A detailed review of The Kratom Company

Vendor names for ketum are frequently rife with egotism. Whenever you hear titles like the Korth Kings, m.speciosa Lords, or even the Korth Society, it’s clear that this business is fueled by illusions of grandeur as much as true love.

That’s why finding a company such As The Kratom Company is so wonderful. This Korth seller from Michigan seems to be more concerned with offering pure, greater-quality Korth products than self-promotion.

The Kratom Company might not have had the most flashy name, but its goods are deserving of your attention.

Korth appears to be sweeping the globe by storm these days, which is why new brands seem to be popping up all the time.

However, none of these businesses have lived up to their promises. As a result, customers want some assistance to choose a safe plus truthful product, which is why this guideline is currently being published.

Finding a trustworthy brand on the internet may be difficult. Still, this guide has limited the possibilities that can be relied on to deliver a genuine and successful product to customers.

The Kratom Company—How It All Began

In 2009, two friends were exploring eCommerce prospects when they came across Korth and decided to open an online store for Korth items after recommending it to a family member who considered it quite beneficial.

The goal of The Kratom Company is to promote general well-being holistically.

They are among the few firms that focus solely on supplying one product, giving us the benefit of focusing on consumer service and maintaining the greatest level of ketum quality.

Priority to quality

At the most competitive pricing, they endeavor to provide our clients with the highest quality Korth capsules plus premium mitragyna speciosa leaves powder. In addition, they can import modest quantities of mitragyna speciosa regularly since we exclusively offer mitragyna speciosa.

This allows them to provide their consumers with the freshest product possible. In addition, all of their mitragyna speciosa goods are lab tested since we place a premium on quality.

Their mitragyna speciosa undergoes a 5-step test plan to validate its identification and tests for additives toxic metals, including biological contaminants.

You may be confident that your mitragyna speciosa is of the finest quality, as evidenced by test results.

Reviews of The Kratom Company Products

The Kratom Company (TKC) has been around for about four years. However, in that time, it has released a slew of potent Mitragyna speciosa products, notably Clean mitragyna speciosa Liquid Extract as well as White Horn Kratom Capsules.

TKC, which is based in the state capital of Michigan, enthusiastically supports its native sons while also shipping select mitragyna speciosa powder to all areas where mitragyna speciosa is allowed.

After graduation from college, a small group of ardent mitragyna speciosa lovers launched the firm. On the surface, its mission—to provide the finest quality and most effective mitragyna speciosa available—may appear unduly romantic, but it is exactly what most sellers strive for.

On the other hand, this task was and continues to be impossible. “Highest quality” is a subjective phrase; no two individuals would consider the same thing to be the finest; this is why there are so many different Best Mitragyna speciosa Vendors lists available.

TKC claims to provide the honesty and openness that other providers lack, yet it fails to deliver this commitment. There are no money-back guarantees on the site, and there are no certifications of analysis from a third party.

Many customers prefer their three strain package, which includes green indo Korth capsules:

Green Indo Korth receives consistently positive feedback from customers since it combines the benefits of the red and white strains. In addition, customers have experienced improved mood, decreased weariness, and less soreness due to using the product.

Many people pick White Horn capsules when they have a long day ahead of them.

According to several consumers, Red Bali Korth capsules have a calming scent and may provide a euphoric feeling.

The Kratom Company (TKC) has only been around for over four years. Still, in that time, it has released a slew of potent Mitragyna speciosa products, including pure unadulterated mitragyna speciosa Liquid Extract as well as White Horn mitragyna speciosa Capsules.

TKC, which is based in the state capital of Michigan, enthusiastically supports its native sons while also shipping select mitragyna speciosa powder to all areas where mitragyna speciosa is allowed.

After getting a degree, a small group of ardent Mitragyna speciosa lovers launched the firm.

On the surface, its mission—to provide the finest quality and also most effective mitragyna speciosa available—may appear unduly romantic, and it’s exactly what most sellers strive for.

This task, on either hand, was and continues to be impossible. “Finest quality” is a subjective phrase; no two individuals would consider the same things to be the finest; that’s why there are so many different Best Mitragyna speciosa Vendors listings available.

The Kratom Company claims to provide the honesty and openness that other providers lack, yet it fails to deliver this promise. There is no money-back guarantee here on-site, and there are no testing certifications from a 3rd party laboratory.

