What is A Kratom Concentrate?

Kratom concentrate is a liquid form of concentrated Kratom, making its effects stronger than any other type of this botanical.  Kratom concentrate also goes by another name of kratom extract, which is more familiar to users. It is one of the many forms in which Ketum is consumed these days. 

The concentrates are made to extract the required alkaloids, including Mitragynine and 7- hydroxy Mitragynine, to form a highly concentrated solution. The sole objective of concentrates is that you will need less product to obtain enhanced effects compared to other accessible forms.


Requirements For Extraction

There is no systematic procedure for making Kratom Concentrates, as it is done in various ways for different types of extracts. The materials needed for the process would include:

● Ketum powder or Ketum leaves

● Water

● Ethyl alcohol, Ethanol, or 80% to 100% concentrated drink (avoid using rubbing alcohol as it produces toxic fumes that will be harmful during consumption)

● Citric acid, lime juice, vinegar, or lemon

● A digital scale

● Measuring glassware

● Strainer or muslin cloth

● Mason jars or Tinted bottles for preservation.

Kratom Concentrate

Types of Kratom Concentrates

Kratom concentres available in a variety of different types. Here we will investigate all of these forms for you to understand your choices. 

The available varieties include:

● Water-based kratom extracts

● Brewed Kratom tea 

● Kratom tinctures

Kratom shots

● Ketum resins


Water-Based Kratom Extracts

Water-based extracts are found in liquid and powder forms, and both are recognized as Kratom concentrates

The extraction method involves the raw leaves or grounded powder mixed in water, or ethanol mixture is used in some cases. After soaking, let the contents settle in a cool and dark place for one to two weeks to completely remove alkaloids from the primary product. 

After the period is over, the liquid is boiled until it remains half of the original to make a liquid extract or remove the water completely to form a powder. Moreover, some procedures of water-based extraction also involve the addition of citric acid as a preservative at the start and the addition of glycerine at the end of the process for removing acidity caused by the preservatives.

Ketum extract is considered more potent and effective because of its high alkaloid content. However, the extract’s efficacy depends upon the quality and quantity of the Kratom leaves used for the process and the procedure followed.


Brewed Kratom Tea

Kratom tea brewing is the simplest and least powerful form of kratom concentrate. You can understand the simplicity of the method, as you can brew tea conveniently at your own home. You can even find it on the menu of some bars and cafes in metropolitan cities. 

Making this tea requires soaking kratom leaves or powder in water and then brewing it slowly. You can enjoy this herbal tea while watching your favorite shows.


Kratom Tinctures

The procedure of tincture making is almost the same as water-based extraction. The only difference is that it requires 80%-100% concentrated alcohol or ethyl alcohol instead of water. 

The procedure of making this plant-based tincture involves soaking the chopped fresh leaves or finely grounded powder in alcohol in a dark-colored jar. Moreover, adding citric acid to the soaked contents can increase the pH up to 3.5 to 4. 

Next, the pots should be placed in a cool place for around six weeks so that alcohol can extract alkaloids from the leaves. The contents will then need to be strained with a filter after the desired soaking period is over. Furthermore, putting the liquid in tincture bottles for storage and supply will increase its shelf life.

It is important to notice that the ratio of alcohol and kratom leaves should be 1:1, whereas it should be 4:1 for powdered Ketum.

This means for every 1 ounce of Kratom; you will need 4 ounces of alcohol. It is said that one ounce of Ketum powder is enough to make one tincture bottle. A tincture is slightly thicker than liquid extracts, which makes it easy to use with droppers. The best way of consuming tincture is to place a few drops under your tongue and wait for some time before swallowing it down to get the maximum efficacy of the product.


Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are a relatively new addition to the family of Kratom concentrates. These shots are water-based liquid extracts with other components, including passionflower, Boswellia, and L-Theanine. These ingredients are extremely strong and can be safely consumed if not used cautiously. 

