Kratom Infusion – Is It Too Good To Be True?

Founded in 2001, Kratom Infusion is Louisiana-based. It has been selling potent and premium Kratom all across America. It sells its very own Kratom and also the unbranded one. All their stock comes from the hard work of skilled farmers. Also, the refining and manufacturing process also takes place under supervision. They have updated machinery to use. All this comes in handy to ensure that their products are free of any kind of contamination. What works as a feather in their cap is that their Kratom has the highest alkaloid content. Mitragynine is an alkaloid found in abundance in their Kratom range.

On the other hand, they emphasize the fact that the Kratom trees through which they obtain these leaves are grown at a proper distance from rivers. These trees are dedicatedly planted, looked after and harvested. We can say that they invest a great amount of time, energy and money in their business. They have Kratom capsules, powders and more and have not faced any kind of backlash so far.

Website Of Kratom Infusion

The overall look of their website is great. When you go to their ‘About Us’ page, you can find information about their products’ purity and quality. Also, heading towards the information page, you will find essential information about Kratom, including strains. On the flip side, many areas of the website seem to be incomplete. These areas lack information like shipping methods and return and privacy policies.

It also seems like this brand is no longer active as the website’s business hours are missing. Moreover, the products on their website are also out of stock. Similar is the case with their products on other websites. We can say that they are probably rebranding themselves, have been forming a new company or have abandoned their website.

Kratom Infusion

Products At Kratom Infusion

As for their products, they usually have their products out of stock. So, you need to keep on checking their website if you are really into shopping through them. They have Kratom tinctures, extracts, powders and capsules as well on their shelves. You also have the facility to buy Kratom through them in bulk. It seems like their Kratom is sold out immediately. The strains they sell include:

  • Red Vietnam Kratom
  • Green Malaysian Kratom
  • Red Thai Kratom
  • White Sunda Kratom
  • Green Cambodian Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Indo Maeng Da Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom

Prices At Kratom Infusion

Pricing at Kratom Infusion is reasonable. You can find about 28 grams for $8.99. Whereas, the majority of other vendors sell this quantity for $150. One more thing, usually vendors increase rates to meet the high demand for their products. However, this vendor maintains almost the same price every time. When we compare their pricing with the rest, we can surely find this vendor to be economical.

Payment Methods At Kratom Infusion

Although they accept all the cards belonging to either Mastercard or Visa card, they don’t accept e-Checks and Bitcoin. You can also pay through debit cards. This proves that the majority of people can benefit from this.

Coupon Codes At Kratom Infusion

They certainly value their loyal customers and so, they offer them discounts through coupon codes and all. They have been offering these rewards for years.

Safety At Kratom Infusion

Well, it speaks very much in favor of a brand if it gets its products tested by a third-party laboratory. It works as a cherry on top when the lab reports are displayed on the website. However, this isn’t the case with Kratom Infusion. Although their ‘About Us’ page shares all the information favoring the quality of their products, there is no talk about third-party lab testing.

On the flip side, they don’t mention themselves to be AKA-approved. When the American Kratom Association approves a brand, that means the organization ensures that the brand adheres to the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Customer Service At Kratom Infusion

The staff and customer service of the brand are commendable. They efficiently handle the clients. They are always available to answer any queries that come their way. They try to be as transparent as possible, which we can also sense through the abundant information they share about themselves. You can get in touch with them through the contact number and also the email address. However, their address seems to be missing.

Shipping At Kratom Infusion

They have scarce information present on their website about shipping details. However, they mention that the items may take time to be delivered if they have too many orders placed. They also request their clients not to keep contacting them to track the progress of their order as this will lag their work.Only the strains having defects or are sent to the wrong address can be returned and refunded. Also, much information about shipping is still missing out on their website. The areas they do not ship the items to include:


  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Tennessee
  • Sarasota County
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Indiana

Pros About Kratom Infusion

By going through reviews coming from different people, we can say that people have a lot of positive to say about this brand. They have been labeled reliable and it is said that they deliver the items on time. The supplied items are exactly the same as ordered.

People are usually head over heels with their Kratom as it belongs to high quality. Furthermore, the information they have shared explains that their variety is free of harmful substances. They have been working for over a decade and have still remained controversy-free. One of the reasons for this includes that they have the best equipment necessary to maintain quality. Some vendors prefer stocking just a few strains so they can easily maintain the quality of their stock. However, Kratom Infusion has multiple strains, yet it keeps its pace with competitors.

Kratom Infusion

Cons About Kratom Infusion

One thing which is a turn-off about this vendor is that it has insufficient information displayed on its website. This leaves the room for some misunderstandings. Secondly, a brand must show third-party lab testing reports. These reports ensure that the brand is truly selling premium stock. Thirdly, they need to focus on restocking their inventory. The clients have to head to the customer service department to inquire about the availability of stock.

Final Words

Finally, now you have the know-how about Kratom Infusion. They have so far remained controversy-free and have marked themselves as a trustworthy vendor. Their high-quality strains are potent because they are carefully cultivated, harvested, processed and packed. There is surely more they need to do to be up to the mark. Importantly, if you are serious about purchasing through this vendor, you must keep checking their website. This way, you can buy your desired items as soon as they are stocked.

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