What Do You Need To Know About Kratom Tablets VS. Kratom Capsules?


Nowadays, there are so many different ways to take your dosage of mitragyna speciosa. The most commonly used method to take their dosage of mitragyna speciosa is Kratom Capsules. These capsules are a very convenient way to take their dose of Ketum. A very similar way to take ketum is the Korth Tablets – though Korth tablets and Korth Capsules are identical, they are somewhat different if you look at it closely.

ratom Tablets Pros

Pros And Cons Of Kratom Tablets VS Kratom Capsules


Kratom Tablets



● The starter onset of the dose is a bit faster


● It will take time for the full amount to take effect.


Kratom Capsules


● The Kratom Capsules allow for a dominant and refined dosage of mitragyna speciosa. ( no fillers or flavor enhancers are used).

● They are practically bland.

● You will feel your dosage much faster.


● The initial onset is quite slow due to the gel capsule, which might take a few minutes to break down in your stomach


What Are Kratom Capsules and Tablets?

Kratom tablets and kratom capsules are pills, and both of them contain a pre-gauged dosage of mitragyna speciosa. Kratom capsules and kratom tablets are used for oral ingestion like every other pill.


But despite them being widely similar, there are a lot of differences in both the kratom tablets and kratom capsules that attract users or repel them.


The biggest difference between them is the binding method – it’s the method from which the pills keep together the pre-measured dose in a form that is sticking together and is easy to take.


Despite that, many other differences are there; the real differences make it clear that Kratom Capsules and Kratom Tablets are very different. So, let’s look at the discrepancy in this breakdown of Kratom Capsules vs. Kratom Tablets.


Binding Method for the Kratom Tablet 

The Kratom tablets are small-sized pills made from the raw powder of mitragyna speciosa and a binding agent, which are pinned together under incredibly high force.


Without the binding agent, the powder of mitragyna speciosa cannot hold its shape if pressed. But with just enough pressure, the pure powder of mitragyna speciosa will stick together in some measure. Still, it will liquefy straight away when it’s exposed to moisture, even the slightest bit of water (for example: in the mouth before swallowing).


The binding agent in the ketum tablets is a special preservative whose motive is to improve coherence and allow the pill that is pressed to maintain its form until it is digested or kept in water or any liquid for longer periods.


The most commonly used binding agents in the Ketum Tablets are below:

● Sucrose

● Gelatin

● Starch

● Polyvinylpyrrolidone

● Microcrystalline cellulose


Important Note

Some sellers insist on providing 100 percent pure Ketum tablets without any binding agent. And these claims should be regarded as suspicious when read. 


As we told you already, that powder of mitragyna speciosa cannot hold together its form without any binding agent; like any other tablet in the market, ketum tablets have to be made with a flatly binding agent not pure powder of mitragyna speciosa. Therefore, at the most, these tablets might use another part of the mitragyna speciosa tree (whose leaves are converted into ketum powder) as the binding agent. 


The kratom tablets will technically be 100 percent pure in such a situation. Still, their dominance and sterility would be destroyed as the result of using unwanted parts of the mitragyna speciosa tree.


Binding Method For The Kratom Capsules

The ketum capsules stay in thin gelatin carapaces frequently mentioned as gel caps. These gel caps could be made from various sources and sizes. 


Due to this data storage device, it’s not that important to adjust the powder of mitragyna speciosa as a kratom capsule in any way. Kratom capsules are the purest, dominant ketum pill, without a doubt.


Adjudication for the Binding Method: Kratom Capsules Win 

If you are looking for a spontaneous and pure experience of mitragyna speciosa ( which you should be), ketum capsules are the best choice. However, Ketum tablets depend on additional components to sustain their cohesion. At the worst, these other components can be very faux and have an unpleasant taste that can interfere with their health. At best, they are natural extracts of the mitragyna speciosa plant that, nevertheless, weaken the dominance and usefulness of your dosage. Compared with all that, the vegetable gel caps of a ketum capsule are marvelous.


Taste of the Kratom Tablet VS Taste of The Kratom Capsule

Kratom Tablet 

Even if you are fine with the put-in binding agent, the taste of the ketum tablets will most certainly put you in doubt.


The most common complaint among the users of mitragyna speciosa is that they don’t like the sharp, bitter, and soil-like taste of the raw powder of mitragyna speciosa. Well, the tablets of ketum don’t do anything to revamp it; instead, depending on the binding agent used, the ketum tablets can worsen the taste.


But the good news is that the kratom tablets’ taste won’t stay for much; they will disappear quickly after being swallowed. And like ketum powder, there are many things that you can take to conceal the taste, which will make your experience a bit more bearable and pleasant. 


