Kratom 50x Extract-IS IT WORTH BUYING?


Ketum Korth. (of the Rubiaceae family) seems to be a tropical tree that grows to be 5 to 17 meters tall and is native to Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and New Guinea but is now grown overseas.

The preparation of it from the leaves and tree is called Mitragyna speciosa across Thailand. Fresh or otherwise dried ketum leaves are either chewed or processed into beverages in the usual method; they are rarely smoked.

As the name indicates, kratom 50x Extract is a product that comprises concentrated alkaloids taken from Ketum.

Kratom Extract Dosage

Chemical Composition Of Kratom

Approximately 35-40 structurally linked alkaloids, as well as polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoid saponins, and different glycosides, have been extracted from various portions of the tree.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, each found uniquely in Ketum, are the primary active constituents in the leaves of Kratom 50x Extract.

Physical properties

  • Ketum leaves are oblong to elliptic in shape, dark green in color.
  • They can grow to be 180 mm long and 100 mm broad.
  • The leaves’ veins are generally greenish-gray or crimson, with the former being more effective.
  • A fresh leaf weighs roughly 1.7 g, whereas a dry leaf weighs about 0.43 g.
  • The leaf yellow, as well as rounded blossoms, can have up to 120 blooms.
  • Kratom is often sold as mashed or powdery dried leaves with a range in color from light to darker green.
  • There are also powdered, light greenish, even taupe ketum formulations supplemented with components from other plants.
  • By partially or wholly boiling down the media(water) from aqueous ketum tea leaf suspensions, persistent, dough-like extracts with dark brown m.speciosa resin may be created.
  • There are also liquids and pills containing powdered Ketum.


Dried Mitragyna speciosa plants sold in ‘head or herbal stores’ and on the World wide web are considered to come from Mitragyna speciosa grown in Southeast Asia, mainly often in Indonesia recognized as ‘Bali kratom.’

Let’s discuss what Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids are while we will get into the various extracts.

After alkaloid extract has been generated, it is combined with powdered ketum leaf. After adding the main alkaloids Extract, the finished ketum product is substantially stronger.

Where To Purchase Kratom 50x Extract?

When you first start looking for Mitragyna speciosa goods, you may be bombarded by the enormous number of options available from retailers all over the internet. Many brands alone have hundreds of goods that may interest you.

Much of these items have conflicting names and meanings, making it challenging to figure out what they are or why you may be interested in trying them.

Today, we’ll help clear up several of the uncertainty by showing you our most popular Mitragyna speciosa extracts and explaining how they vary from regular ketum powders. Let’s get started with it then!

How To Consume Kratom 50x Extract?

Mitragyna speciosa may be used in various methods.

  • Some people eat the leaves raw, while others use the leaves or powdered powder to brew tea.
  • Mitragyna speciosa preparations, which seem to be concentrated versions of ketum alkaloids extracted straight from powdered or dry leaves, are also popular.

Where Is Kratom 50x Extract Found, And How To Make It?

Extracts may be made in various methods, which means several extracts are accessible. Most available Mitragyna speciosa extraction is made in labs using costly technology, but you can create your preparations at home using some of the more accessible procedures.

Relationship between the % of alkaloids extracted and the extraction technique

Some ketum extracts are simple to prepare, while others need more time and perfecting. The amount of alkaloids in extracts depends significantly on how they’re ready, but extracts are far more potent than tree leaves or powder alone.

Mitragyna speciosa extracts, on average, have a higher alkaloid concentration than regular Mitragyna speciosa powders. As a result, you might be able to employ extracts in considerably lower amounts. For many people, this trade-off is tempting.

Kratom Extract Dosage

Kratom dose is determined by several factors, including the product’s strength, your particular tolerance, the intended effects, as well as the type of Mitragyna speciosa leaf used.

It’s vital to remember that ketum extracts are typically potent and should be handled cautiously. Based on the extraction process, Mitragyna speciosa extracts can be purchased and kept in Kratom capsules, bulk, or bottles.

Kratom Extract Dosage

A potency indication or multiplier, such as 15x,20x, 25x, or 50x, is commonly included with purchased Mitragyna speciosa products and extracts. Below are a few examples of potency indicators:

  • 15x = the strength of 0.001 Kg of Mitragyna speciosa powder=15 times.
  • 25x =strength of 0.001 Kg of Mitragyna speciosa powder=25 times.
  • 50x = strength of .001 Kg of Mitragyna speciosa powder=50 times.

Label Checking

It’s crucial to double-check the label and brand to confirm that the measurements and the dosing recommendations on the label are correct. This can help you figure out how many pills or drops you’ll need to get your desired dosage out of a glass bottle.

