Kratom Strains – 14 Incredible Strains That Work For All

There’re plenty of different strains of kratom available in the market depending on the location where it’s grown, how it is harvested and dried, and it’s color. Not all kratom strains are the same. While others boost energy, others are known to provide relaxation and calm effects on the body. Finding out which kratom strains are best for you will maximize the benefits of the herb.

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Today, most people are switching their morning coffee in favor of kratom strains. This is because some strain types provide energy and help one focus on the work. Whatever the effect you after, this article gives a guide to different kratom strains that will meet your needs.

What types of strains are there?

Kratom’s beauty lies in the variety of strains. One strain is maybe good for energy-boosting while another may be good in boosting your confidence level to allow you socialize with friends. Typically, kratom strains always derive their names from the places they’re grown. The different climates and environment mean that each kratom strain has different effects and strengths. Here is a rundown list for the top strains and their benefits.

 Bali Kratom

Bali kratom strain is probably one of the most popular strains available in the market today. For many years, Bali kratom was considered a primary standard, and most companies stocked it. The leaves of Bali kratom are primarily darker than other strains. Additionally, the tree tends to grow faster than other strains, and it can be divided into different categories based on the veins on their leaves. The different types include;

  • White Bali
  •  Red Bali
  • Green Bali.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is known to be a high-potency strain. Found in Indonesia and Thailand, Maeng Da is a genetically modified version of kratom strain. It contains more alkaloids compared to the original type. Maeng Da strain is associated with darker leaves at first. However, the leaves become greener when they are crushed and powdered. Some of the benefits of Maeng Da include;

Red Vein Borneo

The Red Vein Borneo belongs to the group of the most prolific strains. Additionally, they are grown in Borneo, and it’s popularity amongst people who are looking for relaxation.

Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai is one of the widely consumed kratom strains available in the market today. Compared to the white and green counterparts, Red Thai kratom has more sedating and relaxing effects.

 Red Kali Kratom

The Red Kalimantan is one of the purest strains that are native to South Asia. Even though the effects of Red Kali are milder than those of Red Bali, the effects last longer. The milder, yet stronger effects are as a result of having more dense leaves of Red Kali that takes time to break down in the body.

Red Indo Kratom

The Red Indo strain originates from Indonesia. Unlike the Red Kali, the Red Indo strain exhibits milder effects on the body; a factor which is why it has more energizing effects.

White Vein Thai

White Vein Thai is unique strain. They provide an astonishing energy boost that you require in the morning or when you’re exhausted. The White Vein Thai originates from Thailand, and it comes with a wide spectrum of alkaloids, which provides health benefits to the user.

 Natural Enhanced True Thai Extract

This kratom is made by combining 90% pure extracts of an alkaloid of the Green Vein Thai Leaf and Thai Kratom strain. The extracts on this strain provide the same benefits just like other Thai strains.  The benefits are as a result of the high potency of the ingredients available in these products.

Gold Reserve Extract

The powerful in Gold Reserve is a result of combining concentrated alkaloids with a natural kratom leaf.

Enhanced White Sumatra Extract

The White Sumatra is a great strain that supports your health and improves the quality of life. The Natural White Sumatra strain extracts are created from 90% pure alkaloid extraction from the White Vein Kratom with a leaf of the tree. The greatest merit that accrues from using this strain is that it delivers it is more powerful than the white vein kratom.

Green Indo Kratom

The Green Indo Kratom originates from Southern Asia. What makes this strain unique is that it works well with other strains; hence, allowing consumers to get maximum benefits out of the products containing the ingredients. It is worthy to note that the Green Indo sits in between the White and Red strains. This is because it exhibits the characteristics and benefits of both strains.

Green Vein Kali

The Green Vein Kali strains are known for its roundedness. While other strains provide specific effects with others being relatively mild, this strain exhibits a balance out of the different properties despite being low in concentration of alkaloids. Therefore, this could explain why the Green Vein Kali has won the heart of different users around the globe.

The Super Green Malaysian Strain

The super Green Malay’s popularity has grown over time, thanks to its high potency coupled with strong effects. Most users of the great Maeng Da and others prefer using the Green Super Malay since it offers long-lasting results and the product seems to be relatively cheap.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract

Typically, this is a concentrated extract that is made from one of the most popular strains in the world. The extract is made from the White Indo kratom and Bali strains. The extract is known to provide high relaxation effects thanks to its high potency level.

Final Thoughts

Kratom strains are different, and they are available in many varieties. The effects one strain has on your body differs from one strain to another. However, common strains have a relaxation effect and can act as energy boosters or mood enhancers. Generally, the red strains are believed to have more effects on consumers’ body as opposed to other types of strains. That notwithstanding, the consumption of kratom strain supplements solely depends on an individual’s weight and other body factors. Additionally, it is worthy to note that excessive consumption of kratom strains can lead to other side effects on the body.

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