harvesting, drying, and marketing of Kratom will at many instances leave it a little contaminated. This will result in poor quality Kratom that doesn’t deliver the best results.

Best Kratom vendor is one who will provide information and even evidence that the shipped product was sent to the lab for purity tests. This will ensure quality and safe products for consumers. This will also help in separating the best vendors from the others.

Taking all the above factors into consideration, let’s take a look at

Best Kratom Vendors 2020 In The Market Today.

  • Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom, founded in 2015, is one of the vendors who are at the front line in the industry will great reviews from consumers. This is one of the best “go to” places for most online purchases.

Aside from high-quality Kratom, the store also offers live plants to its customers. The store is known for its exceptional passion and attention to detail, as well as excellent customer service and good response to queries.

They also offer their products in different packs so that consumers can easily try out the different strengths and types of Kratom. The factors that make them special are:

  • High-quality Kratom, in all major types and colors
  • 100% money back guarantee
  •  Free shipping for orders exceeding $75
  • Fast 24-hour shipping
  •  Passionate team

The other reason that makes them stand out is the fact that they are active on Facebook where they answer customer questions very fast. Here they have garnered a lot of positive reviews from consumers too.

  • PurKratom

This is a best kratom vendor who is based in Florida, USA. They offer high-quality Kratom powder and capsules at great prices. The customers should, however, be able to prove that they are 21 years and above.

Their website is normally filled with many positive customer reviews which makes them a trusted vendor among even first time customers. Other factors that make the store stand out include:

  • They offer high-grade Kratom products at great prices
  • Offer a 30-day, full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Fast 24-hour US shipping
  •  Only ship their products from sustainable sources
  •  Have a loyalty scheme for discounts on future orders
  •  Their products are all lab tested to maintain the purity

They deal with a range of unique and some of the best Kratom capsules in the market. The quality of reviews on their website speaks for PurKratom.

  • Kratora (

Another best kratom vendor and highly reliable Kratom vendor is They offer really good quality Kratom that is also domestically shipped. Some of the reasons why they stand out include:

  •  They ship high-quality products at fair prices
  • They offer their customers a money back guarantee for 30 days.

The money back guarantee is also a little different from that of other companies. Kratora allows customers to return up to 75% of the product after which they still get 100% money back. Also, they allow customers a refund on opened products in case they were not happy about it, unlike other vendors who only refund on unopened packages.

  • They offer redeemable points for each purchase made.
  •  They sell trial packs for first-time customers to sample their products.
  • They also have a wide range of pure and super enhanced Kratom.
  • Same day shipment of products, regardless of quantity.

If you are looking for a reliable, trusted vendor, great and unique Kratom products, test samples at cheap prices and fast shipping, Kratora is the go-to place.

  • Kratom Capsules (

From their name, it is easy to assume that they only offer Kratom capsules. However, this vendor also offers high-quality Kratom powder as well. Although their product selection is not the biggest, the products are of good quality. They also specialize in capsules, which are easier to use, but somehow harder to find. This provides relief for consumers who prefer capsules to powder.

The store is known to offer a wide range, but not confusing to consumers, for Kratom customers. The strains, plus the additional supplements available are great for customers. They also have a 10% discount for those who pay using Bitcoin.

In addition, the store also stocks a number of other natural herbs that are structurally related to Kratom.

  • Salvia Extract

Although this store is primarily for Salvia Divinorum, they also package and sell top quality Kratom extracts and capsules. They have been in the market for a long time making them one of the most trusted sellers.

The store is great for a number of reasons which are:

  • Fast, same day shipping in the US
  • Offer a money back guarantee, which is slightly convoluted than that of other sellers since they offer a small range of Kratom products.
  •  They have top grade Kratom powder
  • They also offer a range of Kratom capsules

This store has a large number of positive reviews from customers who enjoy excellent quality salvia and Kratom products.


For all online purchases, customers are always looking for a trustworthy and reliable vendor. This is exactly what offers to its customers; a uniquely excellent customer service that is overwhelmingly amazing.

Their website comes with top grade quality, many contact options, full support, and other amazing features. It is a thorough, well-designed website that makes the navigation of even first users quite easily. Additionally, they offer top quality, vast range Kratom that you won’t find anywhere else in the market, at great prices.

The capsules sold are often in a wide range of quantities, as well as variety packs perfect for beginners. They have some of the most unique strains of Kratom in the market, which include Green Hulu Kapuas, Red Bentuangine, Red Skuda among others.

They, however, only offer domestic deliveries, which take about 1-3 days. However, among the Kratom vendors with the best customer reviews, stands on top of the list.

  • Supernatural Botanicals

This store is based in Linden, NJ, and it offers products that have a 100% guarantee of being totally natural. If you are looking for essential oils or organic seeds, Supernatural Botanicals has got you covered.

They sell their Kratom in powdered form, at a great range of affordable prices. The added advantage is that they have a blog where they provide all the necessary information on Kratom and its uses to customers. They also have a direct line that is open even on weekends and also answers questions very fast.

Their blog system helps guide customers on the details, dosage, consumption methods of Kratom, as well as an assessment of your condition to come up with the best strain for you. This is especially helpful for beginners.

They normally have special offers on specific weeks, but the one that is general is for purchases above $86 and those who purchase in bulk. The company also has very fantastic packages that are highly appealing to consumers.

  • VitaKratom

This is a new website that offers a top grade, lab tested Kratom. From its inception, this company has managed to amass a large number of satisfied customers who leave very positive reviews on their website. The reputation they have earned is very well deserved.

The company offers very fast shipping of their irresistible Kratom strains, and this has helped get loyal customers. The company, however, does not offer a money back guarantee. This would be a factor that plays to their confidence to offer high-quality products that don’t need to be returned.

Despite this, every review and clue suggest that VitaKratom offers the best Kratom products in the market. They have a wide range of strains in different sizes, plus their customer service is excellent.

  • The Kratom Syndicate (

Although the company is a new vendor in the market, they offer a 100% guarantee on offering the best quality Kratom. They offer the Kratom in a range of products including extracts, capsules, powder form, etc.

The company also offers enhanced strains up to 50x the potency which is unique. They also accept a range of payment options including Bitcoin. This comes as a great relief for customers who have different payment cards.

They also have a money back guarantee in case the product is unsatisfactory, and the shipment is also very fast regardless of the quantity.

Being a new vendor, they have done well to maintain good reviews, as well as a loyal customer base that backs up their excellent customer service.

  • Kratom Crazy

This is one of the best kratom vendor in the market that offer only Kratom products. The products are of very high quality and come with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Compared to other similar Kratom products, this company offers the highest alkaloid concentration of Kratom in the market.

In the same spirit, their products are lab tested from batch to batch to avoid any inconsistency, therefore maintaining top grade products. Their supply chain is also consistent and stable meaning they will be in the market for a long time.

They also have a Kratom Crazy Club where customers can enjoy free coupons that offer discounts of up to 20%. This makes the the website for all your Kratom needs.


It is evident that there are hundreds of online Kratom vendors in the market. It is, therefore, important to choose the right vendor to ensure you get top grade products that will meet your needs. This will, in turn, ensure that there are no health risks to you as a consumer.


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