Kratom Capsule

One of the most important things to consider while weighing your options between Kratom Capsule or Kratom Tablet is that the Ketum capsules are tasteless. Of course, there could be a slight taste of something depending on the type of gel caps used, but that is nothing compared to the highly potent and unpleasant taste you get with the kratom tablets or the ketum powder.


The Judgment on taste: Kratom Capsules Win 

If you don’t like the flavor of mitragyna speciosa, then the Korth capsules are the best option for you as they are flavorless, and they perfectly mask the soil-like, rich taste of the Korth powder hold. But with Korth tablets, you will get a full blast sample of that liberal Korth flavor. Of course, the producers will add more preservatives and try to conceal the taste, but it will only weaken the potency and freshness of your dose of mitragyna speciosa.


The time Of The Inception and Digestion


Korth Tablets 

If you take a ketum tablet, you will start feeling the effects of the dose almost immediately, but when you take a Korth capsule, it will take slightly longer to feel the effects. The only reason for this is that your body can liquefy the Korth tablet immediately after ingestion, but breaking down a gel capsule will be slightly harder.


However, Korth tablets will take longer to absorb fully than ketum capsules. That is because the Korth tablets are very thickly packed, and so it takes time for the stomach to liquefy the tablet fully, so the exterior ( and power of absorption ) are quickly reduced.


Korth Capsules 

If you take the Korth capsule, you should expect it to take a bit of time before you feel your dose acting up. This is because the gel capsule will take quite a bit of time to break down in the stomach, but it shouldn’t be more than 3-4 minutes. 


But after breaking down the gel capsule, it will act up immediately because the ketum powder in the tablet is not pressed; it will scatter immediately once the gel cap dissolves. In addition, it will directly expose the full exterior area of the powder, which will speed up the absorption time.   


How Should You Consume Korth Capsules?

After choosing the right strain for yourself, the next thing you need to know is how much dosage of mitragyna speciosa you should take. 


One necessary thing to keep in mind is that one should start with smaller doses of mitragyna speciosa and then work your way up as you require. And if you have no idea how much “small “is, then use the brand’s suggested serving size as a recommendation. The major Korth capsule producers offer 2-3 capsules daily. So, if you are a new user of mitragyna speciosa, two tablets are just enough for you. And if you feel like two capsules are not doing well enough, you can increase your dose slowly until you reach the desired results.



If you consider trying out mitragyna speciosa, then you should check with your caregiver first. Some agony clinics use complementary and different therapies to coexist with conventional medical approaches. For example, alertness or caution and other mind-body exercises might help people remain agony-controlled despite everyday challenges.


If you have been consuming mitragyna speciosa for self-medication and you have been noticing that it has started to take control of your life, then you shouldn’t wait to get help. A trusted caregiver can advise you towards rehabilitation.


The Judgment on the time of Digestion and Inception: It’s A Tie 

Which product wins this category depends on personal liking. If you want a quick dose of Korth whose effects you will quickly feel, then your ideal choice will be the Korth capsule. But if you prefer a fast onset but with a slower leak of Korth dosage, then the Korth tablets will be the best for you.




Which One Is Better; Korth Capsules Or Korth Tablets? 


Tablets of mitragyna speciosa have a bitter taste, but they will work faster as the pill will not be that hard to dissolve in the stomach. At the same time, Korth capsules will take longer to work on your body because it’s not that easy to break down a gel capsule but doesn’t have the same bitter taste as the tablets. So it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.


Is It Okay To Consume Korth Capsules On An Empty Stomach? 


It depends from person to person. For example, one person can feel nauseous and upset after consuming Korth capsules on an empty stomach. In contrast, other people will have a faster onset of effects without urging absorption due to taking Korth on an empty stomach. 


Can I buy Korth Capsules with other supplements?


Many Korth vendors that deal with herbal supplements try to use them with other accessories. So yes, you can buy Korth capsules with other supplements.


Are there any legal issues related to the maeng da Korth capsules?


No, there are not any legal issues in using maeng da Korth capsules because these capsules come in the purest form and are free from any alkaloids, so if you live in the USA, then there is no chance that you will have any legal issues related to the usage of these capsules.


Is it okay to use maeng da Korth capsules after lunch?


Yes, it is okay to use these capsules after lunch. As far as you are taking this herbal supplement after a meal, you are good to go. 


Which type of maeng da kratom capsule can be used by beginners?


If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you start with the minute quantity and then gradually make your way towards the high potency. For that, you can use the red vein strain of maeng da kratom as it comes with the lowest amount of kratom in it.

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