How To Use Kratom Tea Bags?


As you might already know, loose-leaf ketum tea is usually considered the best for making ketum tea. But there is also a problem, there might be many things and facts that you don’t know about Mitragyna Speciosa, or it’s tea for that matter.

And there still are many confusions about ketum that are yet unanswered. But today, we will tell you about Ketum tea and how to use Kratom Tea Bags, and also, we will answer the most asked questions about ketum tea.

It would help if you learned the particulars of the Kratom Tea Bags before using them. You can optimize your regular kratom routine if you know how to use them properly. Also, everyone loves a steamy hot cup of tea so let’s start learning how to use Kratom Tea Bags. 


The Top Strains For Brewing Ketum Tea

So, the first thing we will look at is the top strains for the brewing of ketum tea.Kratom Tea Bags

Firstly, Everyone believes that the best ketum tea can be brewed with loose leaf ketum tea. The loose-leaf ketum tea helps quantify the suitable dosage for one cup and makes it easier to estimate.

The different types of loose-leaf ketum tea are as follows:

Loose ketum tea leaves are taken from the Maeng Da strain, one of the most popular strains, and Maeng Da is also the best among all strains. Maeng Da arises from thailand and Maeng Da is also called Pimp Grade among them. They call it pimp grade to symbolize its potent properties. Brewing the Maeng Da loose leaf ketum tea will produce a powerful and pleasing fragrance.

The Ultimate Guide For Brewing Ketum Tea From Kratom Tea Bags

So, there are two ways to brew ketum tea—one, with the help of a ketum tea infuser, and Two, with Kratom Tea Bags. And we will give you a perfect guide on making both the teas. Using our guide, you will make yourself the best ketum tea whether you make it from the tea infuser or the Kratom Tea Bags. Let’s start the guide using the tea infuser.

Tea Infuser

  • Boil the water first. After letting it boil, could you keep it for 3 minutes maximum? Don’t ever use boiling water. The water should be hot enough but still not boiling.
  • Unfasten the clasp on the infuser.
  • Put in an appropriate dose of ketum powder or the loose-leaf ketum in the infuser.
  • Fasten the clasp
  • Fix the latch on the side of your cup
  • Put the infuser in the water.
  • Let it brew for 3-5 minutes, relying on the amount of strength you want in your tea.
  • Then drink your tea and enjoy

Tea Bags

  • Boil the water. When the water reaches its appropriate boiling point, let it rest for 2-3 minutes as you would never want to put the ketum tea or other teas in the boiling water.
  • Open a Kratom Tea Bag.
  • Put an appropriate dosage of the ketum powder or loose leaf ketum in the teabag.
  • Shut the seal and press down hard enough to shut the teabag.
  • Drop the Kratom Tea Bagin the water.
  • Let it brew for 3-5 minutes, relying on the amount of strength you want in your tea.
  • Then drink your tea and enjoy.

Easy Kratom Tea Recipes

If you have decided to make your Mitragyna Speciosa tea using the Kratom Tea Bag, you can find various recipes on the internet. Let’s check out the new recipes for making Mitragyna Speciosa 

How to make Mitragyna Speciosa tea without using a filter?

  • Take about one teaspoon of the powdered Mitragyna Speciosa tea leaf.
  • Start boiling water about 2 to 4 cups of water.
  • The water depends on how much tea you want, but extra water will help balance out the strength of the tea.
  • Pour down the hot water ( it should not be boiling water ) in a big pot and mix the water with the powder minutely until there is no powder left.
  • Mostly, what people like to do is sweeten their tea with honey. Adding lemon also helps enhance the taste.
  • You can store the remaining tea in the refrigerator and then have a lovely iced tea, or you can also heat it when you are ready for your next cup.

How To Make Kratom Sun Tea?

The best kind of Mitragyna Speciosa Tea to store or prepare is the Mitragyna Speciosa Sun Tea. You can make it one time and use it the whole week. You can also use this tea when guests are over or at a get-together. This tea works powerfully on these occasions.

If you brew your Mitragyna Speciosa Tea with the help of UV light instead of stovetops, then the tea brewed might be weaker than your original dosage.

Ingredients Needed

  • The first thing you need is a One-gallon glass jug.
  • Take 12-15 cups of water.
  • Mitragyna Speciosa leaf (as per your dose)
  • Reusable tea bags


  • Add water in the gallon jug first.
  • Fill the teabags with the compressed Mitragyna Speciosa leaf but keep in mind not to fill the bags significantly.
  • Seal the tea bags and place them carefully in the water.
  • Stir with care.
  • Close the jug properly and keep it at a place where there is exposure to the sun for at the very least 1 hour and a maximum of 5 hours. You will need to keep moving your jug to ensure that it’s exposed to the sun.
  • Take out the teabags and close the jug again. Store it until you wish to drink the tea.

How to make Mitragyna Speciosa tea with the help of a strainer?

