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As we know, the Ketum industry has been expanding. It has been introducing new products to the market like Kratom Resin. If you are looking for a Korth product that is very strong and dominant, then Kratom Resin is the best choice.

Kratom Resin is highly dominant and is also a form of the extracts of Mitragyna Speciosa. People who have a higher tolerance for Mitragyna Speciosa than normal love Kratom Resin as it can be consumed in many ways, for example, in the team, in food, in capsules, orally, and we can also take it through the “mix and wash method.”

Suppose you are looking for new ways to consume Mitragyna Speciosa. In that case, I am happy to say that I will be sharing a lot in this guide about taking Kratom Resin, the effects of Kratom Resin, how to make it, how to take it, and I will also tell you all the safety measures of taking Kratom Resin. So let’s get started with it.

What is Kratom Resin

What is Kratom Resin?

Kratom Resin is a form of Korth extract that is highly known. It has the most dominant effects compared to Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, capsules, and powder. However, it is very unidentifiable among other forms of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom Resin is opaque, gloomy, and has a gooey feel.

Although the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves hold alkaloids like Mitraphylline, 7- Hydroxy Mitragynine, and Mitragynine, all while doing the production process of Kratom Resin of these alkaloids are drawn out when getting rid of the plant material.

Mitragyna speciosa is spreading wide in the United States, and even beyond that, people are now urging stronger products of it. People are probably not getting enough relief from the traditional forms of Mitragyna Speciosa. Maybe they consume various ketum capsules or extensive amounts of powder every time they need a dose; perhaps they want smaller servings now. There are several causes for choosing Kratom Resin.

How Can We Take Kratom Resin?

As we know, most of the mitragyna speciosa have different intake methods, and just like them all, Korth Resin also has several methods for consumption. Every intake has its pros and cons, giving a different experience. There are many ways to consume Korth resin; some are easier and more convenient to take, and some affect the body more quickly. So let’s check out the five most common ways of consuming Korth Resin.


The first and easiest way to consume Korth resin is to eat it; it works faster when taken orally because the alkaloids are active. But consuming that dense, gooey Korth resin is not pleasant. Also, like most mitragyna speciosa, the Korth resin has a bitter flavor.

Although it’s not so pleasant to consume Korth resin orally, you can do it if you hurry and deal with the taste. Consuming Korth resin orally is not a bad option if you can’t finish the Korth resin by the method you prefer. It’s a nice enough option, and you can also drink a nice fruit juice after dosing to make up for the bitter taste of the Korth resin.

By ‘toss and wash’ method?

If you can’t consume the Korth resin orally, then the ‘mix and wash’ method might be a nice idea for you. The mix and wash method is a variant of the ‘toss and washes’ method used for consuming Korth powder. This method represses the bitter taste and makes it more viable to swallow the Korth resin.

Consuming Kratom resin by the mix and wash method is quite easy. Take a dose of resin, put it in your mouth, and slug it around with juice or water for a second before swallowing it. You should be able to feel the effects in about 20 minutes.

In tea

The third method for consuming the Kratom resin is to make its tea. However, it will be stronger than the usual Kratom teas. But it’s a pleasant way to consume Kratom resin; brewed tea doesn’t have the same bad taste and makes the effects last longer. But it will take time to feel the results because the alkaloids affect you slower than other ways- it may take up to an hour or so before you feel the impact.

How to brew Kratom Resin tea?

  • Boil the water and let it cool for a while, as the boiling water will destroy the alkaloids present in mitragyna speciosa.
  • Now put in the Kratom resin and keep stirring until it melts.
  • Next, add honey, sugar, or any other type of sweetener that you would prefer.
  • Now you can enjoy your Kratom resin tea.

If you want maximal effects, I advise you to drink it on an empty stomach.

How to take Kratom Resin in food?

Another way to consume Kratom resin is to combine it with your food. For example, you can add it to your brownies or a cake. If you add Kratom resin to your food, it will lessen the level of bitterness, and most likely, you won’t even feel it, but the effects of Kratom resin will not be lessened. They will work the same way. But make sure that whatever food you are making has strong-flavored ingredients.

