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Indo kratom is one of the best kratoms one can get. It originates from Indonesia and has been grown for over a thousand years. Indo kratom is of high quality and has fewer side effects. Users cannot get the ‘wobbles’ side effects. Some of the side effects of taking indo kratom include; difficulty in eye focus, nausea.

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Depending on the season, the plant and veins of Indo kratom change their color. Some of the benefits of taking indo kratom include:

  1.  The strain acts as a pain reliever.
  2. It combat’s opiate withdrawal.
  3.  it helps in relaxation.
  4.  It has sedative effects.
  5.  It is a mood enhancer.

Indo kratom is less stimulating when compared to other kratom strains; Indo kratom has a high concentration of 7-OH-mitragynine and a lower concentration of mitragynine when compared to different kratom strains. Its unique features make it relaxing and mood-boosting.

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There are different forms of indo kratom

They include;

  • Super Indo

Super Indo kratom powder is processed from the leaves of the kratom tree. The largest leaves are said to produce the best kratom since they have higher concentrations of alkaloids in them. The large leaves that make indo kratom have a higher potency hence earing the ‘super; standards.

Effects of super indo kratom

  1. Indo kratom is more sedating and relaxing. Sedating effects occur at once.
  2. Gives the user more energy and focus, this makes them feel uplifted.

Side effects of super indo kratom

  1. Nausea
  2. Irritability
  3. Faster heart rated. Loss of appetite
  4. Premium indo kratom

The method of harvesting differentiates kratom strains. Premium signifies the process of harvesting. During harvesting, the stem is removed from the leaves with great care and then crushed into powder. There is a higher concentration of alkaloids. Premium indo is relatively cheap hence making it more popular. Beginners can use this strain to get their first experience.

  • Red vein indo

The name red vein is derived from the color of a ‘red vein’ that runs down the center of the leaves. Besides, red vein indo has a higher concentration of mitragynine alkaloid compared with other strains. One can get red vein indo in the form of capsules, powder, extract, and tinctures.

Effects of Red vein indo kratom

Red vein kratom has medical effects, and it has been used for many years. Other benefits include:

  1.  The high concentration of mitragynine acts on opioid receptors to bring a state of relaxation and calmness to an individual.
  2.  Red vein indo kratom has analgesic effects; this means that it relieves pain by acting on opioid receptors in the central nervous system.
  3.  People suffering from sleep-related issues like insomnia, parasomnia, and sleepwalking can use red indo to treat their condition.
  4. It increases arousal and enhances pleasure during copulation.
  5.  It acts as a stress reliever and mood enhancer. The drug releases serotonin that is known for reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.
  6.  it Boosts immunity.
  7.  it Reduces blood pressure.

Side effects

  1.  The drug may make you anxious and at times restless especially when overdosed.
  2. Vomiting.
  3.  Nausea.
  4.  Double vision.
  5.  Excessive laziness- inability to carry out daily chores or exercises.
  6. White vein Indo Kratom

Kratom strains are named for the color of the vein that they have. White vein indo kratom is harvest in the thick tropical forests in Indonesia. Some of the effects of white vein indo kratom include:

  1.  It is a mood enhancer.
  2.  it can boost memory.
  3.  Increased focus.
  4.  Energy Boost.
  5.  More concentration.
  6.  Less fatigue.
  7.  it reduces depression.


  • It is essential to start with a low dose, then proceed to a moderate dose than a higher dosage when dosing kratom strains.
  • At a low dose, white vein indo will give the user an energizing and soothing effect. A small dose of 1-3 grams is appropriate at first. Results will show after an hour or so, and they may last up to 5 hours.
  • A moderate dose of 4-6 grams is likely to give you analgesic effects. It is advisable for a consumer to start low then build up.
  • If the demand for the kratom drug increases in your body you can start a high dose of 6-8 grams.
  • Kratom should not be used for more than five times a week, and this will reduce the tolerance and addictive level. Users can also try to interchange different color veins of kratom to feel their effects.
  • A user can also take the kratom with caffeine or water to reduce the bitter taste of kratom.

What are the Ways that indo kratom powder is taken?

There are several ways how kratom powder can be considered as discussed here;

  • Toss and wash

This method is one of the simplest ways. First, measure the amount of kratom you want to take. Put it in a glass. Gently tip the powder into your mouth, swill it around and swallow. You can then use a drink to clear the taste of the kratom in your mouth.

  • Make a tea

In this method, you boil up the kratom powder with some water for around 30 minutes, let the kratom sit, then strain off the liquid. The process may be time-consuming, but it has consistent results. One can consume liquid when hot or cold.

  • Add to yogurt

You can add kratom powder into your yogurt. People mostly use flavored yogurts to reduce the bitter taste of kratom. It is important to note that effects may take more time to manifest.

  • In capsule form

You can either buy kratom capsules or make your pills. It is recommended that one takes these capsules with plenty of water.

