Kratom Krates- A Kratom Brand With Outstanding Blends

Kratom Krates is located in Pasco County; the vendor started as a wholesale distributor. The company started operating as a premium quality Kratom service provider. The vendor offers powder, capsules, CBD solutions, gummies and much more. The aim is to provide safe and clean Mitragyna Speciosa products at a reasonable price. The products they offer are cost-effective, and the best thing is that they are always fully stocked.

Kratom Krates is San Ann’s main source for GMPs certified lab-tested Biak strains. They have Kratom teas, too, so if you are a Kratom lover and besides that, you love tea also, then grabbing on the Kratom tea is just a must for you. They offer the best and an extensive line of CBD products that can win the customer’s heart when tried for the first time. What makes this vendor exceptional among all the others is its GMP compliance and also third-party analysis. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of buying from Kratom Krates:


  • Offers a wide variety
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Enhanced Ketum strains with lasting effects
  • Accepts different payment methods
  • Fast & free shipping
  • GMP certified


  • Do not showcase the lab results

Kratom Krates

What Products They Have?

The main focus of this brand is specifically on the production of the best quality Mitragyna Speciosa products; Vendors speciosa selection includes plain leaf, enhanced powders and much more. Kratom Krates has an amazing product line to offer; whether you want powder, capsule or even extracts, they can easily provide you with the best of them.

Strains Available In Powdered Form

  • Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da
  • Green Borneo, Red Borneo
  • Red Kale, White Bali
  • Green Malaysian
  • Green Raiu

 Strains Available In Ultra Enhanced Powder Form

  • Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da
  • Green Borneo, Red Borneo
  • Red Bali, White Bali
  • White Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da
  • Green Malaysian

 Strains Available In Capsule Form

  • Green Borneo, Red Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da.
  • Green Malaysian
  • Red Bali, White Bali
  • Green Raiu

 Extracts Kratom Krates Offer

  • Black Diamond
  • Green Diamond
  • Red Diamond.

Free Samples for The Customers

If you haven’t tried Ketum products yet and are unsure which strain to buy, then Kratom Krates has something excellent for you. They have samples for the customers to try the strain and then decide which one to go for. For the individuals who find it hard to determine whether to buy from them or not, these free samples are a great option.

Kratom Krates Accepts The Following Payment Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Cash On Delivery
  • E-check
  • Hypur
  • MESH Payments
  • Bitcoin

Opinion Of Customers About The Brand

The customer reviews and feedback about this vendor are usually positive. It is difficult to find any negative thoughts about the vendor online. Reddit also has an excellent response about them from the users; people are satisfied with the products and the prices. Individuals have also praised their instant shipping services and the authenticity of the strains. One thing that makes them stand out from the crowd is that you can get the products delivered anywhere you want quite easily. They ensure to have the desired outcomes at the customer’s doorstep, but this is for the areas in which Kratom is legal.

Do They Accept Coupon Codes?

Yes, they do accept coupon codes and also promo codes. By using these codes, customers can get exciting discounts. These coupon codes are for third-party websites as well. They have deals of different amounts, so this brand is for you if you love saving money.

Shipping & Return Policy Of Kratom Krates

The vendor offers free shipping to every user; shipping is done via USPS. The time duration for an order to finally reach its destination is around 2 to 3 business days. If you can’t wait, you can choose from additional options, such as Priority Mail, Priority Express, and FedEx Standard Overnight. They also accept returns when it comes to returns, but the return should be made within 30 days of the delivery. The vendor does everything to make the customers happy, as their returns page clearly states that customer satisfaction is the brand’s priority.

Is The Brand Trustworthy & Reliable?

Yes, the brand is trustworthy, so you can easily spend on them without worrying about scams. Through the customer’s feedback and the website, the seller seems to be among the most reliable and trustworthy on the Internet. Though the vendor is not officially associated with the AKA but is a proven commodity with the GMP-compliant facilities.

They take maximum care of the hygiene of products; the brand’s enhanced powders are more robust and far cleaner than any other brand. A Ketum user can even tell from the smell that this is quality plant matter. They believe in making the customers happy, so the vendor only provides quality products.

Kratom Krates

Are They Easy To Contact?

Yes, if you want to contact them, then all their details are available on the website. In case if you have any questions about their products or want to talk to their representative, they always welcome you. You can easily communicate with them through email or make a call. Apart from the contact information, everything regarding Kratom Krates is available on their official website. The website is user-friendly and updated.


In a nutshell, Kratom Krates is America’s most cost-efficient option for Kratom lovers who lookup for nothing but a combo of quality and reasonable price. They have quick stock ups so no customers would have to go away without making their purchases. There are many vendors presently, but not all of them provide quality products at budget-friendly rates and free shipping. They have deals that will never make you want to purchase from any other vendor. Their strains are pure, and the products themselves speak of their quality, so what else do you need?

Other Kratom Vendors For Amazing Experience

If you have purchased Mitragyna Speciosa products from different sites, but none of them has satisfied your cravings, then it’s time to try other vendors. Some of the best Biak sellers with organic products and reasonable prices are:

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These are tried and tested Kratom vendors; try them also if you want an exciting experience.

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$89/Kg - Wholesale Prices

Lab-Tested - GMP Approved