The Kratom Company Product Line

The Kratom Company is well-known for its white vein mitragyna speciosa powders, but it has much more to provide than that.

The online store has it all, from various packs with mitragyna Korth caps to package discounts on the greatest strains in the collection. In addition, users may save 20% on their order with the new Pick Five package.

The Kratom Company’s online store

Yes, you read that correctly. When people buy Korth available on the internet, you save money. Here’s how to do it:

As we noted before, competition increases product variety while also decreasing prices. Who likes to lose customers due to a price increase of a few dollars? Nobody! Because prices remain low, you gain.

Some of the greatest available ketum products include:-

Kratom Powder from The Kratom Company

At TKC, we have tried to make it very simple for new users. They have provided attributes to each of our three strains so you can identify the difference from one strain to another. Check out their product descriptions for better insight.

Over months of study, each of TKC’s Korth varieties or strains is hand-selected.

They’re all from Southeastern Asia’s wilds, where they’re farmed by competent Petani (the native word for “farmer”).

Some of the strains available are Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Horn, and White MD. All strains are available in a variety of sizes and prices. A three-ounce pouch costs $24.99 to purchase.

The Kratom Company Product Line

Powders which are available on their website,

  • White Vein Horn Korth Powder
  • Green Vein Indo ketum Powder
  • Red Vein Bali ketum Powder
  • Green Maeng Da ketum Powder
  • White Maeng Da ketum Powder
  • Red Maeng Da ketum Powder
  • ketum Powder Variety Pack
  • Maeng Da ketum Variety Pack

Mitragyna Korth Capsules from The Kratom Company

Encapsulated mitragyna Korth is viable for people with a sensitive gag reflex. You’ll enjoy the relaxing, easy-to-swallow alternative that is the capsule if you’re wary of choking off clumps of crude powder.

Mitragyna Korth pills hide Mitragyna Korth leaf matter’s inherent harsh flavor. They’re also available in little canisters that are easier to hide.

TKC’s mitragyna Korth capsules begin at $24.99 for a 75-count container and go up to $39.99 for something like a 150-count bottle. The 300-count bottle is also available for $99.99.

The simple design of the bottles and the labels on the backs of each one is quite appealing to us. TKC promised the same kind of accessibility, and it’s wonderful to know it delivers on that promise in certain ways.

Capsules that are available on their website include:

  • White Horn ketum Capsule
  • Green Indo ketum Capsule
  • Red Bali ketum Capsule
  • ketum Capsule Variety Pack

Mitragyna Korth Extract from The Kratom Company

Mitragyna Korth extracts are made using either manual or mechanical methods, with water and alcohol-based solutions used in most cases. The Mitragyna Korth community prefers these extracts because they have a high concentration of important alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine.

One 10ml unit of TKC’s Pure Mitragyna Korth Liquid Extract costs $19.99 and comes in a safe resealable container. Six bottles cost $109.99, a twelve-pack costs $199.99, and a 24-pack costs $359.99.

It is available in a single bottle, pack of 6 bottles, 12 bottles, and two bottles. Each bottle contains 10 ml of Mitragyna Korth tincture. 

Ketum Variety Package

A ketum Variety Package is a collection of different Mitragyna Korth strains.

The Kratom Company will be here to provide you with a more inexpensive Mitragyna Korth bargain if you want to buy multiple different goods in one go. Consider our ketum variety pack, which includes five distinct types of Mitragyna Kratom.

How It Works

With the ketum variety pack, you may construct your kit by selecting five items from our whole inventory. There are no restrictions on strain kinds or product formats. Any item in our catalog can be used in your personalized kit.

Are you not sure whether you want to concentrate, capsules, or powder? Pick a couple of each to see which ones work best for you. If you enjoy your usual order of White Horn Capsules but want to try something new, this is the place to be. Get your initial order as well as a variety of different strains! Then, we can put together whichever product combination you like.

Why Should You Buy a ketum Variety Pack?

You’ll pay the additional retail costs for each Mitragyna Kratom product if you buy them separately. However, if you acquire the variety pack, you will receive a 20% discount on your whole order!

It’s the cheapest Mitragyna Kratom bargain on the internet! When you choose our variety pack as your top option, you’ll save a tonne of money and buy in quantity.


Another advantage of purchasing online is the extra money you save. When you go to the store, you have to pay for gas, wear and tear on their shoes, or even your time. Avoid having to pay for any of this by shopping on the internet.