However, the shots purchased from reputable vendors are worth your money as they use 100% authentic Mitragyna that doesn’t cause side effects -if consumed according to the recommendations.

Moreover, some sellers also add flavors to the shots to deliver you a sweet and satisfactory taste that will make you fall in love with this unique type of Kratom concentrate.


Kratom Resins

Resin is generally a semi-solid form of kratom concentrate that is highly potent and strong. The extraction process of the said product is more intensive to produce a high potency and robust product, which is very high in alkaloid content. Kratom resin is produced by adding acidic substances like lime juice, vinegar, or lemon to the wet Ketum leaves in water.

The mixture is then put to rest overnight and frozen to solidify completely. According to your choice, the frozen variety is then added to boiling water with one of the three acidic components. It is best to let the water boil till one-fourth of it evaporates. 

Strain the mixture after cooling down and simmer it again to evaporate half of the remaining water. You can again boil the mix for a third time to thoroughly refine the end product by adding an acidic component.

As the end product saturates completely, pour it into an oven-safe dish and let it bake at 150 to 200 degrees until the water is completely removed from the product. This can give you a thick and ready-to-use resin-like substance.


Understanding The Ratio

Using a kratom concentrate, you must have seen that they are labeled differently from common kratom powders, such as 2x, 10x, 25x, 50x, according to their potency. 

Most people get confused while looking at the label, but it is very simple to understand if you give it a little time. These labels let you know the strength of the concentrate, such as:

● 2x is two times stronger than 1 gram of kratom powder due to active ingredients.

● 10x is ten times stronger than a gram of powder.

● 25x is twenty-five times stronger.

● 50x is 50 times stronger than the gram you take of normal kratom powder.

It means you can get a lot more from a kratom concentrate than the exact amount of powder you normally take.


Recommended Dosage for Kratom Concentrate

Kratom concentrate dosage should be formulated about its potency because these concentrates are available in different concentration ratios. 

These are also labeled accordingly to understand its power. These labels will help you with the number of capsules, amount of powder, or drops of liquid concentrate you should take to get the desired effects. 

Furthermore, you should also consult a health care professional if you are new to kratom concentrates. When going for homemade concentrate, it is best to start with a minimum dose to understand your tolerance and increase it with time to get the desired outcome.


How To Store Kratom Concentrates

Kratom concentrates must be stored in cool and dark places because they are sensitive to heat and light fluctuations. It is also advised to keep them in air-tight jars for best results if you make the concentrate at home. 

Tinted bottles or mason jars are considered adequate for storing kratom concentrates to keep them as fresh and effective as possible.


Comparison of Kratom Concentrate And Kratom Powder: Which is More Potent?

Mature Mitagyna Speciosa leaves are converted into powder by going through the process of drying and grinding. The leaves are removed from the plant according to the required maturity. After that, they get a thorough wash and are left to dry. The kratom leaves are then crushed finely to make a fine powder. The powder consists of a whole leaf without removing anything from it.

However, kratom concentrate is relatively powerful and robust as compared to the powdered version. The preliminary process of extraction is somewhat similar to powder making. Nonetheless, additional steps are performed to make it concentrated. The powder made from dried and ground leaves is then put to boiling for a long time to make it more and more concentrated.

This process is identical to brewing tea, which helps extract most of the alkaloids to make the extract potent and strong. The concentrate is then strained and packed in small bottles.

Kratom Concentrate

Should You Move From Kratom Powders To Concentrates?

Kratom concentrates can be good for regular kratom consumers because they are highly potent and require fewer amounts to provide desirable outcomes.

There are a lot of methods to make the concentrates from the comfort of your home that allows you to develop, regulate and manage your dosage with convenience. It is recommended to start with small doses to attain the best experience without having any side effects.

Though, Ketum powder is more common among users than Kratom concentrates as it is a readily available and known form used these days. However, if you consider potency and high effectiveness over availability, then this is what you are looking for. This form of Ketum is more potent than other forms due to its highly extracted alkaloid content.

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