Introduction To Kratom Strain Chart

The “m,speciosa” tree, Mitragyna speciosa, is associated with the coffee bean and is endemic to Southeast Asia’s tropics.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is divided into strains, each characteristic.

There are even more than 45 distinct strains of Mitragyna speciosa in all.

Reason To Develop Kratom Strain Chart

  • Each one is distinguished by its geographic region (Thailand, Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra, and so on)
  • Each one is characterized by its geographic area (Thailand, Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra, and so on)
  • A few strains are named for the location in which they are cultivated (Hulu, JongKong, Kali).
  • A few strains are called by the shape of their leaves, such as horn ketum and elephant ketum.

The chemical makeup of the leaves truly distinguishes one strain from another. Mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG) are the main active components in Mitragyna speciosa. However, more than a dozen more active compounds influence how another strain feels.

Kratom Strain Chart

Kratom Strain Chart And Colored Veins

  • Every strain has a different combination of active chemicals. The color of the vein of a leaf and the effects provided by the leaves can be altered by different composition ratios.
  • The color of the vein is the most popular technique to distinguish between various strains. The presence of brilliant red, white, or green veins in ketum offers us a hint as to the effects we’re going to experience from that strain.
  • Because this section is eliminated during processing, you probably wouldn’t be able to see the distinct vein colors when you get your Mitragyna speciosa.

How Does The Kratom Strain Chart Cover Other Hues Of Kratom, Such As Red, White, And Green?

Mitragyna speciosa may be classified into three categories according to its color.

We can find three kinds of veins: red, white, and green. The color of the leaf vein and its stem determine this division.

If you examine a ketum leaf attentively, you will realize that the color of the vein and the stem are different. The impact of the ketum leaf on mental and physical health is determined by its color.

A distinct hue signifies a specific chemical composition as well as impact. During the machining operation, the entire stem vein will be removed. As a result, just the leaf should be plucked, leaving the stem and vein behind.

Different Mitragyna speciosa strains flourish best in different environments but contain a variety of alkaloids that each have their remarkable effects. Green and White ketum strains are great for some things, while Red vein ketum strains are better.

Kratom Strains Discovery From Other Countries And Kratom Strain Chart

  • Besides the leaf veins’ color, ketum is classified into strains based on its origin, leaf form, or another distinctive traditional title given to them because of time.
  • Because m.speciosa has been used for millennia, several strains have been produced or found over time, all represented in the Kratom strain chart.

1- Maeng Da Ketum

Perhaps the most famous Mitragyna speciosa strain remains Maeng Da in the Ketum Strain Chart. Regardless of where it was cultivated and the color of the leaf veins, there are various distinct sorts of maeng da to pick from.

Maeng da is a Thai vegetable grown all across Southeast Asia. This strain is created by conditioning the plant to exhibit “maeng da features” using specialized growth circumstances.

Five Maeng Da Ketum Strains:

  • Green Maeng Da Ketum
  • White Maeng Da Ketum
  • Yellow Maeng Da Ketum
  • Red Maeng Da Ketum

2- Bali Ketum

Several strains of Mitragyna speciosa are only found on the island of Bali. Each strain has its unique effects determined by the vein’s color on the leaves.

Four Bali Kratom Strains:

  • Red Bali Ketum
  • White Bali Ketum
  • Yellow Bali Ketum
  • Green Bali Ketum

3- Bentuangie Ketum

Bentuangie Mitragyna speciosa is a red vein Mitragyna speciosa strain that has been brewed during drying.

4- Ketum from Indonesia

Because Indonesia comprises hundreds of distinct islands, the region’s flora and wildlife are incredibly diverse. The weather in this location is perfect for the cultivation of ketum.

Indonesia boasts the most significant Mitragyna speciosa strains worldwide due to optimal growth circumstances and separated growing habitats.

Indonesia produces over 95 percent of the world’s Mitragyna speciosa. In some form or another, almost all strains are farmed in Indonesia.

Four Indo Ketum Strains:

  • White Indo Ketum
  • Red Indo Ketum
  • Green Indo Ketum
  • Yellow Indo Ketum

5- Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa

Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa gets its name from the elephant-ear-like appearance of its leaves.

These leaves are more significant, which means they generate more bioactive alkaloids per plant, although they’re harder to manage.

Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa requires a unique combination of environmental conditions to thrive. To thrive, they need a lot of annual rainfall, normal humidity conditions, and deep rainforest cover.

Kratom Strain Chart


Three Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa Strains:

  • White Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Red Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Yellow Elephant Mitragyna Speciosa

6- Thai Ketum

All three-leaf vein varieties (red, green, and white) may grow wild in Thailand. Certain producers in the area also produce yellow mosaic strains.

