Kratom 5280: Is Their Kratom Worth A Try

The Internet is a place where we can never be assured and safe with what we are buying. There are many vendors that show you diamonds, and in the end, you only get coal for the price of diamonds. The same happens when you look online for Kratom suppliers. You can not be sure if you are buying quality products or not. Still, there are ways to make sure that you landed in the right place for your purchase.

People mostly lookout for various factors while buying from any Mitragyna vendor. Some look out for quality and from where they sourced their product, while others look for the range and variety offered by the dealer. Whereas, Some consumers go for customer reviews to get assured that they are buying the right product. That is why we thought we should give you an honest and impartial review of the brand Kratom 5280, so that you can easily decide before purchasing from them.

About Kratom 5280

Kratom 5280 is based in the southern foothills of rural Pine, Colorado. This online store seems to be the creation of Rocky Mountain Nootropics, LLC, owned by Noah Spencer Lopez. The brand deals only with Kratom powders and nothing else. Their “About us” page claims that their products are 100% pure and original.The use of fancy words such as “no gimmicky names”, ” heirloom genetic”, and “boutique quality” undoubtedly attract customers’ attention.

However, do they back their claims?We could not confirm their claims because very little information is provided about their sources of Kratom and quality tests.Nonetheless, several consumers reviewed their products positively that explains their legitness.

Kratom 5280

From Where Do They Import Raw Materials

The vendor imports kratom leaves from a province of Southeast Asian country, Indonesia, named Kalimantan Timur. Indonesia has been a producer of kratom for centuries. The Kratom plant is native to this country, and its climate and topography help in the production of healthy Kratom trees that have alkaloid rich leaves.

Website Design

The website of Kratom 5280 has an attractive look that catches your eye. It contains valuable paragraphs about their selling strategies, prices, sources of Kratom, and payment options. One thing it lacks is that there is not enough information present to back their claims of authenticity. Another issue with the website is that it only gives information to consumers.

They can not place their orders directly on the website, which may be slightly inconvenient for those customers who prefer ordering directly from websites rather than using other alternatives. Furthermore, information regarding prices seems to mismatch on the website’s pages. For example, the introduction page shows 110$ for a kilo but, the page that mentioned prices shows 150$ for a kilo.

Lab Test Reports

The vendor claims that Kratom is 100% authentic, with no additives and free of chemicals and pesticides. Though, we could not find any lab test reports on their website or any other forum to ensure the credibility of their claims. Hopefully, the owners will address this issue and display the lab test reports on their website if they have any.

Products Offered

The dealer does not offer many products for you to choose from. They only provide 7 Kratom strains consisting of all reds, greens and whites. On the brighter side, they have some best strains in their collection -including green Bali, Maeng Da and Red Horn. As you must have already known, the red vein Kratom is one of the most thrilling strains present in the mitragyna family.

Red horn is considered the best and unpredictable among the long list of Kratom strains because of its flavorful aroma and enhanced effects. And that is the sole reason for it to be loved by the users. Other strains in their collection are Wahyu’s Best, Malaysian, White Horn, and Green Horn. Another good catch for you is that they also sell sampler packs for all seven strains. So that you can get familiarised with the products they are offering.

How to Place An Order?

Kratom 5280 does not provide order placing options directly through their website. By the looks of it, the website is there for informational purposes only. You can check out the website to read the literature and information regarding their product. However, you have to call or email them to place your orders. It may look like a hassle to you, but their customer service is good -as reviewed by several customers. So you can take a chance and call them for the placement of your order.

What Is It Going To Cost Me?

The vendor provides bulk Kratom powders. The smallest package size they offer is 500 gms for the rate of 80$. If you are looking for smaller quantities, then this place is not for you. Some reviews on social sites talked about their cheaper rates which shows their less knowledge or they must not have come across really low prices. A kilo Kratom 5280 will cost you 150$, which is around 30 to 40 dollars more money if you compare it to the other vendors. Similarly, a 3-kilo package will cost you 450$.

According to their price listings, the lowest rate you will get is for a 5-kilo batch, for which you will be charged 550$, which is slightly less than their smaller parcels. Regardless, it does not come near to the prices offered by various other vendors present in the market, and that too for the authentic Kratom.

Returns And Exchanges

They do not accept any returns or exchanges. If the product is shipped, you have to accept it whether you change your mind or not. Orders can only be cancelled unless they are not shipped.

Taxes And Shipping

Your orders are shipped with free USPS priority mail within the same day. This is a positive part of their policy. Still, you can not be happy to go lucky because it is a common practice for various vendors. Furthermore, you will also be charged a tax of 4.9% as imposed by the Colorado government on internet purchases. However, this tax imposed by the government gets covered with their free shipping.

Consumer Service

Customer service is the key for Kratom 5280’s as they take orders by calls and emails. The services are considered good and are reviewed positively by many consumers. They respond rapidly to your questions about things you would want to know from them. You can get in contact with them at for your queries regarding their products and policies.

Payment Options

They only accept payments either in money orders or bitcoins. It can be a downside for people that prefer to use credit cards and other options. However, on the brighter side, the payments made by money orders are more secure for both buyers and sellers.

Kratom 5280

What Are The Users Saying About Them

Kratom 5280 had a strong presence on Reddit some time ago, but these days, they are not being talked much about. The reason for their absence from forums like Reddit might be because of the arrival of more competitors in the market that offers quality with convenience. However, they have some loyal customers that prefer quality over prices.

A customer wrote that he and his friend divided the order for being first-timers, and they really liked their stuff. They are in love with their Bali and White Horn. He also went on about the potency of the product and said that around 7 grams at a time gave them great results. A lot of other people also spoke highly about their products.


  • High-quality Kratom.
  • Authentic and exotic strains.
  • Discounted prices on bulk orders.
  • Sampler packs are available.
  • Also deals in bitcoins.


  • Does not accept Credit or debit cards.
  • Less versatility in strains.
  • Slightly higher prices.
  • Takes orders only through emails.
  • No lab reports were provided.


No vendor out there can fully satisfy your requirements. If it excels in one area, it definitely disappoints you in another. Kratom 5280 fell short in many areas. However, they excelled in the area of quality and authenticity. And that should be the main criteria for judging any vendor out there.

Nonetheless, if you do not have any loyal vendors and are new to the Kratom community, you should give them a chance. They will tempt you with their wonderful strains for sure. Even though they do not satisfy you, you can move on to another seller anytime.

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