Where to buy indo kratom

Varieties of kratom found in online shopping sites. Different sites sell their kratom at different prices. Some of the factors to check on when buying kratom from online sites include;

  1. Check whether the online vendor has a contact page. The contact page has the following details on it; telephone number, email and physical address.
  2. Return policy. The return policy should favor the buyer. In case errors are made during delivery, the buyer should return the product and get what they needed. Such inconveniences should be covered in the return policy.
  3.  Check out the review page to get the comments of other customers who have shopped from the vendor you are investigating.
  4. Check out the payment methods accepted by the vendor. The most common payment methods include; credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, etc. You should ensure that you buy from a vendor that suits you.

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Some of the best kratom vendors are

  • Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy hippo herbals kratom vendors are known to sell a quality product. They have attractive offers and quality customer treatment. You can follow the following link to access their services.

  • Coastline kratom

Coastline kratom is one of the founding kratom sellers. People can buy products at wholesale and retail prices. They have quality customer care services. Coastline Kratom provides a variety of kratom products. The vendor is highly reliable. You can visit their website and login into to access their services.

  • Gaia ethnobotanical

Gaia Ethnobotanical is a one-stop shop where you can buy kratom. The vendor offers a variety of Kratom Strains. They have low prices on their products; hence they are considered as the best vendors.

Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods such as bitcoins, lite coin, cryptocurrency and also Ethereum. A discount offers of up to 20% is given to customers using cryptocurrency.

  • Purkatom

It is located in the United States of America. The vendor offers different varieties of Kratom, i.e., in capsules or powder form. Users can buy kratom in either wholesale or retail. They have reasonable prices.

Customers can get their products shipped with a 24-hour frame, and also get a 30-day refund in cases of complaints. You can access their website using this link

  • Salvia extract

Salvia extract has a significant reputation due to the number of years they have sold kratom. Customers can buy kratom in wholesale or retail. Salvia extract provides a variety of kratom products.

There is a shipping program that enables customers to get their orders shipped to their doorsteps. The vendor has a return policy in cases where the customer is not satisfied. The vendor has high-quality kratom and sells it at a reasonable price.

  • Kratora

Kratora has distinguished customer service. The vendor offers excellent offers and discounts to its customers. Customers get the point upon each shopping done. If you reach 250 points, you are awarded $25. Kratora sells a variety of kratom products.

  • You can visit the following link to buy from them
  • Kratom can also be purchased from local smoke shops and other dealers.

Essential tips to guide you when taking indo kratom

  • You should stay hydrated since kratom dehydrates the user. To stay hydrated, ensure you drink a lot of water.
  • The effects of kratom manifest faster when the user is on an empty stomach. A full stomach may require a higher dose.
  • Different strains have different effects on the user. Some strains have adverse effects and ‘hit’ a bit faster compared to other strains.
  • Writing notes of the effects experienced is essential, this helps you build on each experience as you refer to your notes.

Why do people use indo kratom?

The reason why people use kratom is for; opiate withdrawal, cough, depression, anxiety and many more. There is no scientific evidence to support such uses. Using kratom can have side effects.

How does indo kratom work?

Kratom contains a chemical called mitragynine. Mitragynine works like opioid substances and is present in morphine which relieves pain.

Special precautions and warnings

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

It is not safe to use kratom when pregnant or when breastfeeding a baby.

  • Alcoholism

Alcoholics who are dependent on the drug and also use kratom are at risk to commit suicide compared to those who are not reliant on alcohol.

  • Mental disorders

People facing mental disorders are advised to stop taking kratom. Kratom worsens the situation of such people.

Uses of indo kratom

  • Stimulant

Kratom tree is a species of the coffee plant. Kratom has stimulating effects like coffee. At times, people use kratom instead of morning coffee. Kratom is also an energy booster.

  • Mood alteration

Kratom is an effective anti-depressant and it also a mood-altering substance. Users consume kratom to usher in feelings of peace and well-being when feeling low. Kratom also helps individuals who are depressed to let go of their feelings.

Kratom can be used for recreational purposes to give a feeling of euphoria. Indo kratom also deals with anxiety though there is the best strain for anxiety. The wrong strain may make your condition worse.

  • Pain relief

Kratom works on brain receptors hence making it useful to relieve pain. People dealing with chronic pain can use kratom to ease their condition. Kratom is also a remedy for withdrawal symptoms from narcotics abuse.

Indo kratom review

Reddit is an American platform where kratom users can find the comments and analysis of other kratom users. On the platform, one can ask questions of the experience other members had when they used kratom. It is an informative platform.

The review given on Reddit about indo kratom reveals that most users had used this strain and they confirmed the effects and some of the side effects they had for using indo kratom. Other users also provide information on where they purchased their kratom.

Reddit is a useful platform for one who needs information on kratom products and effects. It is important to note that members are compelled to provide correct details; hence the platform is trustable.


In summary, the content above will enlighten you on the information you need on indo kratom. Indo kratom originates from Indonesia. It has both benefits and side effects on the user. Some of the benefits include pain relief, mood enhancement, and stimulation.

Kratom users can also get the information they need on where to buy kratom as well as the contacts of various online shopping shops. The information provided above has the dosage for kratom. It is important to note that one needs to begin with a low dose then gradually rise.

Finally, kratom should be consumed on an empty stomach for the effects to feel faster. However, one can still drink kratom when on a full stomach, but the results will manifest after a long period.

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