Imperial Kratom- A Vendor With Mixed Customer Reviews

Imperial Kratom is an online Kratom vendor that started operating in the early 2010s. In-person, it is a brick-and-mortar shop, this company has a simple yet classy motto, and that is “Living Your Best Life Naturally.” The team started with three persons since they started the business back in 2010, so now it’s quite stable, especially for the Mitragyna Speciosa community.

It is an SC-based seller located in Indian Land. Imperial Kratom works like an e-commerce site; they offer Ketum capsules, powders, and extracts. They are quite known in the world of Kratom for their proprietary blends and edibles.

What Do They Offer On the Website?

When it comes to what they have to offer on the website, then there’s a quite nice variety of then strains listed. All the strains are available in powder and capsule form, and the best thing about Imperial Kratom is that low-priced capsule samples are offered for most strains. Besides this, the website indicates that some additional categories will soon be listed, which includes

  • Blends – Capsules/Powder
  • Extract Blends – Capsules
  • CBD Blends – Capsules
  • CBD & Extract Blends – Capsules

Imperial Kratom

Kratom Blends At Imperial Kratom:

Imperial Kratom has unique blends for lovers; they have added some amazing additions to the user’s choice to choose what they want to take pleasure in easily. Yes, it is true in every sense that Imperial Kratom is unique to the Kratom community, and for the users, these blends are no less than just a blessing. For example, you can get a blend of white and green, red and green, and much more. These blends work even better than the single strains; if you are worried that they can cause jitters, then don’t worry they wouldn’t. They have different strains available and in different forms, so why miss upon something unique and has no unwanted effects? They provide the Kratom blends wholesale too. They are considered among the top websites selling Mitragyna Speciosa.

What About the Coupon Codes?

Imperial Kratom does not have coupon codes, and they do not offer much in terms of promo codes too. But this is not all; if you buy products from them at a specific price, they provide the customers with absolutely free shipping.

How Is the Consumer Reputation of Imperial Kratom?

Since we know that this company provides both services, in stores and person, the online and in-store businesses have attracted customers by giving them the best. Imperial Kratom has gotten staggering reviews and is also highly praised by most of the customers. They have got a 4.2 rating from a total of 33 customers on google. But that’s not all, some individuals also have had a few complaints, mainly about price. The vendor is known best for providing quality products, though their shipping services and prices aren’t satisfactory.

The PROS of Buying from Imperial Kratom:

  • Reasonable and affordable prices
  • A wide range of products are offered
  • Offer quality products
  • Proprietary blends
  • Trusted by the customers because operating since long
  • Additional botanical products

The CONS Of Buying From Imperial Kratom

  • Lack of proper website functionality
  • Some information about strains is missing
  • No coupon codes or promo codes
  • No live chat feature is available
  • No money-back guarantee

Do They Have Hassle-Free Shopping Experience?

Shopping from a virtual store is quite advantageous; you can buy all you want while sitting on the couch. And a virtual shop that is open 24/7 is no less than a blessing; you can shop anything from anywhere. Can you imagine the ease of shopping within some clicks, especially when you are sure you would be provided with quality products? Shopping online is even more convenient when you have no time or little kids. Imperial Kratom is good to go for if you are looking for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Top Strains Of Imperial Kratom:

When we talk about the top strains of Imperial Kratom, then Magnificent Kratom Ultra Rare Thai and Imperial Kratom Purple Rain are among their top strains. However, they have many other strains available as per the public demand. Imperial Kratom has earned strong notoriety for its claim to fame mixes.

Mixed Reviews But Still Appreciated

Imperial Kratom has got mixed reviews from the customers, some customers have negative to say about it, but they also admitted that their customer services are great. However, what made people give negative reviews is the prices they have for the products. All the comments and reviews clearly stated that their customer services are great, and almost all the studies pointed out how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is.

Imperial Kratom

Contact The Customer Service Representative Is Seamless

Though the website of Imperial Kratom has a complete lack of transparency on their website about their shipping speed and the refund policy. They haven’t mentioned the source of Kratom on the website. But besides that, there is a contact form, an email address, and a phone number listed so that customers can contact them anytime they want to.


Imperial Kratom is a vendor for Kratom lovers to make purchases from for many reasons. Who doesn’t like a hassle-free shopping experience? Everyone wants to make orders while sitting on the couch and receiving them without any inconvenience, especially when you are sure that you would be provided with the best. The staff is polite, friendly, and more than qualified to help you find the right strain. If you are a beginner and don’t know what to order, the staff can help you make the right choice. Although their prices are a bit higher than the other websites, that’s because of their quality services which are quite appreciable.

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