  • Take a big pot and start boiling 4-6 cups of water.
  • Once the water is boiled, add the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves or powder as per your wished amount.
  • Let the mixture of leaves and water simmer for around 12-15 minutes.
  • Pour the liquid using a strainer or a coffee filter. Then if you are using Mitragyna Speciosa powder, you should wait a bit to let the powder settle at the end of the pot. You might as well want to flavor the whole thing altogether by adding honey or sweetener. Maybe you would want to flavor each serving when you drink.
  • Now, store the leftover mixture in the refrigerator, and you can enjoy it over ice or by heating it when you would like your next cup.

Is Mitragyna Speciosa Tea Stronger Than The Powder?

Many people make their Mitragyna Speciosa tea from using the Mitragyna Speciosa powder, and the Mitragyna Speciosa powder might produce different types of results. However, the Mitragyna Speciosa tea results can vary from calming to refreshing.

People commonly ponder if Mitragyna Speciosa Tea is stronger than Mitragyna Speciosa powder. This depends entirely on how much Mitragyna Speciosa you use to make Mitragyna Speciosa tea.

Is Will boiling Mitragyna Speciosa kill the Alkaloids?

No, this is not true. This is just a myth that has been among Mitragyna Speciosa users for a long time. The alkaloids in Mitragyna Speciosa are usually stable at temperatures above the water’s boiling point. Mitragynine is usually the most liberal alkaloid in Ketum.

Tests have been performed on the Mitragyna Speciosa tea to check the amount of mitragynine present in the liquid tea when cooled down from the boiling temperature.

We have found out that using hot water to extract the tea from the leaf is very effective, and we have also found out that mitragynine survives the high temperature. About 70% of the tea was extracted from the leaf and transferred to the water.

Though various alkaloids reside in Mitragyna Speciosa, not every alkaloid does as well as mitragynine. People have said that Mitragyna Speciosa tea offers a different experience than Mitragyna Speciosa powder mixed with water when it’s not boiled.

Other Teas Vs Mitragyna Speciosa Tea 

Across the globe, there are so many different teas that are popular. Even though Mitragyna Speciosa is not a well-known tea, it’s still a kind of tea. Acknowledging how Mitragyna Speciosa tea compares with other teas, you will know if you want to try Mitragyna Speciosa or not.

Kratom Tea Bags

Green Tea

The most famous tea worldwide is Green Tea. Green tea is also known as the tea with the most caffeine. This tea is green in color because it is extracted from the very freshly plucked leaves, which are not withered or oxidized before being used.

Green tea has a delicate but acidic taste. It can be particularly bitter if it’s brewed for a long time. Since the tea leaves are very fresh, green tea tends to contain a lot of chlorophyll, vitamin C, minerals, and tannins that other types of teas usually do not have.

Black Tea

Black tea is another kind of caffeinated tea that is very common among people. It’s used very commonly in iced teas in the US. It’s also used to make different teas when combined with other things like the bergamot oil to make the Earl Grey Tea; it’s also used with the milk and spices to make Chai.

The taste of the black tea ranges. Notably, it can be light and sweet with a bit of honey, or it can also be extreme and spicy with a bit of floral or coffee or even chocolate. If the tea is of bad quality or brews it badly, the tea can be significantly bitter.


So these were the ways to make kratom tea efficiently and effectively. You can try it and update us about how the experience was for you. Keep in mind to try every strain and check which one works perfectly for you.

Also, you can try a unique thing too. Try adding other teas like green tea in your tea, and you will get even more health benefits. Learning how to make Mitragyna Speciosa tea will help you maximize your daily Mitragyna Speciosa routine.


Could you put kratom powder in the tea bags, or should we only use leaves?

Kratom powder is usually the way people make tea. When people talk about kratom tea, they add the powder to the boiled water and mix and drink it.

But many people won’t enjoy that as much because when people think about drinking tea, they imagine putting a teabag filled with leaves in the water and then drinking it. People usually don’t like to drink tea when there is powder. But there is another way to strain the tea efficiently, and then you can enjoy the tea without the powder.

Is it okay to put the Kratom tea bags directly in the boiling water?

Kratom tea bags are just like regular tea bags, and of course, you can use them the same way but do keep in mind that don’t ever put them in boiling water. Instead, what you can do is use hot water for the tea.

If you use boiling water, there are chances that the teabag might explode, and it is obviously dangerous, but it can make your kitchen very dirty, and you surely don’t want that.

Which one of the kratom strains should you use for brewing the tea?

Maeng Da kratom tea is usually considered the best because it has agony-relieving properties and a pleasing fragrance. It also comes in excellent form. Due to the ache-relieving properties of maeng da, you can drink it at any time of the day.

You can drink this tea to feel refreshed whenever you feel a little low and have agony in your body. Maeng da re-energizes you and makes you feel good. Also, maeng da is not a sedative, so you don’t need to worry about feeling drowsy.

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