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Got It In One Day From Herbal RVA

My kratom order from Herbal RVA arrived in only one day. This was awesome because I had been looking for a long time before I had finally found them online and placed my order. I have nothing really in my area so I had to go online to get some cheap kratom. There were a lot of options with Herbal RVA that came across quickly when I searched. I found some when looking through the herbal tea selection that there was in the products for the website. There are many different options for kratom herbal tea here.

Herbal RVA Products

  •  Red Malay Herbal Tea
  •  Green Crushed Herbal Tea
  •  Red Crushed Herbal Tea
  •  Gold Bali Herbal Tea

These are the only ones that I have tried from Herbal RVA before. The delivery did come fast but I am not that impressed with the selection here and not sure of the quality in general. There is no significant mention of where the kratom is coming from or if it is lab-tested or organic etc, I could not find that information I am not sure of the answer.

herbal-rva products

Other kratom companies I know do lab tests and provide high-quality organic ingredients so that is a top priority for me with kratom. I have not been taking kratom for that long and am switching to see what might work for me. I am still looking to find what might be the best strain or option. If I should take capsules or try a powder-like with these herbal teas.

Why Is Special About Herbal Teas?

I had been trying the kratom powder at first and then I eventually switched to getting kratom capsules.

Now I am back to taking kratom herbal tea though. I think this is an easy way to take it. I do not always crave the taste of this tea though so it is not always easy to make sure that I have it during the day. I might go back to the capsules and there are other places that I would get those capsules rather than Herbal RVA. I would go here when looking for kratom herbal tea but that is about it.

Good Price For Tea

The kratom prices here for tea are very reasonable and you can find some of the best. When you want to get some tea then do not want to blow a lot of money this can be a good option for you. I bought several varieties to try in one go because it was all less than $100 for me.

Sometimes there are kratom suppliers that charge a lot more. I was surprised by the low price that these kratom herbal teas are being listed for with the Herbal RVA kratom company. This could be why so many people out there have tried Herbal RVA and recommended it through various kratom communities that I have come across. They said to try it out and check out the tea and so I did.

After the ones I have tried now, listed above, I might go for the Red Zarena Herbal Tea because i like the sounds of that one. You cannot know which one might be the best for you and I want to keep trying different ones until I find one that really makes me feel great, works for me. Some make me feel different than others, so I am still shopping for that right kratom version I prefer.

Why Take Herbal Tea For Kratom?

There are a few ways to take kratom and one of the easiest is to take it in the form of having tea. If you have a cup of tea anyways during the day then it will not be very difficult to mend that habit and bring in the kratom so that you can get the daily dose.

I started having a cup of tea every morning, only starting with just 5mg and working my way up. I purchase the 100g herbal tea supply and it lasts a long time for me, more than 2 weeks. That is a great price option for that much supply, which makes kratom an easy thing to add into the diet because it isn’t too expensive for me. I like drinking tea anyways and have for years so it was an easy crossover to the kratom herbal tea.

After I have had success with the 100g I might move up to the 250g or more because I like to buy in bulk and have it on hand. Rather than ordering online all the time I like to just store it in bulk. Herbal RVA gives that option with the big amounts that I can purchase like 500g or 1kg, this is a good option for me. There are so many different herbal tea options it is difficult to choose which one to go with. I am still working my way through them.

kratom herbal tea

Prices From Herbal RVA:

  •  100g for $9.75
  • 250g for $23.75
  •  500g for $47.50
  •  1kg for $69.00

This is what I pay when I order the Gold Bali Herbal Tea. It is easy to find this one and I am buying the 100g right now until I decide to move up even further. As far as I can tell for right now there is no difference in the price when you order 500mg or 250mg etc, you are paying about the same and there is no significant discount on that like a wholesale discount sort of thing.

Sometimes you can find deals when ordering in bulk but I cannot find that so far with Herbal RVA. It might be there but I have not seen one. I just keep ordering the 100g and soon will start with the 250g and see how long that lasts me. At this rate, the 100g is lasting a little over a month so that is a really great price for me to get kratom herbal tea for less than $30 for the month.

I did not have any payment issues which I have experienced before when ordering from other kratom suppliers. This one surprised me because it actually got here so fast. I am sure I will keep ordering some of the kratom tea but eventually I might go back to the capsules because they have worked for me much better in the past than the herbal kratom tea is working for me right now.

I do not really like the tea taste and the capsules are easier to bring with me because I cannot make tea easily at work when I need to. I like to just keep my herbal kratom tea at home and make it then so that limits me to when I get my dose. Sometimes I take my dose at different times and that might be overall affecting how I experience my kratom supply but this can be tweaked easily.

herbal-rva Effects

Final Verdict On Herbal RVA

Go to Herbal RVA for the kratom herbal teas because you will find a wide selection. Some kratom suppliers might have less than 10 options for you when you want some teas or capsules, but Herbal RVA is one of the best for tea selection.

I am not only interested in tea though I want capsules too and I might get them in other places. So while I did have a good experience in general with ordering from Herbal RVA, getting it, trying it, etc, it is not my favorite kratom supplier out there right now. I have not tried any other herbal kratom tea either that I can compare it with so I am not sure if this is the best tea option to go with either. If you cannot find any kratom around though this might be a good option if nothing else.

One thing that matters to me is the taste but I need to be able to take the kratom easily and I cannot really do that with tea like I thought that I could. I have some extra time at home over the last few weeks to get into the teas and try them but eventually, I will be making my way back to something different. The capsules might not be the cheapest option, the herbal kratom tea might be cheaper actually, but the capsules offer a different sort of value in how you can take them and the convenience that comes with that.

I thought overall that I had a positive and friendly experience in dealing with Herbal RVA and I trusted them enough to make more than one purchase, I have never had a problem when ordering and expecting my kratom herbal tea to arrive shortly after. Whenever I had questions I contacted the site and quickly got a response too. I like that you can easily get in touch with them through the website on the contact us section, there is an e-mail there to contact them and they get your message right away and respond.

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