Herbaldom Kratom Review – Try Them For Kratom They Are Great

You can already tell that I had a great time when ordering from Herbaldom and I would do it again let me tell you that for certain. I went to their website and clicked on products and saw what they had. For kratom powder, they had a few different options. I liked the kratom sampler at first for about $40.

There were a few different types from herbaldom

  • Green Dragon
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Pink Domination
    Red Domination


These are some interesting kinds that I had not seen before. I have been on and off using kratom for 3 years now and I have been using it for my back and to help sleep. I take about 30 grams every time I make a good kratom tea. I did not start with 30 grams though.

Not My First Time With Herbaldom

Over the years I have tried about 10 different strains. The one that I really like is the Pink Domination and I have been getting much of mine from Herbaldom. I would say that if you want this kind specifically you should order from this company. But that is not all that they have. There are many kinds of kratom powder here. This is a good company to order kratom powder form though because there are good prices and lots of selection. I have been looking for kratom powder and found places that charged crazy amounts for only a little bit of powder. Not this place.

Herbaldom Prices

  • I would say that overall the price was great and that really attracted me. But also the fact that the website was clearly listing what they had and the prices too, I loved this. I would say it was a good buy exchange for kratom. I would go with Herbaldom again when looking for almost any kratom powder. They have many good types here and it is a good kratom company to trust I think.
  • Also, they mention that the kratom is coming from sustainable sources and I do not know if everyone can say that just the same. This is important for me when making my decision. I know that they are being responsible for the harvesting and making of the kratom products. I really like this company and website for ordering kratom whenever I need it. If you are without kratom and want to know where to buy it I say check out Herbaldom and see what you might want to buy from here.

As soon as you get to the website and you see what they are offering you can see a wide variety of kratom powder options. This is where you can get started to select what you want. Choose what you want and add it to the checkout and then get ready to pay. The shipping options here are also very clear and better than other places. On one company I had many different shipping options one time and that was insane but with this one, it is just traditional shipping options.

Herbaldom Priority Shipping

Tea Powder

  • I went with the priority shipping with the kratom that I wanted to buy. This means that I was looking to spend less than $10 for the shipping overall on my product. I was spending more than $30 for my first order and still, the shipping was less than $10 and that was great for me.
  • But that was not the only shipping option that was available from Herbaldom. They also had a different option for non-refundable express shipping and this was more expensive but you could get your products much faster. I did not mind waiting a few days though to save that money.

3 Days Later

  • My products got to me 3 days later and I would maybe order with the extra shipping if I wanted to get them a little faster. When I need more I just make sure to leave at least 3 days supply before I order. If I wait until I am out completely and then order the kratom then that means I am going several days with no kratom and I do not want that.
  • So that is why I plan out when I am going to buy it. I know when I am going to buy next and that will not be for about another 13 days, I still have quite a bit left from my last order that I placed. I can plan out my kratom use and then I know how long it is going to last me with the dose that I buy.

I Like Herbaldom A Lot

This is the company that I would go with when I need to buy some kratom powder because they have some good supply here. I have bought bad kratom powder and when it got to me I could smell it before I even opened it. I could not believe what they sent me actually. I went online and told them right away that I was not happy with it but they did not care. I have had my bad share of experiences when shopping and buying kratom. This company has always been professional with me though. I have never had any issues with contacting them and buying from them.

The order that I placed did not have the fast shipping that they offer and I waited the almost week for it, felt like a week anyways the 3 days. Next time if I ever wanted it faster then maybe I would spring for that shipping option and pay more. But in general, I like to save money and do not want to waste for just shipping when there is a cheaper option than the company can give me. I usually just go with the regular shipping option they offer you when you buy them. That is the best way to buy I would say from Herbaldom. Do not overlook buying from Herbaldom because they are a great kratom supplier on the market right now giving out good kratom powder.

Looking To Save Money With Herbaldom

I am using kratom on the regular and that means trying to find a good supply of it that is not going to be too much money. This is because if I pay too much then I will not be able to buy as much as I could if it was cheaper for me. When the kratom is cheaper then I can buy more and when I can buy more then that means that I can experiment with upping my dose. I would not find out if a higher dose might affect me differently. I am still learning on my kratom journey and have been enjoying the process, the benefits I have seen so far with it. I really would suggest anyone try this company when you want kratom. There are some really bad companies out there that you should not buy from but this one gets a good grade in my book for kratom. I give them 100%  almost. And that is hard to do when I am looking for kratom.

Kratom Benefits

If you want a trusted company that is giving good quality then check out this one and buy from them. Order your own kratom powder and you will see how good it is. When the package gets to you then you can open it and see for yourself. I could tell with the quality of the smell and taste. You can see the color is great. When you mix it up and make a tea then you will taste it right away you will taste how good it can taste and you will tell then. I love to drink the kratom tea with my kratom powder.

I would not switch to any other tea. If you have not tried kratom then I say what are you waiting for my friend. This is some delicious stuff and this herbal supplement as you might call it can bring many different benefits, Not everyone will like it though or see some benefit with it. It really is up to you to try it though if you want on your own, I cannot speak for anyone. I was aware that it might not do anything for me really but still wanted to try it. I heard a friend try it and she was seeing good things with it. So this is when I went looking to find my own. I ordered from a few companies and one of them was this one Herbaldom. I got the package that same week and that was good for me. I did not want to pay extra on that shipping. I got the package that same week and started to try it. I liked the sample that they delivered to me. I think they are a good company and I would order from them many times if I had to get kratom. I like their supply and think it is some of the better powder that is out there right now.

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