If you’re using a homemade ketum extract, start with a tiny dose and gradually raise the dosage unless you achieve the desired effect. Because each batch of an extract may have a varied amount of potency, this must be done about each set.

What Is Meant By 50x Kratom Extract, And How Does It Work?

50x Kratom Extract is created utilizing an aqueous-based leaf extracts extraction technique that delivers a whopping 11% Mitragynine content, raising the whole total alkaloid concentration to up to 25%.

Things To Consider For Kratom 50x Extract

The 50x Kratom Extract is available in three different sizes: 5g, 10g, and 20g. The specified amount would be the kind of leaves that extract powdery material inside the pouch.

What Do We Do With This Extract?

Mitragyna speciosa may be found in many of your favorite drinks.

  • Make tea with it, or add it to a smoothie or protein drink.
  • Combine with your preferred juice.
  • Add to your favorite non-dairy milky beverage. For added taste, add a little caramel to the mix.


  • Keep in amber glass bottles in a cool as well as dry place.

Why is it famous as a Mitragyna speciosa extract with different symbols”X,” and what does “X” stand for?

Remarkably potent Mitragyna speciosa powder or ketum product is obtained by extracting the alkaloids from many Mitragyna speciosa tea leaves in their raw form in water and otherwise alcohol-based solutions.

Making Mitragyna speciosa extract is time-consuming, contributing to the high cost of most Mitragyna speciosa extracts (expensive, but to say the least). At least, it isn’t very reassuring.

Whenever you see 20x (20:1) ketum extract advertised, the X indicates how many grams of Mitragyna speciosa leaf were utilized to make one gram of Mitragyna speciosa extract.

Mitragyna speciosa dealers use these significant volumes of Mitragyna speciosa leaf because it looks beautiful on paper. For example, whenever you see Kratom 50x Extract, you can presume that the product is 50 times stronger than regular Mitragyna speciosa powder.

This is untrue. The number 50 refers to the number of raw leaves used in the extraction and nothing else.

Is This To Say That Kratom 50x Extract Isn’t Efficacious?

No. The extraction of ketum’s primary alkaloids results in a somewhat more effective product since a more significant amount of each alkaloid enhances the effects of that alkaloid. However, anyone who claims that their ketum Extract is 20 or even 15 times higher than a standard Mitragyna speciosa strain is lying.

Recommendations For Young And Regular Kratom 50x Extract Users.

When you explore Mitragyna speciosa websites, newsgroups, and online groups, you’ll see how one of the most often asked topics is: how much m.speciosa should You take? What is Mitragyna speciosa dosage best for me? What factors to consider when determining how much tea you need to brew?

Serving size is a popular topic of discussion among Kratom 50x Extract users, from newcomers to seasoned users. Because alkaloids impact people differently, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how much is appropriate for everyone.

That isn’t to say that there are not many general principles to follow while brewing Ketum tea. After all, everyone needs a starting point from which to experiment!


For decades, Mitragyna speciosa has been used as a herbal preparation by Thais and people from other Southeast Asian countries. Mitragyna speciosa products were traditionally used more as an effective agent by Thai and Malaysian laborers and farmers to help them cope with the workload of their jobs.

They shredded the leaves to work better and supply 50 times the energy. The 7 OHM, as well as Mitragyna alkaloids, Extract is ultra-pure.

The method begins with extracting ultra-pure 7 OHM and Mitragyna alkaloids using raw, fresh Ketum powder. This is a labor-intensive and time-consuming technique that is also a work of art.


Is Kratom 50x Extract powders miscible in aqueous?

The Extract is a broad spectrum Maeng Da 50x Mitragyna speciosa Extract, which dissociates in water and is an excellent velvety powder.

What are the recommended ways to consume Kratom 50x Extract?

Ketum leaves, whether fresh or dried, are eaten or made into tea. Citric acid is frequently added to tea to aid in the extraction of active alkaloids; sweetener or honey might well be added before drinking to conceal the harsh flavor of the beverage.

Mitragynine is perhaps the most prevalent component in Thai variants (up to 66 percent of total alkaloids), whereas 7-hydroxy mitragynine is minor.

What are the Effects of various factors on the chemical composition of Kratom 50x Extract?

The chemical makeup of ketum in commercial goods is unknown and relies on several factors, including the plant’s type and age, the climate or environmental conditions, and harvest timing.

What distinguishes Kratom 50x Extract from the competition?

Ketum products always come from a trusted source, and 50x is no exception. Water and a fresh leaf extraction process were used to make this product.

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