But there is a problem here: kratom resin will lose its effectiveness if you expose it to high excess heat. So try to add the kratom resin when the dish is almost done. That way, you will avoid cooking the Kratom resin at high heat or high temperature.

How to take it in capsules?

A smart way to mask the taste of ketum resin is to make its capsules yourself. You can hide the flavor, and you will need a capsule maker and a bit of time. This is a great way to mask the taste of ketum resin and will not compromise on its effectiveness.

The only disadvantage we have here with the capsules is that you will feel the effects slower than other ways, as the alkaloids in the resin will not work until your stomach breaks down the capsule. So it can even take up to an hour or more before you feel anything at all. But do not increase your dose to make it work quicker because that won’t happen, and given the dominance level of ketum resin, it’s easy to take a lot.

How to make Kratom resin step by step?

  • Take a mixing bowl, put the mitragyna speciosa powder in it, and then add enough water to make a dense paste.
  • Add a bit of vinegar to it and add lemon or lime juice.
  • Leave the mixture like that overnight, and then put it in the freezer until the mixture has solidified.
  • Take about 1 liter of water and then add it to the boiling pan and heat it first and then add in the mix in the pan
  • Add another lime or lemon in the mix and a bit more vinegar.
  • Simmer the mixture on low heat and when it has reduced about 25%, let it cool.
  • By using a cheesecloth, strain the mixture
  • Now simmer the mix that is left after straining and let it reduce about another 50%
  • Add another liter of water, more juice of lemon or lime as you prefer, more vinegar, and then repeat step number 8
  • Do step number 9 again
  • Now take an oven-proof dish and pour the mixture in it, and heat it at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Now, wait until the mixture has evaporated and the dense and sticky ketum resin is ready.
  • Transfer the ketum resin from the oven-proof dish to the baking sheet using a knife.

How to find out the level of dominance in Kratom Resin?

It’s hard to find out the strength of your ketum resin, especially when you have made it yourself at home. Also, very few brands manufacture ketum resin; most of them don’t even submit their product to labs to let it get tested.

The ketum resin and the other extracts of mitragyna speciosa are sold as 10x and 20x, but that doesn’t mean that it is ten times more or 30 times more dominant than regular mitragyna speciosa. These multiply signs touch on the ratio of the powder of mitragyna speciosa used to the ketum resin’s weight. For example, we can say that 20 pounds of ketum powder were used to make 2 pounds of ketum wax- so this is a 20:2 ratio, consequently, the 20x multiplier.

Buy Kratom Resin From Honest Vendors

How To Buy Kratom Resin From Honest Vendors?

In the United States (US), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not started regulating the products of mitragyna speciosa. Unfortunately, many people are out there selling fake products that can be harmful. This is a very big problem for the users of mitragyna speciosa, and it’s an even bigger problem with the ketum resin and the other extracts.

You need to stay safe and avoid making that mistake. Several reputable brands strive to gain their customers’ trust and put their minds at rest.

The reputable brands will happily test their products from the lab, while the scammers will avoid that. Respectable brands will want to show that they are making a genuine product.

It would be best if you only bought from the companies that provide third-party lab results. Also, it would be best if you purchased the mitragyna speciosa online because these results will be available there for free. Convenience stores and gas station types usually sell low-quality kratom and the fake mitragyna speciosa.

Here are our top 3 recommended vendors.

1- Golden Monk 

2- SA Kratom

3- Kratom Basket: 


How to consume Kratom Resin safely?

Common ketum is very powerful, and with high potency, there will be high responsibility on you to stay safe with resin though it’s hard to, you need to approach with care. It would be best if you took your time to understand your mitragyna specific product to make sure you have a worthwhile experience with fewer side effects.

Can I consume kratom resin orally?

Ketum resin is usually taken orally by adding a bit of sweetener to mask out the bitterness and tea or capsule.

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