How To Take Kratom – The Beginner’s Guide

Today, thousands of people are discovering kratom, and they are questioning how the herbs should be taken. While there is no absolute right or wrong way to consume kratom, different users enjoy consuming kratom strain in various ways. If you are a beginner, you might how to use it and get an effective and efficient response from this much-hyped herb.

In this guide, we provide answers to the question of how to take kratom. Also, we highlight some of the useful ideas to incorporate into your daily consumption process of Kratom. The ideas discussed herein will be more effective if you follow them daily with the right dosage.

However, beforehand, we need to understand what kratom is and some of its applications.

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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that is mostly found in South East Asia. The tree is known to thrive in hot and humid environments; thus, explaining why Ketapang and JongKong remain to be some of the best regions where kratom is grown.

  • In most circumstances, kratom is harvested by picking the leaves. After that, farmers dry the leaves; hence, getting different specific vein colors.
  • Kratom strain comes in different colors and types with the common ones being Red, White, and Green kratom strains.
  • From the essential types, some derivatives are derived from either the process used to make it or the color of the veins.

Let’s get down right now and look at how to take kratom.

Kratom exists in different forms as either:

  • Powder form
  • As an extract
  • Or Dry leaves.

With all the online buzz about different dosages, effects, and preparation procedures, it can be a daunting task, especially for a beginner to sieve through the available information and pick the right one.

  • If you are new to kratom, you may need to do some trial and error from the initial stages to decide which strain is ideal for you. From here, you will also be able to determine the best way to take in your favorite strain.

How to consume Kratom Powder

Mostly, kratom powder is ingested. Although some people prefer smoking kratom powder, it is never a good idea. There are different ways to consume kratom, and these methods include;

Toss and wash Method

  • This is one of the most popular methods known. Besides, it is one of the simplest and fastest ways to take kratom strain. The process involves measuring your desired kratom dose and then pouring it into your mouth directly.
  • Immediately you pour the strain into your mouth, you follow it with a gulp of water and swilling it before swallowing.
  • To avoid any inconveniences, it is always advisable to divide the dose into a small couple of mouthfuls instead of taking the whole dosage at ones. However, this will always depend on the type of dosage you are taking.
  • If you are taking the strain in a low dosage, then there’s no need to divide it. The main advantage of dividing kratom into small amounts is that the less the powder in your mouth, the easier it is to swill around and swallow.

It is worthy to note that this is the easiest method to use since it requires minimal preparation. It only requires you to measure the right dose, divide it into portions, and get water to help you in swallowing the powder. Besides, it is one of the best methods if you want to feel fast effects on your body.

Tea Method

  • This method requires consumers to boil the kratom powder in water for about 30 minutes. During this time, you allow the powder to skit and strain through the liquid.
  • Although some consumers have reported a better feeling using this method, with more appealing and consistent effects, nonetheless, the process is time-consuming to prepare.
  • Plus, the resultant taste of the liquid is not bad and can be taken as either a hot or cold drink.
  • Another method, if you do not favor boiling the powder in water, is to mix your dose with hot water. Once you mix the dose with water, you will need to strain the leaf residue and take in the strained liquid.
  • While this method is effective, this type of process may, at times, limit certain aspects of the kratom effects.

Whenever you want to consume kratom powder in tea form, it is advisable that you do experimentation to understand the difference in effects. It is through trials that you will always determine what is right for you.

Add to Yogurt

  • If you do not like the taste of kratom, then this method is the most preferred. Adding kratom powder to yogurt helps in masking the taste. To achieve the maximum benefits using this method, it is advisable to take it in empty stomach.

Add it to Protein Shake

  • Although this method is pretty the same as adding kratom yogurt, the main difference is that you will be consuming your preferred strain with a lot of calories.
  • Most users have claimed that they always have better effects taking kratom with a protein shake. The mixture does not only give them the right boost of sensation but the amount of calories present in the protein gives them a boost of energy too.

Chewing Leaves

  • The inhabitants mostly use this method. They enjoy kratom by chewing the fresh leaves of the plant. Chewing kratom leaves is probably the most immediate way to consume kratom.
  • It only requires the removal of the central vein from the leaf. Although it is worthy to note that dry leaves are rough and tough at the same time; thus, it is practically impossible to chew them, hence, explaining why most users instead crush them into powder.

Capsule Form

  • Taking kratom in the capsule is most ideal if you are looking to avoid the bitter taste of kratom. However, there is a significant setback with this method. Kratom capsules come in different sizes.
  • For instance, a size of 00 capsule cam only holds up to 0.5g of the powder. Therefore, it means that if your desired dosage is high, you will have to take in more capsules to get the right and desired effects.
  • Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that using kratom capsules is always convenient, especially for people who are still on the go. The consumption process only requires you to have water to help you in swallowing the capsule, just like taking the standard capsules.

Add it to Food

There are countless ways you can consume kratom. You are not limited to any option, and you can as well make a kratom paste to mix with food. With kratom paste, you have countless opportunities.

  • You can spread the paste on bread with honey to reduce the taste.
  • Mix it with pudding, oatmeal or applesauce.
  • You can as well bake kratom into cakes and cookies.

Kratom has a bitter taste. Hence you will have to take into account that to enjoy it in food; you will have to add some more spices or include flavor modifies.

In Soap Form

  • Kratom can be taken into the body using different means, and using kratom soap is one of the methods. It is worthy to note that commercial soaps are loaded with chemicals that leave residues behind. In turn, our bodies absorb all the residues. The chemical residues can clog the pores hence leading to dry skin.
  • On the other hand, kratom soap is an organic soap that can benefit your body in myriad ways. Due to the exfoliating nature of this natural herb, it can get into the body through the pores and help fight dry due to its alkaloid composition.

However, taking a bath in kratom soap can provide mild pain relief as reported by users who prefer taking kratom in soap form.

Final Thoughts

Although kratom strains exist in different types and forms, consuming kratom strains almost follows a similar path. However, the toss and wash method is the simplest, yet fastest and proven way of taking kratom since it does not require more time in preparation and according to most users, the effects felt using this method are almost immediate.

To realize the best effects in the body, it is advisable that you use the right dosage. Trial and error is the best way for one to determine the best methods of kratom consumption that will work out for them. There is no right or wrong approach; it all depends on individual preferences.

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