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What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extracts are a super concentrated variation of kratom strain. They are made by brewing the powdered or crushed kratom leaves. The brewing process always takes a long time to allow as much water as possible to evaporate to get a thick, dark paste, which contains a high concentration of the main active ingredients found in kratom tree. Also, the concentrated kratom leaves have higher alkaloids levels; hence, making them more potent than the regular plain leaves.

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Popular kratom extracts can be classified as follows;

  • Water-based extracts
  • Resin extracts
  • Tincture or liquid
  • Enhanced leaf kratom extracts.

The primary goal of making kratom extracts is to produce a refined product that preserves the main ingredients and can be used in smaller, yet more potent doses. Once the leaves are extracted, they are further classified into

  • 10X,
  • 15X,
  • 25X,
  • and 50X among other variations.

15X is the most popular kratom extract in the market. It can easily be distinguished from others by its talc, yet dry powder-like appearance. Given its fineness, it is widely used for consumption by mixing it in beverages.

Although most people think that, for instance, the 15X, is 15 times stronger or contains 15 times kratom ingredients. However, this is further from the truth. The grading of the kratom extracts is based on the extract concentration factor by volume.

Effects of Kratom Extract On Consumers

  • Kratom extracts are known to be highly potent. Hence, consuming even just a half a gram of the extract can result in the full benefits and effects of the herb in the body. Due to its high potency level, kratom extracts always start to show their impact in a short period, especially between 5-15 minutes after consumption.
  • Besides, kratom extract effects are classified as either stimulating or sedating, which lasts longer than any other kratom from.

Review of the Best Kratom Extracts

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

  • The gold Reserve if one of the most sort after kratom extract. This is because it has 200mg of alkaloids per gram. Also, users of this extract report that even in small doses like 0.5 g provides enough stimulation effect that one is looking for.
  • Besides, if you are a beginner, this is the recommended amount of servings that you should take. Also, it is worthy to note that the Gold Reserve has a full spectrum of about 8X the alkaloid content compared to the traditional powdered kratom.
  • Depending on the vendor, this kratom always comes packed in 5g, 10g, and 20g weights, and the price also differs based on the dealer.

Pros of Gold Reserve

  • Extremely potent
  • Users feel the effects quickly; it takes between 5-15 minutes for the results to kick in.
  • Relatively cheaper than other variations of extracts.


  • The effects of Gold Reserve may wear out quickly.
  • The taste is not appealing; thus, it is recommended that you take it with your favorite drink.

Platinum Kratom Extract

  • The Platinum Kratom Extract is derived from the enhanced White Vein Sumatra kratom. Additionally, it contains 13% alkaloid and about 11 % mitragynine content. Although not popular as the Gold Reserve, people who have tried this strain love it due to its high potency.

Platinum Kratom extract Pros

  • Has high potency effects on the body.
  • Provides high effects which kick in between 5-10 minutes from the time of consumption


  • Its taste might not be appealing to everyone.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other kratom extracts.

Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (FST)

  • The Full Spectrum Kratom Extract is derived from the White Vein Kratom. Besides, the FST undergoes several extraction methods to create a concentrated tincture. To make the liquid extracts, different vendors use different alkaloid extraction process.
  • Kraken Kratom, for instance, claims that they use a unique alkaloid extraction process to make FST extract that is devoid of toxic solvents; besides, they use non-GMO ethanol and citric acid to stabilize the product.

FST Pros.

  • This product is highly concentrated and comes with a 1 ml dropper
  • Depending on the vendor, though, the FST is cheaper than other tinctures.


  • If you become addicted to FST, it may mess up your kratom level of tolerance.

The FSE Kratom Extract.

  • The FSE Kratom Extract is made differently from other types of kratom. It comprises of a mixture of Bali Kratom and water. Additionally, it is worthy to note that 15ml bottle of FSE is equivalent to 11.5g of Bali kratom leaves.
  • Bali Kratom extracts are known to be relatively cheaper compared to other kratom strains. And this does not make it a weaker type of kratom.

FSE Kratom Extract Pros.

  • Relatively affordable.
  • A great tincture, especially for beginners.


  • Not as potent as other tinctures
  • The effect on the body does not last long compared to other tinctures.

Full Spectrum Maeng Da Kratom Extract

  • The Full Spectrum Maeng Da is created using different extraction methods; hence, resulting in a high concentration of the powder. In most cases, the Full Spectrum Maeng Da has an extract grade of 60X.
  • This means that 60 times raw materials were used to make 1 gram of the extract, thus making it a pretty potent extract. Besides, most Maeng Da users claim that it has the most potent effect on the body compared to other extracts that they have tried.
  • The extract always comes in different packages. For instance, Epic Kratom packages this extract in varying weights, including 5g, 10g, and 20g at an affordable price.

Full Spectrum Maeng Da Pros

  • It has a high potency level
  • Depending on the vendor, it is relatively cheaper than other types of extracts, though it still gives the same effects despite the price parity.
  • The effects of this extract last longer.


  • The taste may not be appealing to everyone; hence, you can take it using your favorite drink.

Indo Black Kratom Extract

  • This is a unique kratom extract that is made from a water-based process with fresh kratom plant leaves. In addition, it is a standardized kratom extract that has 28% alkaloid and 7% mitragynine; hence, making it a high potency kratom. When taken, the effects last longer in the body.

The Maeng da X kratom Extract

  • This extract is derived from the Red Vein Maeng Da. The Red Vein Maeng Da naturally is one of the kratom powders with the highest alkaloid content.
  • Thus, the extract has a high potency level that is a force to reckon with. If you are looking for an extract with a high potency level, then this kratom extract is your best bet.

Enhanced Borneo Kratom

  • The Enhanced Borneo Kratom extract is derived from grounding the most delicate leaves of the Borneo kratom leaves. In addition, the product stays true to the Borneo alkaloid profile with high potency level. When consumed, the effects of the extract remain in the body for a long duration.

Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom

  • Just like the Borneo counterpart, Enhanced Maeng da Thai kratom Extract takes the favorite kratom powder to make it a superior product.
  • To make a quality extract, the highest quality of Maeng da Thai leaves are finely grounded and blended for the most top possible content of alkaloid.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder (UEI)

  • While most kratom extracts are made through a long process which gives them a stronger effect than the traditional ones, the UEI undergoes even though more.
  • Once you have the extract ready, additional alkaloids are added to the powder through an advanced process to give it the best taste it deserves.

Final Thoughts

There’s numerous type of kratom extracts available in the market today. However, each has different ingredients, and the manufacturing process is equally varied. To get the best out of kratom extracts, always look for a quality vendor that offer quality strains.

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