Kratom Rack Disclaimer

What is an affiliate disclaimer?

An affiliate disclaimer is a statement which helps in providing the followers or reader information on when an affiliate link is being used on a blog or other platform. Often an affiliate disclaimer should inform the readers on the fact that you are gaining something from recommending products via your website. This will help in giving your readers a full perspective of what your objectives are. In that case, it is only right to inform your readers or followers that when they make any purchase via your links, you will be given a commission for every purchase.

Kratom rack affiliate disclaimer

We are a proficient Kratom review website that receives reimbursement from firms whose products we evaluate. At, we sift through every product and award high marks to the best products only. We are an independent company, and every thought expressed on this site are our own. Our main goal at is to help educate you more on different kratom products and their effects. affiliate disclaimer receives compensation when you click on the product links we have reviewed. At we put the effort in keeping everything fair and balanced so that we can help you purchase the best and quality kratom which meets your needs. There are some retailer websites that are affiliated with our website. Each time you read about a product reviewed on our website and click on its link, we at get a commission from the retailer.

You should keep in mind that is a personal website, and it accepts any form of sponsorship, cash advertising, paid insertions, or any other form of compensation. The compensation we receive at does not influence the product review on this website. All kratom products reviewed on this website are associated with a different retailer. We get compensated by the retailer when you click or visit their site via

The affiliate disclaimer is a requirement by the Federal Trade Commission. In 2009 Federal Trade Commission came up with a guideline for a website that operates using affiliate links. This guideline by the Federal Trade Commission helps in protecting the consumers by informing them on any products or endorsement they are relying on comes with a financial gain to the website that features the recommendation.

In connection to that at, every product reviewed features an affiliated link; this means that we will receive a commission when you purchase via the links we have provided. You should know that you will not be charged extra cost for buying a product via our website.


At, we love transparency, and that’s why we choose to write an affiliate disclaimer to our esteem customers. Sneaking around and hiding affiliate links is a dishonest action in which we do not intend to practice. We want to use honesty in building up a connection with our customers and furthermore breach skepticism. You should know that at we only review products that are of excellent quality. Thank you for supporting

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