You have additional purchasing alternatives, but you can gain in other ways by purchasing Mitragyna Kratom available on the internet. Shops may only take cash or provide a restricted number of payment options. You may pay in a variety of methods online.

That concludes the discussion. There are six compelling reasons why purchasing Mitragyna Kratom digitally is the best option. First, you have the most choices at the greatest pricing. You gain from the conveniences of shopping from the comfort of your own home, as well as a variety of payment methods. Last but not least, you’ll have access to excellent customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You might go local when you’re in a rush, but as we previously stated, you never know what you’ll get, whether it’s been preserved properly or if it’s the products you want. When you consider the poor to non-existent customer support, you’ll agree that buying Mitragyna Kratom online is the best option.

Pros and Cons of The Kratom Company

Pros and Cons of The Kratom Company

Pros of The Kratom Company

  • Very pocket-friendly, approx 29-30 cents per gram.
  • Convenient ways of payments
  • Promo codes are good for as much as 20% off

 Cons of The Kratom Company

  • Alas, COD (Cash On Delivery) may not be available, but almost everything else is.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

TKC’s Mitragyna Kratom variants cost $24.99 for 3 ounces of powder, as previously stated. This works out to around 85 grams of powder, so you’re spending roughly 29-30 cents per gram.

While not inexpensive, it isn’t the worst offer we’ve seen on the internet. A lot of e-commerce companies charge a lot more per gram.

Some companies, for example, charge up to $15 for a single ounce. So if you went with someone else instead of The Kratom Company, you’d be spending approximately 54 cents per gram.

Payment Methods Accepted by The Kratom Company

They now offer a variety of payment alternatives.

  • Card
  • E-Check
  • Check
  • Venmo
  • ACH

Companies are always trying to improve the ordering experience for our consumers. 

Coupon Code for The Kratom Company

You may receive Mitragyna Kratom coupon codes worth up to 20% off the total at checkout if you sign up for this vendor’s email list. You’ll additionally be the first to hear about new site-wide promotions, special giveaways, and other exciting news. 

How to Contact Us

You may reach out to The Kratom Company’s customer care team at any time by sending an email to service@thekratomcompany.co. You may also contact The Kratom Company by calling or texting 734-673-8747. In general, actions are quick.

Shipping Procedures for ketum

Most ketum purchases are sent same-day or even next, and tracking details are supplied within 24 hours of delivery.

All orders are sent by USPS (United States Postal Service), for most items receive free postage via Standard Mail. Additions to Priority Mail and Express Mail may be offered on request.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact The Kratom Company for a possible refund or exchange. However, because the site is without a formal 100 % satisfaction, consider these facts with a grain of salt.

We haven’t experienced any issues with this seller, but we can’t rule out the potential of customer complaints.


Alongside high-quality companies displaying a diverse range of items, including strains, kinds, and consumption possibilities. From tinctures to capsules, everything is accessible in little or large quantities. We regarded a firm with a good range of products with greater respect and added it to the list if it had a good range of products.

Overall, The Kratom Company is an intermediate firm with a lot of knowledge about succeeding online. However, this supplier is not a member of the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) program and does not reveal third-party labs.

Whether you’re looking for a reputable, low-cost bulk ketum provider, we recommend doing some research. The Kratom Company, on the contrary, looks to be a pretty safe source of small lot ketum.

In summary, if you’re in a hurry, TKC could be a good option. However, the internet is brimming with more affordable and well-known brands.

Regarding ethical farming, whether or not a firm was a part of the AKA and cGMP certified played a big role in our decision. We regarded a firm that met or surpassed the AKA’s criteria and was cGMP as a more trustworthy supplier than one that was not.


Does this vendor provide free samples? 

We’re not sure, but you may reach out to them if you’re curious to know about it.

How many days does this vendor take to deliver the parcel? 

We guarantee confirmation of your order along with an email providing tracking within 24 hours. And claims to deliver on the same day.

How many kinds of ketum strains does this vendor sell?

At The Kratom Company, they offer White Horn, Green Indo, and Red Bali and red, green, and white Maeng Da.

Is it risky to buy Mitragyna Kratom available on the internet? 

To make your purchases safe, most websites employ encrypted transactions. Everything else about buying online offers to purchase Mitragyna Speciosa.

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