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Kratom Crazy offers high-quality kratom products including red Bali, super green, red Borneo, and others. Kratom offers kratom supplies that are USA based and have been lab-tested. There is also a money-back guarantee when you order from Kratom Crazy as well. You can trust that you are going to like the product and if you do not then you have that guarantee option from Kratom Crazy.

Kratom Crazy Kratom Quality

  • Fresh
  • Finely ground
  • Good prices

The prices that Kratom Crazy is offering are some of the best prices right now in the market. You can get 100 grams of kratom powder, 250g, or 500g, etc. There are various package sizes to find what you need. The more that you buy the more there is a saving opportunity as well. So buying the 500g option will bring you more savings than buying a smaller item, such as the 100 grams amount. There is more incentive to buy as well because of the free shipping deal that you can get if you order over a certain amount, more than $49 on kratom products.

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Kratom Crazy is a highly professional kratom supplier and has been delivering good kratom products to the market for years now. These strains are high quality and Kratom Crazy is offering some of the highest quality and most popular kratom options around. This includes Maeng Da which is known to be one of the best kratom choices. There is the comfort of getting a top delivery deal and a money-back guarantee that makes it easier to decide to order from Kratom Crazy.

Kratom Crazy is using products that are coming from various regions around Indonesia and from some of the wholesale distributors around the USA too. Various samples on each batch are sent out to be tested and that includes testing for heavy metals, microbial toxins, and more. Kratom Crazy is in the business of delivering the best quality for kratom and there is a no questions asked refund policy.

Kratom Crazy Customer Support

One great thing about Kratom Crazy is the hours with the business and how easy it is to contact someone online. Whether there are questions about ordering, how to pay, shipping, etc, they are helpful and friendly and ready to answer any questions.

The website will not make any recommendations for what you should use kratom for or suggest what the intended use might be, that is up to you. You need to find what kratom option you want to go with, but you can still feel free to ask questions. Although, depending on what that question is they might not be able to answer. The products that you get from Kratom Crazy also do not have packaging and so there are no directions on how to use the kratom.

Most of the kratom orders from Kratom Crazy are going to be shipped out on the same day that you are placing your new order. Sometimes it might go out another day, but mostly it is same-day shipping. You can expect to see the package arrive shortly after you have ordered it. This does not include shipping going out on Sundays or holidays though.

The selection being offered by Kratom Crazy is one of the biggest selections offered.

kratom crazy products

This includes

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Bali
  • Super Green Malay
  •  Kratom Capsules
  •  White Vein Borneo
  •  White Vein Indo, and many others.

You can see various reviews from the large variety of kratom products for sale. There is also a neat sample pack that can be tried which includes several packages in one.

Kratom Crazy Coupon Codes

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  • BOUND5

The Sample Pack from Kratom Crazy

The sample pack is only $31.99 and it includes red, green, and white samples. You are going to get 50 grams of each. This is a great idea for trying kratom when you are not sure where you want to get started. The sample pack here offers multiple varieties of kratom. These are samples of the most popular strains that they continually sell. Buying small bags like this is a good option because you can test out several types of kratom at once.

The capsules and raw powder are high quality, lab-tested, great price, you can tell that it is fresh by the way that it smells. This is among the highest quality for kratom products on the market. The strains either come in capsule form or you can get grams of raw powder too. The sample pack is meant to deliver a taste of the best products that Kratom Crazy is offering right now.

Trust In Quality From Kratom Crazy

The number one reason to try kratom from Kratom Crazy is the quality of the product. If you are going to use kratom regularly then you want to be sure you are using high-quality kratom with no harsh additives. Kratom Crazy has reliable products that have undergone that testing. The kratom from here always smells great, smells fresh. And if it does not seem fresh or like quality then Kratom Crazy makes it easy to get some help. They offer that guarantee to clients trying the kratom. This way you have nothing to worry about.

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The kratom products truly do speak for themselves. When placing an order with Kratom Crazy it is very easy to go through the process. Shipping is fast, discrete, and it is easy to contact someone about any issues that you might have. Many reviews can be found on the site and you can even see how many sales of certain strains have been sold. This might help you to narrow down which one you might like to try. Luckily, when you are not familiar with kratom and want to try different varieties then Kratom Crazy delivers because they have so many.

Aside from the powder or capsules that you can get there are also kratom extract options. This includes getting kratom shots in the form of Kratom Liquid Shots.

  • These are 10 ml each and they offer a liquid extract form of Kratom.
  • One bottle alone is $18.99, but you can choose to purchase 12 bottles, 24, or even 48 at a time.
  • Stock up all in one go.
  • Take kratom on the go with you, these shots make it easy. It is much easier than bringing capsules or powder with you anywhere.

Another option is the Maeng Da Kratom Extract this is a jar of kratom extract and you can get either 14 grams or 28 grams, great prices, and it has been made with Green Horned Maeng Da. This is a proprietary extract that Kratom Crazy has been able to come up with and it is a high-quality, super-charged powder for kratom extract and is known to be 20x more potent.

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The website makes it easy to navigate through the strains, looking at White Vein Kratom and all of the others. Choose which version you want, select the size, and carry on to the shipping. Kratom Crazy makes it easy today to place your order and have it quickly delivered to your home. The best part about ordering is the money-back guarantee. You do not need to worry about buying something that you do not like. If you are not satisfied with the product then you can reach out for that refund that is potentially available to customers.


Finding kratom online when you want to make a quick purchase, is something that is not very difficult because there are so many options of kratom out there right now. But some of those options you might not be able to trust. It is important to find a quality, especially when looking for capsules or powder that you want to take daily like kratom. So when you are needing kratom but trying to find good quality kratom then consider looking online first.

The kratom that is being included in the products from Kratom Crazy you can tell are being made with care. These are top of the line kratom products and you can feel comfortable when taking them. If you are not sure about what kratom might do for you then it is always best to go with a company that is going to offer a good return policy.

If you do not get a good return policy then you could be out the money and have bought a product that does not work for you. Save that from happening by opting to try Kratom Crazy because of the great money guarantee that they are offering to clients.

They do this because they know they have good products being offered and most people are not going to want that money back. When you want to order from trusted and reputable kratom vendors then you do not need to go looking any further than with Kratom Crazy. This kratom is fresh, great price, they have great variety, fast shipping, and reliable guarantee offers for the products. These factors make Kratom Crazy a top option in the kratom market.

Kratom Crazy Phone Number & Address

US Office:
Kratom Crazy
106 Countryside St.
Supply, NC

+1 (910) 387-5881

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