Four Thai Ketum Strains:

  • White Thai Ketum
  • Red Thai Ketum
  • Green Thai Ketum
  • Yellow Thai Ketum

7- Horn Ketum

Ketum from the Kratom strain chart is discovered in Borneo; horn ketum is an uncommon variety. The leaves of these strains have a distinct look, with little spikes (horns) on them.

Because of two main features, these strains are frequently more costly than other types. They’re rare (found on just one island) complicated to produce, necessitating particular growth conditions to survive.

Three Horn Mitragyna Speciosa Strains:

8- Hulu Kratom

Hulu Mitragyna Speciosa belongs to strains cultivated in a specific location of Indonesia, the Kapuas Hulu region inside the central region’s southwest.

The majority of Hulu Mitragyna Speciosa is cultivated around Kapuas River, the nation’s longest river.

The land around this river is holy because it contains some of the world’s most rich ground.

Hulu Mitragyna Speciosa comes in only two colors: white and red.

Two Hulu Ketum Strains:

  • Green Hulu Ketum
  • Red Hulu Ketum

9- Sumatra Ketum

Sumatra is home to all three vein colors of Mitragyna Speciosa, although the white Sumatra strain seems most prevalent.

Three Sumatra Mitragyna Speciosa Strains:

  • White Sumatra Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Green Sumatra Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Red Sumatra Mitragyna Speciosa

10- Kali Ketum

Kali ketum has been given its name in the Indonesian state of Kalimantan, where it is grown.

Two Kali Ketum Strains:

  • Red Kali Ketum
  • Green Kali Ketum

11- JongKong Ketum

Hulu kratom is cultivated in the same area as JongKong Mitragyna Speciosa.

The Kapuas River is the source of water for the JongKong area.

JongKong Mitragyna Speciosa is sourced only from evergreens. This Kratom is made without the usage of any immature plants.

Two JongKong Kratom Strains:

  • Red Jongkong Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • White Jongkong Mitragyna Speciosa.

12- Dragon Ketum

  • Dragon ketum is a very uncommon kind of Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • The notorious red dragon Mitragyna Speciosa is only grown on one plantation globally.
  • This helps make this strain incredibly dependable because the growth circumstances are always the same — but it also restricts supply and might make it pricey when the blooming season is done at certain times of the year.

Three Dragon Mitragyna Speciosa Strains:

  • Red Dragon Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Green Dragon Mitragyna Speciosa
  • White Dragon Mitragyna Speciosa

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It might be tough to choose the proper Kratom strain from the Kratom strain chart whether you are new to Kratom. You’ve undoubtedly got some queries about Kratom’s advantages and side effects.

Don’t be concerned; we’ve got you covered. This is because different dealers use various Kratom plantations. When it comes to the potency and impacts of Kratom, its drying time and process is also crucial. Always be sure you get Kratom from a trusted supplier.

Many distinct Kratom varieties, such as Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Indo, etc. The difference between them is where they come from, the dryer and the mixed Kratom.

It might be challenging to navigate through all of the many kratom strains. The recommendation is to start with a color you enjoy and then experiment with various sorts, such as red Bali kratom.

Let’s go through the various strains and their consequences. This will assist you in determining which kratom strain is the ideal choice for you. If you’re unsure about using Kratom, do some study beforehand.


How Are Ketum Extracts and How Do They Work?

Ketum extraction is a mitragyna speciosa material containing a higher concentration of kratom powder. The result, referred to as a kratom extraction, is a higher-alkaloid serving. The amount of alkaloid in the finished product is determined by the Kratom utilized and the extraction process employed.

What are the Benefits of Kratom Extracts?

There are several reasons why several individuals choose to utilize kratom extracts over other forms of kratom products.

Some people find that consuming kratom extracts allows them to utilize lesser doses. A kratom strain chart is used to pick the correct item. Smaller serving amounts are simpler to carry, travel around, store, and, regardless of the type of extracts used, might be even cheaper. These individuals generally praise the accessibility of kratom extracts.

How else does Dosage Affect the Outcomes?

It’s crucial to understand that strain isn’t the only factor influencing your reaction to Kratom. Taking a more significant or lower dose of anything can significantly impact the sort of response you get. This is why it’s critical to begin small and discover your happy place.

How much should you take Kratom?

If you’re using it for the first time and don’t have a proper tolerance, 1 gram of Maeng Da is suggested. This is the smallest dose that will have any impact on you. The Dosage consequences will be felt in some way, it doesn’t matter if you’re a minor.

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